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      @#####@        #@          @#@        @####        #######       @@@@@@
     @#   @#@        #@          @#@        @#           ## #@##
    @#    @#@        #@          @#@        @#           ##  ###
   @#     @#@        #@          @#@        @#           ##  ###
  ##      @#@        #@          @#@        @#           #@  @##
 #@       @#@        ####@       @#@        @####        @@   @#

                Alien 3 for Game Boy FAQ/Walkthrough  Version 1.1
                  Written by AstroBlue ([email protected])


This FAQ covers the film conversion of Alien 3 on the Nintendo Game Boy. It's a
fairly good conversion at that, apart from the amount of Aliens. But I guess
this game would be very boring if you only fought one Alien in the entire game!
Oh and Ripley actually escapes in the game, she jumps in a vat of hot lead in
the movie!

Contents: 1)STORY
          4)STRUCTURE OF FIORINA 161

Version 1.0 09/02/01
Everything is finished!

Version 1.1 12/02/01
Fixed some errors.

(The Story from 20th Century Fox, slightly modified)

Lt. Ellen Ripley is the lone survivor when her EEV crash lands on Fiorina 161,
a bleak wasteland inhabited by former inmates of the planet's maximum security
prison. Ripley's fears that an Alien was inside her craft are confirmed when
the mutilated bodies of ex-cons begin to mount.

Without any modern technology of any kind, Ripley must lead the men into
battle against the terrifying creatures.

Control Pad - • Move Ripley around.
              • Move cursor.

A Button - • Use chosen item.
           • Pick Up / Drop Item in Inventory Menu.
B Button - • Fire chosen weapon.
           • Pick Up / Select Item in Inventory Menu.
Start    - • Pause.
           • In the Inventory Menu toggle between Silence / FX only / Music
             only / Music & FX.
Select   - Switch between Play Screen & Inventory Menu.

NOTE: To pick up a item stand on the sphere where it is and press select,
      then move the cursor on the item and press A or B.

|Lt. Ellen Ripley|
Lone survivor of the crashed EEV. You play as Ripley in her escape from Fiorina
"Fury" 161. She is one bad mutha!
|Supt. Andrews|
Ex-Prison Warden. He is now the Superintendent who runs the refinery operation
on Fiorina 161. Ripley will get only a few messages from him at the start of
the game.
Ex-Prisoner who was sent to Fiorina 161 because of a violent crime. Now he is
the pseudo religious leader of the extremely devout colony. Dillion lends
Ripley the biggest hand in her escape of Fiorina 161.
|Bishop 341-B|
Synthetic Humaniod who escaped the Aliens with Ripley from the planet LV-426.
Since the Queen Alien sliced Bishop in half during her fight with Ripley, he is
unoperational. So you will need a Tool Kit in order to be able to talk to him,
so he can help you with your escape.

|Incubating Egg|
These are only found in the Alien Nests and pose minimal threat, as the only
way to die from one is to get too close. Destroy them with the flames of the
Flamethrower, it is the only way.
|Face Hugger|
Found on Level 1 and in Alien Nests 1 ,3 & 4. These little hand-like creatures
scuttle around sapping energy from Ripley. They are the easiest of the alien
forms to dispose of (excluding eggs).
|Alien Drone|
Found on Level 2, these aliens are much larger the Face Hugger. They will hunt
Ripley down then they will pounce on her killing her almost instantaneously.
Just shot them with a gun until they explode, but watch out the acid left
behind for a short while can drain Ripley's energy.
|Alien Warrior|
Found on the Surface Level, these aliens are basically larger versions of the
Alien Drones. They drain Ripley's energy faster too.
|Alien Queen|
Found on Level 3 once all other aliens are destroyed. This giant mother of all
aliens will kill Ripley by a single touch, so stay away. She also is
impenetrable to any forms of weaponry, so you will have to push her into
molten lead using the piston in the refinery.

|Cattle Prod|
The weakest weapon, but it will have to suffice at the start of Ripley's escape
of Fiorina 161. It's found in the room that Ripley wakes up in, on Level 1.
Better then the Cattle Prod but still weak, best used to destroy Face Huggers
with! Found outside the door to the armoury that is wielded shut on Level 2
Used to destroy the Incubating Eggs that litter the Alien Nests. It cannot
cause any real damage to any other form of Alien. Found inside the armoury on
Level 2.
|Smart Gun|
The strongest gun, use it to obliterate all of the Aliens from the Refinery.
You get this gun near the end of Ripley's escape. Found in Alien Nest 4.

|Bishop's Head|
You shouldn't pick Bishop's Head up since you need to use it in the exact same
place you fins it. Just remember to pick up the Tool Kit on Level 3, so you can
make his head work again.
|Blow Torch|
This is used to open up the door to the armoury on Level 2. It is found in the
scrap head on the Surface Level.
These are used as ammo for you guns, they are found scattered all through the
Fuel is used to run the Flamethrower. Fuel is found scattered all through the
|Key Card 1|
Used to open doors needing level 1 security clearance. Found on Level 1 in a
dead end.
|Key Card 2|
Used to open doors needing level 2 security clearance. Found in a box in the
storage area of Level 2.
|Key Card 3|
Used to open doors needing level 3 security clearance. Found in Alien Nest 3.
I have found no use for this object. Found on Level 3
|Base Map|
Use to view a map of the section you are currently in. It also displays current

T - Time until Weyland-Yutani's arrival.
P - No. of Prisoners alive.
A1- No. of Alien Warriors alive.
A2- No. of Alien Drones alive.
H - No. of Face Huggers alive.
E - No. of Eggs still incubating.
|Medi Kit|
Fills up 4½ segments of Ripley's life bar. Medi Kits are found scattered all
through the refinery.
|Tool Kit|
Used to get Bishop's Head in working order. Found on Level 3.

Here is a brief diagram on how all the sections of Fiorina 161 are connected:

             Surface Level - Air Duct D - Alien Nest 3
              Air Duct A
 Alien Nest 1 - Level 1 -Alien Nest 2
              Air Duct B
                Level 2
              Air Duct C
 Alien Nest 4 - Level 3 - Air Duct E - Alien Nest 5

NOTE: For the sake of not repeating myself, I will not give directions to areas
      that I have already covered. So try to remember the layout of the levels.

After the little intro collect the Cattle Prod on the top left corner of the
room and then head through the doors. Head down then take the second right,
collect Key Card 1 in the cache at the end of the corridor. Head left and equip
Key Card 1 and open the door below, head down until you get into a room with
computer and collect the Base Map. Head back up through the door that needed
level 1 security clearance then head right, up, right and then go in the
entrance to Air Duct B up ahead. Go through Air Duct B to get to Level 2.
See AIR DUCT MAPS / SOLUTIONS if you need help on getting through an of the Air

Now once on Level 2 head south-west to the bottom-left corner of the map, then
head right and search the boxes for Key Card 2. Head left then up and use Key
Card 2 on the door ahead. Collect the Pistol & 2 Clips then head back to where
you exited Air Duct B, and go through it to Level 1 (collecting the Medi Kit on
the way).

Now head down, right, up, right, & then down. Use Key Card 2 on the door, then
head all the way down and use Key Card one to gain entrance to Air Duct A. Go
through Air Duct A to get to the Surface Level.

Head right, down, right, down, right & then take the 2nd up to get to the scrap
heap. Search the bottom for Fuel, the very top for two clips and the top-right
corner for the Blow Torch. Now go back to Air Duct A and go through it to get
to Level 1.

Head to Air Duct B and go through it to get to Level 2. Head to the place where
you got the Pistol and use the Blow Torch on the door up ahead to gain access
to the armoury, collect the Flamethrower and some Fuel, head back and after
going through the wielded door drop the Blow Torch. Now go to Air Duct B and
head back to Level 1.

Go left, down, right, down, right and enter the shaft to get to Alien Nest 1.
Destroy all the eggs in the nest with the Flamethrower then exit. And head to
the level 2 security door in the top right corner of the map, use Key Card 2
then enter the door on your right jus under to enter Alien Nest 2. Destroy all
the eggs then exit. Now go through Air Duct A to get to the Surface Level. Then
head right, down, right, down, right, up and use Key Card 2 on the door ahead
to enter Air Duct D. Go through Air Duct D to Alien Nest 3.

Head down and destroy the Egg blocking your path to get to the other "infested"
side of the nest. Destroy all the eggs on the other side and collect Key Card 3
and a Medi Kit. Now go to Level 2 via Air Duct D then Surface Level theb Air
Duct A then Level 1 and then Air Duct B.

Once you get to Level 2 head down, left, down, left & then use Key Card 3 on
the entrance to Air Duct C. Go through Air Duct C to get to Level 3.

Head down, left all the way, down, right, down and pick up the Tool Kit. Now
head up, left, up, then go right a little then up, and enter the door ahead to
get to Alien Nest 4. Destroy all the Eggs in Alien Nest 4 and pick up the
Smart Gun and ammo, then exit. Now go down, right and enter the door after the
piston rail to go into Air Duct E. Go through Air Duct E to get to Alien Nest
5. Kill the eggs in Alien Nest 5 and collect the ammo & fuel, then exit. And
head back through Air Duct E to get to Level 3.

You now have to finish the last section of the game, to do this you have
to destroy all the aliens on each level so the Queen appears on Level 3.
So go to Level 2 via Air Duct C and destroy all the Alien Drones, then go to
Level 1 via Air Duct B and destroy all the Face Huggers, then go to the Surface
Level via Air Duct A and destroy all the Alien Warriors. After you have done
that head to Level 3 via Air Duct A then Level 1 then Air Duct B then Level 2
and then finally Air Duct C.

Now there's the Queen patrolling this level! Head down, left and take the
second up, then go right and hit the switch to start the piston. If the Queen
gets in the way run away so she is off screen and she'll disappear. Then lure
the Queen in front of the piston and run down to the molten lead, then head to
the back left of the pit and wait until the Queen gets pushed into the lead.
Now use Bishop's Head to start the EEV and Ripley will escape from Fiorina 161.

Here are all the Maps & Solutions to all of the maze-like Air Ducts which inter
connect all of the Levels. X means Fan, Z means electrified wire & numbers
correspond to the switch of the same number, eg. 1 = switch 1.

_____         _______________
 1   |       |  ___   _____  |
ŻŻŻ| |       | |   | |_____| |
   | |       | |   |  ______ 6|
   | |       | |   | |      | |
   |X|       |X|   | |      | |
   | |       | |   | |______|_|
   | |___    | |   |________  |
   |   2 |   | |            | |
    ŻŻŻ| |___| |___         |X|
       |   3   X  5|        | |
       | |ŻŻŻ| 4|ŻŻ       __| |_
       |X|   '--'        |7
        Ż                 ŻŻŻŻŻŻ
Level 1 to Surface Level:
 Hit switch 1 then go down and hit switch 2, now go down, right, down and hit
 switch 4. Now head up, left and hit switch 3. Then go right, up, right, down
 and hit switch 6. Then finally head left, down, right, down & then right.

Surface Level to Level 1:
 Walk to switch 7 and hit it. Now go up, left, up, right and hit switch 6.
 Then go up, left, down and hit switch 4. Go up left and hit switch 3, then
 left up and hit switch 2. And then finally go left, up, left to exit.

___________   ____________________
 1       _X| |  _____   ___      _
ŻŻŻŻŻŻ| |____| |     | '-. |2=  |
      |  ____  |     |_  | '----'
      | '-.  |X|       | |
      |_  |   Ż        |X|
        |  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  |
Level 1 to Level 2:
 Hit switch 1 then go right, down, right, up & then right.

Level 2 to Level 1:
 Walk to switch 2 and hit it then go right, up, left, down, right, down, left,
 up, left, up & then left.

   __________| |______________
  | 10    11       _|__   ..  _|
 _|ŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻX  ||  ______.. |
|  _|ŻŻŻ| |ŻŻ| Z| |  .----' |
| |_____|X 9Ż   ŻŻ|__|  __  |
|_________|ŻŻ|X||  ____|__|X|
 __|       ŻŻ  8  |  |   __  Ż|
|    |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ| .--|Z_|  |  |  |
| |.-'___    |   6   7__|__|  |
| ||  _5 |___|X|  ||X|__|4 || |
| || | |   __  ||   ___ '- || |
| || |_|   Z | ||    3 |__ || |
| ||____  |2Ż  ||ŻŻŻŻŻŻ||  || |
|_________|_   ___     || _|| |
      |  ___  |Z  |X|| ||_ || |
      | |   |__Ż|_|  ____X_|| |
      | |      |          1   |
Level 2 to Level 3:
 Head up, right, up and hit switch 2. Now head down, right, down, right, up and
 follow the tunnel to switch 7, then backtrack to switch 1 and hit it. Now head
 left, up, left, up, right, up, left (watch the fan) and hit switch 5. Now
 head right, down and hit switch 2, then go: right, up, right, down, right, up,
 left, up, right, up and hit switch 4. Then go: down, left, down and hit switch
 3. Now head up and hit switch 6. Now to exit go: left, up, right, up, right,
 up, right, up, right, up, left, up and then go to the exit.

Level 3 to Level 2:
 Head left and hit both of switches 10 & 11. Then head down, right (hold down),
 then go down and hit switch 9, now go to exit go: right a little, down a
 little, left, down, left, down, right, up, right, down, left, down, left &
 then down.


 __________| |________    ________
| 1          ||  ___  |  |   5    |_________
| |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|    |___|X|__| |ŻŻŻŻ|      6
| | |ŻŻŻŻŻXŻŻŻŻŻŻ   _____  |  _ | |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
|X| | |ŻŻŻŻ|-------'-----'X| |4||X|
| | | |____|    3      X __| | || |_____
| | |  2     |ŻŻŻŻŻ|  ŻŻ|_   |________  |
| |  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ      | ||_  |_____   ___| |
| |________________| |  |_____  |_|  ___|
|____________________|        |_____|

Surface Level to Alien Nest 3:
 Head down, left & then hit switch 1. Now head down, right, up, right & then
 follow this tunnel to switch 4 and then backtrack back out of the tunnel and
 head: up, right, up, right & hit switch 5. Then head down & then right to

Alien Nest 3 to Surface Level:
 Walk to switch 6 and hit it, then head: down, right, down, left, down, left,
 up, left, up, left, up, left, up, left & then hit switch 3. Now head left,
 down, left and hit switch 2. Then to exit go: up, right, up, left, down, left
 & up to exit.

        _______    ____| |_________________
 ______|  ___  |__| ________  ___________  |
|  ______|   |  _______________  11 |    | |
| |__________|   9  10         |ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻŻ _|
| ____   __   ŻŻŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻŻŻ|ŻŻ   ŻXŻ  |Ż| |
|__6 ___|_ |X Ż7ŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻ   || Ż8Ż   Ż  |__
|  ___X___||_ Ż|ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻŻŻ     ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻ|X 5 |
|  ___4_  '--' |___| |ŻŻŻŻ|   X    ŻŻŻŻ  || |
| |     |_______2 __X|    |   3 |Z  |ŻŻŻŻ | |
| |_____________|___  ŻŻŻŻŻŻ|Ż|  ___|  ___| |
|   1       __________|ŻŻŻ| | | |_____|     |
 ŻŻŻŻŻ|X|| |            |Ż _| |____     ŻŻŻŻ|
      |  __|____________| |________| |ŻŻŻŻ| |
      |______________________________|    | |

Level 3 to Alien Nest 5:
 Head up left, down, left and hit switch 1. Now go up, right, up, left, up and
 continue to hold up the fan will suck you in but if you keep holding up you
 will reach safety. Now go left, up, right, up, right, down, right (watc the
 fan) up and then left to get to the exit.

Alien Nest 5 to Level 3:
 Head right, down, right and hit switch 10. Now head left, up, right, down,
 left, down (hold left to avoid fan), left and hit switch 8. Now go up, left,
 down a little, left & hit switch 7. Now head down roughly and hit switch 2.
 Then to exit go: down, right, down, left, down, left, down, right, up, right
 and then down.


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