A Complete Guide to Delfino Airstrip and Plaza GameCube

First off I will tell you the character that I encountered while in the delfino 
airstrip and plaza:
Princess Peach,
Pianta People,
Pianta Police,
Pianta Judge,
Raccoon Coin Collector,
Swooping Stu,
Green Birds,
Blue Birds,
Red Birds,
Yellow Birds,
Seed Pod,
Cheep Cheep,
Strollin Stu,
Piranha Plant,
Shadow Mario.

Here's where the FLUDD boxes are and when you can get them:

Blue Box (hover): in delfino plaza- you get it immediently-in front of the fountain 
in the main square, behind the pianta statue.

Black Box (turbo): in delfino plaza-you get it after you collect 25 shine sprites 
and get yoshi-beside the small fountain in the main square, behind the pianta statue-
---(it's also right beside the blue box I just told you about)

Red Box (rocket): in delfino plaza-you get it after you collect 30 shine sprites and 
get yoshi-on the other side of the fountain in the main square, behind the pianta 
statue----(its by the same fountain the other two boxes are by, when you have all of 
the boxes, it maxes a triangle-shape around the fountain.)

Blue (hover): in delfino airstrip-you get it when you come back to the airstrip-at 
the end of the walkway near the flagpole

Black (turbo): in delfino airstrip-also when you come back to the airstrip- at the 
end of the walkway near the flagpole------(parallel to the blue box I just told you 

As for the FLUDD pack itself, you can find it at the beginning of the game on the 
ground at the end of the runway of the defino airstrip. 

And now for the part you've all been waiting for:
        THE  SHINE   SPRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are 18 shine sprites total throughout the time you spend in delfino airstrip 
and delfino plaza.

Shine Sprite 1:You can get this shine sprite when you get out of the plane, and 
defeat the giant piranha plant with your FLUDD pack. After you defeat the piranha, a 
shine sprite will appear. Grab it before the police take you away for vandalizing 
the city.

Shine Sprite 2:This one is a bit tougher than some others. you can get it from the 
start. On the left side of the plaza you should see a bell tower that overlooks a 
raccoon hut. Jump onto the rope, then side somersault and hover to the spire 
building right across the bell tower.  Go to the side of the building that is 
directly accross from the belltower, then enter mario-cam and look up at the bell 
that is covered with goop. Spray the bell with your FLUDD pack until it's clean. 
After the bell is clean a shine sprite will appear in the wood scaffolding under the 
bell.  Go into the tunnel that is on the green roof and it should take you to the 
shine sprite.

Shine Sprite 3:This one is pretty easy-Go to the section of the plaza where there 
are white umbrellas and it overlooks the canal. you should see a black doorway 
against a building. walk through the doorway and talk to the guy inside. you will 
have to smash 10 large crates in 30 seconds. if you complete the task, the pianta 
guy will give you a shine sprite.

Shine Sprite 4:After you finish the task on shine sprite 3, go into the same room 
again and you will be given a harder task- you have to smash 10 crates in 30 seconds 
again, but this time they are all stacked up. If you finish this task, the pianta 
guy will give you another shine sprite.

Shine Sprite 5:This one is INSANELY hard! I suggest only trying this one if you are 
EXTREMELY determined or INSANELY good at this game!  When a boat passes through the 
canal, hover to it and land on the roof. Ride the boat until it passes under the 
bridge, then, when you see a gold coin hover to it and keep going up through a hole 
in the bottom of the bridge. Your in a giant game and you are a ball. You have to 
get the eight red coins that are on little ledges. After you've gotten all of the 
red coins, a shine sprite will appear on the bottom middle ledge. Just drop to the 
ledge and grab the shine sprite!

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