Ultra Road Guide GameCube

M   A   R   I   O      K   A   R   T
D   O   U   B   L   E      D   A   S   H

R     o     a     d          G     u     i     d     e

Okay, this is a Double Dash Road Guide, no character junk. If you want character 
junk, then Iím sure you can find a guide here at cheatcodes.com.

1.	mini-games
2.	mushroom cup
3.	flower cup
4.	star cup
5.	special cup
6.	special stages

This part tells you how to kick butt in the games:
Balloon Battle     
Shine Thief          
Bob-omb Battle    

Balloon Battle

In    COOKIE LAND    pick up items as you go and chase your opponent. I know you 
know that, but try to keep your opponent on the outer part of the cookie. If your 
opponent goes into the center part of the cookie, follow him or her and BLAST that 
go-kart out. Itís better to stay on the outer part of the cookie because it is 
easier to hit your opponent without missing.

In    BLOCK CITY    try not to get stuck at a corner. That leaves you highly open 
for attack. Also, watch out for the      end, that will cause trouble as well as a 
corner will. At the beginning when it says to go, donít waste your time trying to 
get the item box before your opponent. Take a turn and try your luck on even more 

In    NINTENDO GAMECUBE    get a lot of boxes and whoop your opponent. One more 
thing, keep moving around the course, that way, your opponent canít hit you good.

In    PIPE PLAZA    watch your opponentís screen, if he or she gets a lethal weapon 
like Chain Chomp or Red Shell, quickly run, or should I say drive away through the 
tube, out the other side. Then itís your turn to attack. Check your opponentís 
screen again to see which tube he or she will come out of, get a good, lethal, ha-i-
got-you-good attack, get next to the right tube and launch the attack.

Shine Thief

I donít have to go through every single course this time Ďcause the rules are 
Shine Thief is sort of like         , let your opponent have the shine and when 
youíre ready to place your bet, excuse me, when youíre ready to get the shine 
quickly get it. Make sure you get the shine when the time is low so your opponent 
canít get it back. Also make sure you have enough time to get the shine. 


Bob-omb Battle

This oneís fun! Just use the same strategies as balloon battle but this time, get 
hyper! Quickly get as much       as you can, and then launch them all over the 
place! Or you can do it the boring way and conserve your      . May be the right 
choice, though.
Mushroom Cup

You like         s? Yes? No? Yes? Then just go get them on your pizzaÖ Well, on to 
the point.= this cup is easy!!! Donít tell me you canít beat itÖ well thatís what 
this guide is here for! 

Course #1- Luigi Cicuit
Helpers- Get all of the boosts on the ramp type thing, they help. Also, at the part 
where you go up a hill, stay to your left.
Secret Pathways- At the beginning of the race keep an eye out for a path, itís 
located on the right side of the road and comes around the Chain Chomp. This gets 
you ahead.
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- If you and your opponent are on the boost trail, push him or her to make 
him or her bump into the wall! 

Course #2- Peach Beach 
Helpers-Avoid the Ducks
Secret Pathways- When you first get onto the sand, instead of turning right, (where 
the ducks are), turn left. This may slow you down if the path was water on it at 
the end.
Warp-pipes- Before the sand, keep an eye out for a grey path on the left side of 
the road. Go into the pipe. This will slow you down if you donít boost right before 
the pipe.
Tricks- Try to drive your opponent into the Water! 
Course #3- Baby Park
Helpers- Perform a mini-boost every time you turn. Also, donít try going over the 
part in the center of the course, itís a no-go.
Secret Pathways- NONE
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- Leave bananas or fake boxes on the edge of every turn!

Final Course- Dry Dry Desert
Helpers- Donít fall into the quick sand, donít go onto the darker colored sand, and 
donít touch those idiotic twisters.
Secret Pathways- NONE
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- Leave bananas or fake  boxes on the pathways going around the quicksand!

Flower Cup
This one might be a gram hard if you just bought Mario Kart an hour ago.

Course #1-          Bridge
Helpers- The only cars you should hit are the          cars.
Secret Pathways-  After the first tunnel, you come to a choice of three pathways: 1-
 the normal road. 2- go straight over the hill with sand on it for a road. 3- go 
all the way left of the road and on to the speedy sidewalk. Also, when you get to 
the bridge, you can go up the sides of the bridge!
Wrap-pipes- At the very, very, very, beginning, quickly make a sharp turn right and 
head down the stairs. This warp-pipe will slow you down.
Tricks- Launch a red shell at your opponent when he or she is on the boosts on the 

Course #2- Mario Circuit
Helpers- Donít hit the Goombas and donít get near the piranha plants.
Secret Pathways- NONE
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- Boost on the bridge before the finish line to try and smash your opponent 
in front!

Course #3- Daisy Cruiser       
Helpers- Donít fall in the pool, and donít hit the weird-screwed up-moving-tables.
Secret Pathways- After the whacked table room, in the tunnel fall into that big 
Warp-pipes- In the big hole, after the table room, go into the warp-pipe.
Tricks- Push your opponent in the pool or leave a banana or fake box when you come 
out of the pipe!

Final Course- Waluigi Stadium
Helpers- Donít get in the oil ponds, donít go on the darker dirt, donít get hit by 
the fire balls, donít let the Piranha Plants eat you, try to get the boxes in the 
Secret Pathways- NONE
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- Push your opponent into stuff and try to hit him or her on a ramp!
Star Cup

Pretty hard on 150 cc. If you were wondering, cc is cubic centimeters. They tell 
how big the motor is.

Course #1- Sherbert Land
Helpers- Donít fall into the water, donít hit the Shy Guys, donít hit the Mr. 
Freezes, and maintain good control on the ice.
Secret Pathways- NONE
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- Slide your opponent into Mr. Freeze or into the water!

Course #2-          City
Helpers- When the road divides, take the road on the right, itís quicker. Only hit 
the          Cars.
Secret Pathways- NONE
Tricks- Push your opponent off the edge of the road at the end!

Course #3- Yoshi Circuit
Helpers- Stay away from the Piranha Plants.
Secret Pathways- At the first tunnel type thing (Yoshiís hand on the map) instead 
of going through the tunnel, you can go around it by boosting through the grass. If 
you donít boost, youíll fall in the water.
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- Leave bananas or fake boxes on the part where you go up onto the curved 

Final Course- DK Mountain
Helpers- Dodge the falling boulders. At the part with the sharp turn, slow down so 
you donít fall.
Secret Pathways- NONE
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- Leave bananas or fake boxes on the bridge! 

Special Cup

You donít start with Special Cup. To get it, beat all of your available cups on 
50cc. If that doesnít work, also beat all of the cups with 100cc.

Course #1- Wario Colosseum
Helpers- Mini-boost a lot, especially when you go around and around. Also get all 
of the ramps.
Secret Pathways- NONE
Tricks- See Waluigi Stadium in Flower Cup.

Course #2- Dino Dino Jungle
Helpers- Donít go up the log ramps, watch out for the dinosaurs and avoid the 
geyser holes when water is splashing out of them.
Secret Pathways- After the tunnel with the crystals in it, before the bridge, turn 
right and youíll find a short-cut bridge! Also right after the second tunnel, turn 
right, and youíll find another short cut. You need to boost across it, though.
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- Leave bananas or fake boxes on the bridges!

Course #3- Bowserís Castle
Helpers- Stay to the side of the smasher dudes, watch out for the fire balls, after 
the fire ball spinner room slow down because thereís a sharp turn ahead.
Secret Pathways- In the Mecha-Bowser room after you go down the stairs, keep on 
going strait and go off the track in the opening. If youíre going fast enough, you 
will make a good short-cut.
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- Put bananas or fake boxes where there is a place that your opponent can 

Final Course- Rainbow Road
Helpers- Practice! Take my word, I did and now I never ever fall on this course!
Secret Pathways- NONE
Warp-pipes- NONE
Tricks- See Bowserís Castle in Special Cup.