Walk on the secret side GameCube

 Welcome 2 my 2nd FAQ! This is a guide 4 hidden arenas, secret characters, and a 
walkthrough on classic, adventure, and all-star mode. Let us start.   

                           Classic Mode   
1 VS. 1: A duel with a random character on Stage 1, 4, and 7.Be quick.  

2 VS. 2:A team battle with random opponents and a random ally on Stage 2.  

3 VS. 1:Quit whining! This is u with 2 random allies and a giant random character on 
Stage 5. 

10 Random character-Melee:Smash the clones of one character on Stage 8. 

Metal Fight: A random opponent on Stage 10 will fight u as metal. 

Master Hand: oh, u know..... Stage 11 fight with Master Hand! In the first 10 Stages 
u played before this must have time total of 15 minutes or under, playing Normal or 
higher, using no continues.  

Bonus:Stage 3 is bonus stage 1, with a Target Test. Stage 6 is Bonus Stage 2 with 
Snag the Trophies. Stage 9 is bonus stage 3 with a race.   


                         Stage 1:Mushroom Kingdom   
Stage 1-1: You'll begin the game with a race 2 the finish. There are Goombas, 
Koopas, and Para Koopas, as well as trophies. When u see Toad, u must fight yoshis 
before u move on. Don't keep on going when fighting yoshis-  you'll lose a life.  

Stage 1-2: This fight is at Princess Peach's Castle, and you'll be battling Peach 
and Mario. If your remaining time from Stage 1-1 has a 2 in the end, you'll fight 
Luigi. Remember that Peach can float in the air, Mario can reflect projectile 
attacks, and Luigi... is more trouble. Beware of Bullet Bill.  

                          Stage 2: Kongo Jungle
Stage 2-1: Fight at Kongo Jungle with 2 small Donkey Kongs   

Stage 2-2: A giant Donkey Kong will fight u in Jungle Japes. Yikes! Remember that DK 
is slow.      

                     Stage 3:Hyrule (UnderGround Maze)                
Stage 3-1:You need 2 look 4 a room with the Hyrule logo in it. There r re-deads, 
purple beetles, and moving baskets. If u find a sword, avoid it or you'll fight 
Link. The finish room changes in each difficulty.

Stage 3-2: Zelda awaits 4 your arrival in Temple. Her magic attacks make her tough, 
plus when she changes 2 sheik.   

                            Stage 4: Brinstar 
Stage 4-1: At Brinstar, you'll fight Samus. She's tough, as well as the stage!  

Stage 4-2: u have a time limit to reach the top. you'll lose a life if u don't make 
it, but if you're an expert at the metroid games, this should'nt be a problem.  

                           Stage 5:Dreamland (Green Greens)
Stage 5-1: In Green Greens, you'll fight Kirby. In fact, your fights in this stage 
takes place at Green Greens. 

Stage 5-2: 15-kirby Melee is your fight here. 

Stage 5-3: If you get a Half Minute Man bonus from Stage 5-2, a giant Kirby will 
fight you. 

                           Stage 6: Corneria 
Stage 6-1: your battle is with fox, with no lasers damaging u. 

Stage 6-2: If you unlocked Falco and got a Half Minute Man bonus from Stage 6-1, 
you'll fight Falco. If one of these objectives are not met, you'll fight Fox again. 

                         Stage 7: Pokemon Stadium 

Stage 7-1: You must fight 15 pokemon. Pikachu will be the only pokemon you'll fight 
unless you unlock Jigglypuff, Pichu, or Mewtwo. 

                        Stage 8: F-Zero Grand Prix 
Stage 8-1: You'll first run the track. Jump on aerial platforms if an exclamation 
sign appears. 

Stage 8-2: Fight Captain Falcon in Mute City. Practice this situation in VS. mode. 

                       Stage 9: Eagleland (Onett) 
Stage 9-1: It's a 1 on 3 fight on Onett with 3 Nesses. Watch out 4 cars! 

            Stage 10: Infinite Galcier(Icicle Mountain) 
Stage 10-1: You'll first start out scaling the mountain. along the way, there r 
trophies and 2 pair of Ice Climbers.  

                         Stage 11: Battlefield 
Stage 11-1: Your fight is a 15-man Melee. Practice 10-man Melee a lot. 

Stage 11-2: Metal Mario falls from the sky, taking Metal Luigi with him if you 
unlocked him. Remember you're a lot faster than him or them.  

                      Stage 12: Final Destination   
Stage 12-1: Your adventure ends here with a duel with Bowser. You should be faster 
than him.     

After unlocking all the fighters in the game, All-Star mode appears. you get one 
life and a line-up of random characters, with 25 Mr. Game and Watches at the end. 
There are 13 rounds.   

Jigglypuff-Beat Classic or Adventure mode once or play 50 VS. matches. 

Dr. Mario-Win Classic or Adventure mode with Mario using no continue or play 100 VS. 

Pichu-Clear Event Match 37 or play 200 VS. matches.   

Falco-Beat 100-man Melee or play 300 VS. matches. 

Marth-In 1-Player or VS. mode, use all 14 characters once or play 400 VS. matches. 

Young Link-Play 500 VS. matches or beat Classic, Adventure, or All-Star mode with 10 

Gannondorf-Play 600 VS. matches or clear event match 29. 

Mewtwo-Play 20 hours of 1-Player or VS. mode or lay 700 VS. matches. 

Luigi-Follow the instructions on how to fight Luigi in Adventure mode above or play 
800 VS. matches. 

Roy-Play 900 VS. matches or beat Classic or Adventure Mode with Marth. 

Mr. Game and Watch-Play 1,000 VS. matches or beat Classic mode,Adventure Mode, or 
the Target Test with the 24 other characters.   

Kingdom 2-Win the Birdo Trophy. 

Brinstar Depths-Play 50 VS. matches. 

Fourside-Play 100 VS. matches. 

Big Blue-Play 150 VS. matches. 

Poke Floats-Play 200 VS. matches. 

Flat Zone-Unlock Mr. Game and Watch. 

Dream Land-Beat Target Test with all the characters. 

Yoshi's Island- Smash Sandbag about 1,323 feet (441 yards) in the Home Run Contest. 

Kongo Jungle(N64)-Survive 15-Minute Melee. 

Battlefield-Unlock and beat All-Star Mode with any character. 

Final Destination-beat all 51 event matches.