How to get Entei and Raikou easy! Game Boy

Version 1
October 22, 2004
                           Pokemon Crystal
Table of Contents
     1.	Copyright
     2.	Requirements
     3.	Steps
     4.	Thank Youís
     5.	Good Bye

      1. Copyright
This is my guide and should only be listed on DO NOT COPY!!!! If 
you have any comments or questions, email me at [email protected] or at 
[email protected], Iíll try to respond ASAP to your comments or questions.

      2. Items required
1 Gameboy or GameBoy Advance
1 Pokemon Crystal Game
1 Master Ball (on the game, Professor Elm gives it to you when you have all the 
badges in Johto)
Clear Bell (on the game, get it from the radio director when he is saved)
1 Super repel or max repel (on the game, most pokemarts have them)
8 Johto badges (on the game)
MUST have faced off against Entei And Raikou.

      3. Steps
1.) Go to Violet City.
2.) Go inside the Pokemon center.
3.) Choose a Pokemon you want to clone.
4.) Give that pokemon the master ball.
5.) The building to the right of the pokemon center is where you want go through.
6.) Once out there, use the super or max repel.
7.) Check where Raikou and Entei are at.
8.) If in the grass near by, try to get them.
9.) SAVE THE GAME (This is important!!!), no matter what.
10.) Then if they are not near by, turn the game off, then back on.
11.) Check where Entei and Raikou are at again.  
12.) Repeat Step 5 or 7 depending on where they are.
After this is done, you should have Entei and Raikou.

      4. Thanks
Thank you to:
My parents for giving me the Gameboy and Crystal Version, for showing this Guide,
Last but not least: Nintendo for making the gameboy Color and Crystal version game 
of pokemon.

      5. Good bye
Your welcome to who ever this helps. Bye and I hope this helped.
					Giving a helping Hand,