Boss guide GameCube

Resident evil

Thank you for choosing my Faq guide.

El Lago-  medium difficulty 
when you first get near the lake you値l see a small port and a boat next to the 
port.  Do not shoot the lake because when you do the monster pops up from the 
water and swallows you whole, but if you take the other path to the lake you値l 
see one of the guys who drove you into the village dead being shipped off the 
boat.  Make sure you have a couple of herbs on you and then get on the boat.  
Be ready for when you get near the other side of the shore the creature will 
appear.  Then get out the harpoons on the boat.  The creature will drag you so 
you really don稚 have to drive the boat except that obstacle El Lago drags you 
through.  After you get out of the way stab the worm creature on the back a 
couple of times and then he値l go back down then drag you in a different 
direction and then do that same thing.  About half way he値l go down 
mysteriously and then Leon will look around.
Turn around in different directions and you値l see him coming at you rapidly.  
Stab him in his mouth , do this about twice and he値l probably die.  Make sure 
to press A when your trying to swim back to the boat fast.  Then El Lago will 
drag you with him after he falls into the lake so press A or B rapidly if you 
cut up the rope then he dies if you don稚 you値l die too.

El Gigante- medium difficulty
There are different ways of beating him.  The first way is just shoot him with 
a rocket launcher.  Then the next best choice would be is fight him with a 
shotgun.  If you helped that dog in the beginning of the game you値l have help 
during the fight.  The dog will distract him and while he does shoot him in the 
legs.  Then he値l have a migraine and fall. Go near him and press A to climb 
and cut.  Do this about 3 times and he値l die then collect the 15000 from him 
and head back to the church.  

El gigante 2nd -medium difficulty 
Either do the rocket launcher method or the regular method, Or  Make sure 
Ashlee痴 in a  safe place and do the original method.  When you first fight him 
shoot that thing on the 
cliffs and the monster will get seriously damaged.  Then do the cut method.
Or you could take the other path and fight the chainsaw sisters.  Use a shotgun 
for that though.

Mendez- pretty easy
Now you fight the big cheese of the village.  I thought this battle would be 
hard but it turns out he is even easier than the other bosses before him.  
First dodge his hand when he tries to choke you to death,  Then try to stay far 
away from him when he痴 walking toward you.  Shoot him with the shotgun and 
after a couple of times he値l get the lower half of him cut down.  Then he値l 
do some pretty strong moves in the air.  Try to shoot him as many times as you 
can.  Then when he dies collect the 15000 and take the eyeball thing.

Garrador- medium difficulty if you have the right weapons.  
He痴 blind but he can do some heavy damage.  Walk don稚 run or he値l hear you 
and try to kill you.  If you have a magnum shoot him in the back about 4 times 
where the bug is.
He値l fall and give you about 10000.  Do the same thing for the 2nd Garrador.  

Garrador x2 pretty easy
Snipe the monks in the head that are in front of them.  Then when there 
rampaging at you slowly, but not too slowly walk to the left or right so they 
can稚 hear you.  Then they値l be hitting wildly at the door.  Then shoot them 
with a rocket launcher.  Usually one dies and the other gets injured and then 
if you have one shoot that one with a magnum or just walk around slowly 
shooting it with a shot gun.  

Verdugo- hard
At first he値l hit you with his claws from above or beneath.  Then when you get 
near the shutter that was locked he値l show his true body.  Then watch out for 
him.  He makes it difficult because he痴 extremely fast.  So don稚 waste a 
precious rocket launcher on him yet.  Then after the shutters opens run into 
there.  Still watch for his moves and  when you see a nitrogen tank knock it 
down and then when he痴 slowed down use the rocket launcher.  That will 
probably kill him but if it doesn稚 try knocking down another tank and shoot 
him again.  Then if he dies collect the money and wait for the elevator to come 

Salazar- extremely easy if you know how to beat him.
Just move around while he痴 trying to attack you after you shoot him and then 
when he opens up shoot him with a rocket launcher or f you do not have one 
shoot him with a rifle or a magnum and then move around or he値l do his one hit 
kill.  Then shoot him with another gun until he does this again.  After a 
couple of tries he値l die.

Krauser-  easiest of all
Just stab him in his knee caps and then he値l throw a flash grenade.  Then 
he値l try to do it again.  After a while he値l try to waylay you so watch out 
for his shadow.  Make sure you dodge his attacks cause most of his attacks are 
powerful.  Then when you get the two artifacts he値l show his newly added arm.  
Even though it may seem crazy still use his knife to stab his knees.  After 
about 12 stabs he値l die so try to kill him fast because there痴 three minutes 
to get out and if you waste ammo on him then he値l just kill you.

U-3- hard
Probably the hardest boss in the game.  Don稚 waste a launcher on him yet.  
When you first fight him shoot him with a shotgun or Riot gun and stay pretty 
far from him.  Then activate the 2  switches and then go to the next section.  
Then when you get to the next section he値l come back and then this time shoot 
him with a magnum if you have one or save it up for his 2nd form.  So then you 
can still shoot him with the shotgun or a Tmp.  
Remember to dodge his attacks when he痴 hitting you from behind or in front.  
Then the 3rd section is when you get to see his 2nd form.  Try to shoot him on 
th back with the magnum.  He値l go away and then he値l give you a small period 
of time to a activate the other switch.  Then he will probably reappear and 
chase you.  If he does then run into the final section.  Then when you choose 
to jump onto the other side off the cliffs he値l come back out then pull out 
you rocket launcher and shoot.

Saddler- medium difficulty
First go across the bridge and then when saddlers coming toward you shoot him 
on his legs.  After he falls stab him in his eye.  Then go towards the ladder, 
climb it and activate the switch and he値l get knocked down again and jump down 
to stab him.  Then if he痴 near the red explosive tank shoot it and he値l fall 
again and then stab him.  Then go to the 2nd construction device and when the 
time is right activate it.  Then stab him a 4th time and pullout you rocket 
launcher and shoot him.  Then stab him one more time and then Ada  will throw 
the rocket launcher special and after you get it blast him and he値l explode.  
There you go! You practically beat the 1st round.