Complete Log Book Scan Guide GameCube

Here in this guide, you will learn what goes in those blank spaces in your 
logbook . It will show you the name of each, where most of them are located and 
others will just have little notes. Look for location names with the Z button

*Pirate Data*
Elite Control:(8)
Research Lab Aether (5)
Research Lab Hydra:(5)
Biohazard Containment,Elite Research,Metroid Quarintine B,Omega Research,Temple 
Security Station:(1)

1)Metroid Prime- Phazon Mines- Elite Control
2)Mining Status- Phendrena Drifts- Research Lab Hydra
3)Artifact Site- Tallon Overworld- Temple Security Station
4)Special Forces- Phazon Mines- Metroid Quarintine B
5)Metroid Forces- Phendrena Drifts- Research Lab Aether
6)Chozo Studies- Phazon Mines- Elite Control
7)Fall of Zebes- Space Pirate Frigate- Biohazard Containment (can't be scanned in 
crashed space pirate frigate if missed the first time)
8)Prime Mutations- Phazon Mines- Elite Control
9)Security Breaches- Phendrena Drifts- Research Lab Hydra
10)Phazon Analyisis- Phendrena Drifts- Research Lab Hydra
11)Omega Pirate- Phazon Mines- Omega Research
12)Contact- Phendrena Drifts- Observatory
13)Chozo Ghosts- Phazon Mines- Elite Control
14)Prime Breach- Phazon Mines- Elite control
15)Parasite Larva- Phendrena Drifts- Research Lab Hydra
16)Meta Ridley- Phendrena Drifts- Research Lab Aether
17)Phazon Program- Phendrena Drifts- Observatory
18)Metroid Morphology- Phendrena Drifts- Research Lab Aether
19)Chozo Artifacts- Phazon Mines- Elite Control
20)Phazon Infusion- Phendrena Drifts- Research Lab Aether
21)Metroid Studies- Phendrena Drifts- Research Lab Aether
22)The Hunter- Phazon Mines- Elite control
23)Elite Pirates- Phazon Mines- Elite Research
24)Glacial Wastes- Phendrena Drifts- Research Lab Hydra
25)Hunter Weapons- Phazon Mines- Elite Control

*Chozo Lure*
Artifact Temple:(2)
Furnace,Hall of Elders,Ice Ruins West,Magma Pool,Phendrena Canyon,Ruined 
Fountain,Ruined Nursery,Ruins Entrance,Vault,Watery Fountain,Watery Hall:(1 each)

1)Infestation- Chozo Ruins- Crossway
2)Binding- Tallon Overworld- Artifact Temple (left side)
3)Cradle- Chozo Ruins- Furnace (above morph-ball hole)
4)Beginnings- Chozo Ruins- Vault (on right side when you walk in)
5)Cipher- Phendrena Drifts- Ice Ruins West (heading up towards ruined courtyard)
6)Worm- Chozo Ruins- Crossway
7)Fountain- Chozo Ruins- Ruins Entrance
8)Exodus- Chozo Ruins- Ruined Nursery (above blue door)
9)Hatchling's Shell- Chozo Ruins- Crossway
10)Hatchling- Chozo Ruins- Watery Fountain (behind fountain)
11)Meteor Strike- Chozo Ruins- Watery Hall (behind where charge beam is located)
12)Contain- Chozo Ruins- Sun Tower (not sun chamber)
13)The Turned- Phendrena Drifts- Phendrena Canyon (behind the bridge)
14)Hope- Chozo Ruins- Hall of Elders (behind chozo statue)
15)Statuary- Tallon Overworld- Artifact Temple (right side)
16)Newborn- Chozo Ruins- Magma Pool (blow wall open with power-bomb)

1)Mega Turret: found anywhere in Phazon Mines
2)Grizby: hard-shelled creatures found in early Magmoor Caverns
3)Zoomer: spiked creatures in everywhere in Tallon Overworld
4)Plated Parasite: located in 2 places: some crawling on pipes in furnace & in the 
room before Plasma Processing crawling on the spider-ball track in Magmoor 
5)Pulse Bombu: blue and yellow creatures that drop bombs in Phendrena Drifts (can 
only be destroyed with wave beam)
6)Ice Shriekbat: only found once in Ice Ruins West (scan before they die or their 
gone for good)
7)Parasite Queen: only boss on Space Pirate Frigate
8)Scarab: exploding creatures in the tunnels of chozo ruins
9)Aqua Reaper: vines found underwater mostly in crashed space pirate frigate
10)Triclops: red cretures under floors in Magmoor Caverns
11)Puffer: floating green gas cretures in Magmoor Caverns and some in Ventilation 
Shaft in Phazon Mines
12)Glider: creatures that move around in circles and provide grapple hooks
13)Auto Turret: found in Magmoor Caverns and Space Pirate Frigate
14)Jelzap: squid creatures underwater
15)Beetle: first enemy you come across in Tallon Overworld
16)Tangle Weed: white kind of weed found both in Tallon Overworld and Chozo Ruins
17)Flying Pirate: found everywhere later in the game
18)Hive Mecha: creature underwater when fighting for first pack of missiles
19)War Wasp: anywhere in chozo ruins in beginning of game
20)Blood Flower: plants that spit out green balls of gas in Tallon Overworld
21)Ice Beetle: found in later Phendrena Drifts
22)Reaper Vine: found in chozo ruins in room after watery fountain or in watery hall
23)Aqua Drone: like security drones except underwater in crashed space pirate 
frigate (only come around once so scan the first time)
24)Ice Trooper: white armored pirates in Phazon Mines
25)Sap Sac: yellow plants found on walls in Tallon Overworld
26)Flickerbat: invisible flying creatures found mostly in Phendrena Shorelines and 
Ruined Courtyard
27)Wave Trooper: purple armored pirates in Phazon Mines
28)Sentry Drones: found everywhere in Phendrena lab areas after aquiring the 
thermal visor
29)Burrower: digging cretures in Magmoor Caverns
30)Plazmite: lighting bugs found when heading towards Hive Totem
31)Barbed War Wasp: found when fighting robot drone
32)Flaahgra: boss of chozo ruins
33)Scattered Bombu: purple creatures in the tunnels of Phendrena Drifts
34)Space Pirate: found in research lab areas or in early Phazon Mines
35)Parasite: green lizard creatures found only on space pirate frigate
36)Tallon Crab: found in one of the tunnels heading towards the crashed space 
pirate frigate
37)Blastcap: mushrooms in Tallon Canyon and Chozo Ruins
38)Aqua Sac: found in the later part of crashed space pirate frigate
39)Lumigek: white crawling creatures in Impact Crater
40)Incinator Drone: robot drone that guards the morph-ball bombs
41)Eyon) one-eyed creatures in Chozo Ruins
42)Fission Metroid: metroids in the Impact Crater
43)Oculus: creatures crawling on walls going straight up in chozo ruins
44)Meta Ridley: pterodactyl boss you fight after collecting all the artifacts
45)Plasma Trooper: red armored pirates in Phazon Mines
46)Aqua Pirate: Flying pirates underwater
47)Baby Sheegoth: found in beginning of Phendrena Drifts or when you fight for the 
wave beam
48)Seedling: spiked cretures in late Tallon Overworld
49)Plated Beetle: boss when fighting for the morph-ball
50)Sheegoth: found when fighting for wave beam or anywhere later in the game
51)Stone Toad: creature after incinerator drone and in reflecting pool
52)Metroid: found in Phendrean Drifts and Phazon Mines
53)Venom Weed: red kind of weed in chozo ruins
54)Phazon Elite: Pirate you fight when fighting for the artifact of warrior
55)Metroid Prime: second form
56)Ice Burrower: digging creatures in later Phendrena Drifts
57)Flaahgra Tentacle: found guarding morph-ball slots when fighting Flaahgra
58)Elite Pirate: big pirates in the elite control in Phazon Mines
59)Omega Pirate: boss of Phazon Mines
60)Puddle Spore round cretures that look like clams in later Magmoor Caverns
61)Chozo Ghost: ghosts found almost everywhere in chozo ruins later in the game
62)Thaurdus: rock boss in Phendrena Drifts
63)Shriekbat: found in chozo ruins and early Magmoor Caverns
64)Hunter Metroid: found in Phazon Mines and when fighting Metroid Prime's second 
65)Magmoor: lava snake in Magmoor Caverns
66)Hive: found wherever regular war wasps are
67)Metroid Prime: first form
68)Shadow Pirate: found after lights go out in Phendrena lab areas and also 
anywhere in Phazon Mines
69)Ram War Wasp: red war wasps found when fighting for first pack of missiles
70)Ice Parasite: found crawling in the Chozo Ice Temple (not found later in the 
71)Geemer: red spiked creatures in Tallon Overworld
72)Crystallite: found in early Phendrena Drifts and Chozo Ice Temple (white spikes 
on their backs)
73)Plated Puffer: found in Tower of Light (you must destroy the cracks in the walls 
before they start to appear)
74)Power Trooper: yellow armored pirates in Phazon Mines
1)Save Station: anywhere (look for S's on your map)
2)Missile Door Lock: anywhere (scan them before you destroy them or there gone)
3)Map Station: anywhere (scan before downloading map or you can't scan it)
4)Spinner: anywhere
5)Missile Ammunition: anywhere
6)Large Energy (red): anywhere after defeating creatures or destroying crates
7)Small Energy (purple): anywhere
8)Stalctite: anywhere (things hanging on ceilings that have a weak spot)
9)Missile Station: anywhere (look in hall of elders)
10)Spider-ball track: anywhere (only scannable after aquiring spider-ball)
11)Power-Bomb Ammunition: anywhere
12)Grapple Point: anywhere (only scannable after aquiring grapple-beam)
13)Zebes- Phendrena Drifts- Observatory
14)Ultra Energy (yellow):anywhere after defeating big bosses mostly (look in crate 
beside spider-ball track in sun tower)
15)Morph-Ball Slot: anywhere
16)Tallon IV- Phendrena Drifts- Observatory
17)Locked Door: anywhere (always found while defeating security drones and elite 
18)Gunship- Tallon Overworld- Landing Site (don't try on space pirate frigate, 
doesn't work)