The Famous Harry Potter Guide GameCube

When you begin the game you will go to the Burrow. This is where Mrs Weasly tells 
you to start and denoming. Ron,Fred, and George will want to see how good you can 
cast spells. So they will ask you to break a bottle. Then they will go into the 
barn. You can either stay outside and practice spells or go inside the barn. When 
you make go into the barn you will have to denome the rafters so. After that you can 
go back outside and fight a muggle washing machine.When you are fighting it you must 
wait until the washing machine opens its window. Once you have killed it you will go 
into the garden and you will have to pick up the nomes and denome them. If you get 
more than 200 or hit the haybail or scarecrow. You then can end the day