How to Crush the Club Masters Game Boy

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author name=Al Baker               |
author email=[email protected]|
version number=1                   |
date last edited=10/10/2007        |
game name=Pokemon Trading Card Game|
-table of contents--------------
01. introduction               |
02. suggested dueling deck     |
03. Grass Club Leader Nikki    |
04. Water Club Leader Amy      |
05. Lightning Club Leader Isaac|
06. Fighting Club Leader Mitch |
07. Rock Club Leader Gene      |
08. Science Club Leader Rick   |
09. Psychic Club Leader Murray |
10. Fire Club Leader Ken       |
-01. introduction---------------------------------------------------------------
Hi. My name is Al and I will be your guide to destroying the eight Club Leaders|
in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Just make sure you keep up and don't lose    |
yourself!                                                                      |
-02. suggested dueling deck-----------------------------------------------------
The deck that I suggest you start out with is the "Charmander & Friends" deck. |
Then, later in the game, you can build your own custom-made deck with the cards|
you collected from beating everyone else in the game!                          |
-03. Grass Club Leader Nikki-------------------------------------------------
a. In the Club                                                              |
Grass Club Leader Nikki won't appear in the battle arena until you beat her |
lackeys. There are two in the room to the north of the entrance hall and one|
in the room to the left. However, they may not use Grass Pokemon - they may |
use a variety of Pokemon types. Don't be shocked if that happens.           |
b. Battling Nikki                                                           |
Nikki uses Grass-type Pokemon that are weak to Fire-type Pokemon. Some are  |
weak to Psychic-type Pokemon (those ones use moves that can Poison, so put  |
"Full Heal"s in your deck). She has a couple of "Venusaur"s that wreak havoc|
on your Pokemon. Wipe out her "Bulbasaur" and "Ivysaur" cards, because if   |
they are on the field long enough, they can evolve into "Venusaur" and doom |
you. Fight with "Charizard" by Evolving him from "Charmeleon" and           |
"Charmander" along with "Magmar" and "Ponyta" and "Rapidash". You might want|
to include "Growlithe" and "Arcanine" in your deck as well. Include at least|
20 "Fire Energy" cards to power up your Fire-types.                         |
c. Prizes                                                                   |
Your prizes are the Grass Medal and a couple Booster Packs.                 |
-04. Water Club Leader Amy------------------------------------------------------
a. In the Club                                                                 |
There are two girls that you have to battle at the front of the Club Battle    |
Room. After you beat those two, you can battle the guy blocking access to Amy, |
the big boss of the Water Club. The girl on the left at the front only goes up |
to two prize cards. The other girl, other than Amy, goes up to three. The boy  |
who is blocking Amy battles with four. You may want to enter Lightning Pokemon.|
b. Battling Amy                                                                |
Amy has four "Squirtle", three "Wartortle", and two "Blastoise" (in order of   |
evolution), with "Blastoise" being the strongest. Its PKMN-Power lets Amy      |
attach as many "Water Energy" cards as she wants. The only way that (or any)   |
PKMN-Power can be stopped is by Paralyzing, Confusing, or making her           |
"Blastoise" fall Asleep, other than KO'ing it. Other than that, you'll be      |
bombarded by Water Pokemon. Blast through with Lightning Pokemon. (Tip: Use    |
Grass Pokemon on some of her Pokemon; they may be effective.) Build a deck of  |
Lightning Pokemon that includes "Pikachu", "Raichu", "Magnemite", "Magneton",  |
and about 20 "Lightning Energy" cards.                                         |
c. Prizes                                                                      |
Your prizes include the Water Medal and a couple Booster Packs.                |
-end so far-----------------
Come back for more updates!|