The Dunkalicous Dunk Guide GameCube

Trevor and Izzy's Dunkalicious Dunk Guide for Dunkalicious Dunkers of NBA Live 2006 
for Gamecube

            BASIC DUNKS 
1. Cockback Dunk- X,X
2. MJ tribute- B,B or X,A or B,A
3. Two-Handed, 180 windmill- Y,Y
4. 180 Pump- A,X
5. Two Handed Basic- X,B
6. Windmill-X,Y or X, L+Y
7.The Reach- L+B, L+B
1. 180 Flossin'- A, L+B
2. Dee Brown No-Look-X, L+B
3.Between the Legs-X,L+A
4. Statue of Liberty- L or R+A,X
5. One- Handed Rock the Cradle-R+B, R+B
6. 360 Reach- R+A,B
7. 360 Pump- R+A,Y
8. Baseline Windmill-R+Y,R+Y
9. Baseline, Two-Handed- 180-R+B,R+B
10. Baseline, One-Handed 180- R+A, R+A
11. Baseline, Behind the Legs-R+X, R+X
12. Baseline One-Handed Sidewayz Windmill- L+B,R+Y
1. Two-Handed Rock the Cradle-R+B, R+A
2. Between the Legs 180- A,A
3. Between the Legs 360- R+A,R+A
4. Baseline Between the Legs- L+B, L+A
5. Double Between the Legs- R+X- L+X
6. Elbow Hang- L+B, L+Y (Hold Longer for Armpit Hang)
7. Behind the Back- L+B, L+X
8. Handstand Dunk- L+X and any combination
9. 720 Dunk- R+Y then spin analog stick twice, R+Y
All Alley Oops are done with C- Stick
1. Off the Backboard, Tap Up 
2. Granny Shot Bounce, Hold Up
3. Left-Hand Shot Bounce, Tap Left
4. Between the Legs, Hold Left
5. Right-Handed Shot Bounce, Tap Right
6. Punch Bounce, Tap Right
7. Bounce Down then Off Backboard, Tap Down
8. Punch Down then Off Back Board, Hold Down

Move C-Stick wildly in random directions.

1. Hold Down Dunk Button for Harder Dunks and Higher Scores
2. Hold L Button on Alley Oops to Throw off Backboard and Shot Clocks.
3. Rotate the Analog Stick Counter-Clockwise to turn for spin dunks.

This has been a guide made by Trevor Bogard and James "Izzy" Isbell if you have any 
questions, comments, additions, or you see any mistakes you can contact us via 
email at [email protected] or [email protected]