Hidden Battle Arenas GameCube

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Hidden Battle Arenas
Version 1.2


V.1.1 - More arenas added.  Format changed.
V 1.2 - Duplicated information deleted.

Subcon of Super Mario Bros. - Complete Adventure Mode with Mario.

Brinstar Depths of Metriod - Complete 50 rounds in Multi-Player.

Fourside of Earthbound - Complete 100 rounds in Multi-Player.

Big Blue of F-Zero - Complete 150 rounds in Multi-Player.

Pokemon Floats of Pokemon - Complete 200 rounds in Multi-Player.

Flatzone - Complete Mr. Game & Watch's Event.

Battlefield Arena - Complete All-Star Mode.

Final Destination - Complete the 51st Event.

PAST STAGES (from Super Smash Bros. on N64)

Dream Land - Complete "Break the Targets" with all characters.

Yoshi's Island - Smash Sandbag over 1300 feet in Home-Run Contest.  The best way to do this is to use Yoshi.  Jump lightly
into the air and press "down + B" to do a series of kicks, causing 25% to 30% damage each time if done correctly.  Continue
to do this until it reaches about 105% damage, then samsh it outta there!  Ganondorf's Up Smash attack works well also.

Kongo Jungle - Finish the 15 Minute Melee.  Donkey Kong's Ground Smack works best here.

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