How to Get a Dragonskin Cloak Game Boy

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                       How to get a Dragon Skin Cloak 

1. Intro 
2. How 
3. End

  1.In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets stats mean a lot and dragon skin 
clothes really raise your stats.  In this guide I will tell you how to get a dragon 
skin cloak.

  2. When youíre in diagon alley, go to the quid ditch store and buy Ron a Chudley 
Cannons Jersey.  When you give it to him heíll give you a football card.  Give the 
football card to the kid in the candy shop.  He will give you a misprinted Wendelin 
card.  When you get to Hogwarts go too the 6th floor and into one of the hallways.  
If you went into the right hallway you will see a picture of Wendilin the weird.  
Talk to it. Give him the card (donít worry, you canít use it) and he will give you 
a spider.  Give the spider to Hagrid and he will give you a spiked collar.  Give 
the spiked collar to Filch and he will give you a portrait of Lockhart.  Give the 
portrait to a girl on the third floor.  She will give you a flashlight.  Give the 
flashlight to the person in the muggle studies room on the 5th  floor.  He will 
give you a harmonica.  Give the harmonica to the kid in the music room across the 
hall.  He will give you a magical whistle.  Give the magical whistle to Binns in 
the magical history classroom on the 4th floor.  He will give you a DRAGON SKIN 

 3.Now you have an awesome Dragon skin cloak!  Put it on! Press the start button, 
status/equip, the picture of the robes, DRAGON SKIN CLOAK.  Or you can sell it for 
a lot of money (you only get half of what itís worth, itís not worth 
it!!!!!!!!!! ).  WARNING: you CANíT buy it back!!!   Thank you for reading my 
guide!  Up next: something by vgruler (me).
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