System Info Game Boy

Dan P.
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System Info

The gameboy: The gameboy is a handheld video game system that can fit in 
your pocket. In the back there is a slot for games. Thereís a screen and some 
buttons. Itís 3 inches wide. Itís 5 inches long. And itís 1 inch high. This system 
runs on 2 double A(AA) batteries. You put them in at the bottom on the back of 
your gameboy.

The buttons: On the top of the gameboy there are some buttons. The A and B 
buttons are the ones you use most often when youíre playing a game. In most 
games A is jump. B is usually something else thatís different for all games. 
Thereís a direction pad. That usually moves you in whatever direction you want 
your person to go. It also scrolls down when you have a list of what you can do. 
On the side that faces you when you play a game there is a slot. That is where 
you insert your headphones if you have any. On the left side thereís the sliding 
button thing. 
That controls the sound level on your gameboy. Thereís  also  place on the left 
side for an extension cord. Iíll talk about that later. On the right side thereís a 
switch. If youíre smart enough to read it it says on and off. So obviously that 
button turns your gameboy on and off. 

Games: Games go into the slot at the back. Put them in so that the picture 
faces you and itís not upside down. Thatís simple so you should be able to 
figure that out. When you play a game use the direction pad, A, and B. For most 
games if youíre in the middle of a level and you press start it will pause your 
game. In most games to save your game you go to start or select.

Accessories: Here are some accessories. One good accessory is a connector 
cord. This allows you to connect your gameboy to another personís gameboy 
and you can fight eachother or whatever your game lets you do. Note: You both 
have to have the same game or type of game. For example you have to have 
the same game unless itís something like Zelda whereas you just need two 
Zelda games. Antoher good accessory to have is a light. It connect to the 
extension cord place and itís a light that shines on your gameboy if itís too dark 
somewhere. Note: This uses your battery. One other accessory is a handipack 
color. This is a magnifying glass and a light at the same time. It just slides 
over your gameboy. It has stereo sound too.

Well thatís pretty much all I have to tell you about gameboy. I could tell you 
much more about specific games but that would be a whole nother FAQ. So I 
hope you liked it.