All the Secrets GameCube

Hidden Characters 

     Beat them after doing the following:

Jigglypuff: Beat Classic or Adventure on any difficulty with any character, or play
50 VS. Mode matches.

Dr. Mario: Beat Classic or Adventure with Mario without continuing, or play 100 VS.
Mode               matches.

Pichu: Beat Event Match 37, or play 200 VS. Mode Matches.

Falco Lombardi: Survive the 100-Man Melee, or play 300 VS. Mode Matches.

Marth: Use all original 14 characters in VS. Mode or 1-P Regular match, or play 400
VS. Mode Matches.

Young Link: Beat Classic or Adventure with 10 different characters, or play 500 VS.
Mode Matches.

Ganondorf: Beat Event Match 29, or play 600 VS. Mode Matches.

Mewtwo: Play 1-P or VS. Mode for more than 20 hours, or play 700 VS. Mode Matches.

Luigi: Beat Stage 1-1 of Adventure mode with 2 as the last digit (Ex: xx:x2:xx), or
play 800 VS. Mode Matches.

Roy: Beat Classic or Adventure with Marth without continuing, or play 900 VS. Mode

Mr. Game & Watch: Beat Classic, Adventure, or Target Test with all 24 of the other
characters, or play 1000 VS. Mode Matches. 
Hidden Stages
   Accomplish the following:

Mushroom Kingdom II: Collect the Birdo Trophy, either from the lottery, the bonus
stage in Classic Mode, finding it in Adventure Mode, or in the recovery stops in
All-Star Mode.

Brinstar Depths:  Play 50 VS. Mode Matches. 

Fourside: Play 100 VS. Mode Matches.

Pokemon Floats: Play 150 VS. Mode Matches.

Big Blue: Play 200 VS. Mode Matches.

Past Stage~ Dream Land: Beat Target Test with all 25 characters.

Past Stage~ Yoshi?s Island: Set a Home-Run record of 1,477.

Past Stage~ Kongo Jungle: Survive the 15-Minute Melee.

Special Stage~ Battlefield: Beat All-Star with any character on any difficulty.

Special Stage~ Final Destination: Beat all 51 Event Matches.

Flat Zone: Unlock Mr. Game & Watch.
Play Modes and Options
   Accomplish the following:

All-Star Mode: Unlock all 11 secret characters.

Score Display: Accumulate 5,000 KOs in Melee matches.

Random Stage Select: Unlock all hidden stage except for the special and past stages.

Sound Test: Unlock all hidden stages and characters.
Other Secrets

Mew: Unlock all 11 secret characters.
Celebi: Unlock every hidden item except for the trophies.

Giga Bowser: Beat Adventure Mode in less than 18 minutes (it says "without
continuing, but i once continued twice and still faced him) on Normal
or higher.  You also face him in Event Match 51, but not until you beat him in
Adventure Mode.

Crazy Hand: Beat Classic Mode in less than 15 minutes without continuing on Normal or
higher.  You also face him in Event Match 50.

Event Matches~
Event Matches 11-30: Complete Event Matches 1-10
Event Matches 31-39: Complete Event Matches 1-30 and unlock Falco, Luigi, Jigglypuff,
and Young Link.
Event Matches 40-50: Complete Event Matches 1-30 and unlock every hidden character.
Event Match 51: Complete Event Matches 1-50 and defeat Giga Bowser in Adventure Mode.
Author                - Nate Tacket
Platform              - GameCube
E-Mail                - [email protected]
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