Super Monkey Ball Guide GameCube

C2002 by Kyle Granchelli

Welcome to this SMB Guide, that's v1.0, it's incomplete... sad, but true. Yet 
if you know this stuff,e-mail me! :) Hope you enjoy! ^_^ 

1.Use the control stick to move
2.Losing a life: (1.Fall out (2.Wait 'til 60:00 is up.
3.Get to the goal

1:It's very simple, just go straight. ^_^
2:This course is shaped like a diamond. Another goal is at the bottom, where 
it takes you to level 5 (skips 2 levels). 
3:There are 2 ways. Backwards and forwards.
4:In this level, the middle is moving. So be careful and guide your monkey safely.
5:You need to get 50 bananas in 60 seconds. The last/final banana is at the top.
6:Go down, turn, down, turn, dowb, turn, down, turn, and down until you see the 
7:Avoid openings and get to goal 
8:The Dole logo will spread out. Get to the bottom-right one, roll until you get 
to the top-left one, and get to goal.
9:Go down when you see the down arrow and get to goal.
10:Be very careful of thin edges. At the last thin edge far away, is the goal. 
And you won!

Bonus Levels:
After completing all 10 levels (without losing a life), there are 3 stages or 
levels otherwise. I can't tell you about the goals because it's a secret! ^_^

I don't remember.

I don't remember.

Each minigame:2500 points
  Each 1 life:Check Jeremy's guide
        Total:1,000,000 points

game credits:
I don't know everybody/anyone who made Super Monkey Ball. 

guide credits:
by Kyle Granchelli, special thanks to Nintendo Power.

the end. Bye!