Info. and tricks GameCube

                                                               Luigi's Mansion 

Table of

-The story
-Mario Info.
-Luigi Info.
-Bowser Info.
-King Boo Info.
-Some tricks for ghost hunting
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The story:

Once upon a time, Luigi won a mansion in a contest, he followed the map to a 
graveyard.  He found the mansion Lighting Bursted,BAM!  He slowly walked in 
the mansion.

Here are some cool Info. you did not know about at all and some tricks I used, 
I'm on Mansion 14, trust me!!!!!!!

Mario Info.:

Height: 5.2
Weight: 109 LBS.
job: Plumer
birth: 1989
birth state: NES
game born: Donkey Kong
Age 18

Luigi Info.:

Height: 5.5
Weight: 120 LBS.
job: Plumer
birth: 19__birth state GBA
game born: Super Mario Bros.
Age  1_

Bowser Info.:

Height: SMALL
Weight: Ton
job: King of all koopas!
birth 19__
game born: Super Mario Bros.
Age  1_

King Boo info.:

Height: short
Weight: 0
job: King of all boos!
birth ??????
game born: ????????
Age ?????

Tricks for ghost hunting:

1. Always keep your flashlight of when a ghost appears, then let go of B 
and         suck him up!

2.Never scare a ghost away, NEVER!


Justin Paul- Author
Everett- My friend who beat the game!

                                  Brought to you by,