Melee FAQ GameCube

  1. good characters
  2. walk through

                         Good Characters

  There are goods ones and there are dreadful ones. Here are the 
  Top good characters.

 # 1. Roy (because of his sword): hit B three times
 # 2. Mr.Game and watch 
 # 3. Kirby 
 # 4. Ganandorf (because of his punch): hold B down
 # 5. captain falcan 

 Here are all the characters and how to get them

Jigglypuff-win classic mode with any one

Roy-win classic mode with Marth

Dr.Mario-beat adventure mode with Mario

Marth-play Vs. mode with all of the original characters

Luigi- First win the first level of Adventure mode with 2 at the
end of the time.Then instead of fighting peach and Mario you fight peach and Luigi.
Beat them in a matter of less than a minute and finish the rest of Adventure mode.

Ganandorf-beat event match 27 

pichu-beat event match 37 and watch- Beat either Adventure or classic mode with EVERY single character
(execpt Mr.Game and watch, DUH)

Falco-You will have to look it up somewhere eles cause I don't know how the heck I 
did it

Mew two-Either play Vs. mode for 20 hours stright, or play 700 vs. mode matchs

Young link-Sorry I don't know how I did it, but I
think it has something to do with how you get Luigi.

                  Dreadful Characters

   Here are the top 3 REALLY bad guys

# 1. Jigglypuff
# 2. Jigglypuff
# 3. Jigglypuff (no one is even close to being as bad as Jigglypuff)