3 Secret Traveller's Gates Game Boy

                              Dragon Warrior Monsters

1.) The first secret traveller's gate is at the bazaar all the way to the right on the 
3rd to highest level. Once you're on the bazaar go all the way to the right where 
there are 2 soldiers around this thing. Talk to them. The one on the right will 
say that they're trying to light a fire and he'll ask you for a monster with a fire 
skill(make sure you bring a monster with a fire skill that you don't mind losing).
When you give your monster to him he'll light the fire and a traveller's gate 

2.) The  second traveller's gate I'm talking about is the one on the farm that you 
can't get to because there's a big hole there(it's the one the mad knight is 
trying to jump to get to the monster he loves). Once you beat the boss at the 
traveller's gate of anger there'll be an earthquake. Then go back to the farm 
and the hole will be fixed and you can go through.

3.) On the 3rd to top level go into the hole in the ground to the mad doctor 
persons place. He'll ask you for a monster with a lightning skill. Give one to 
him. Note: You will not get your monster back. Then leave his place and go 
back in. His experiment failed. His pot blew up and now there's a traveller's 
gate there.