How to Master being Ganandorf GameCube

       Ganandorf  Ganandorf  Ganandorf  Ganandorf  Ganandorf

1.attacks to kill anyone


A: normal punch

b hold: speical punch

y/x: Jump

z: grab hold of someone

b up: speical jump

c: throw away item/punch

joy stick: move

              How to kill anyone

     When you are Ganandorf or Captain Falcan they both have a hold
B attack that is very powerful, but Ganandorf's is more powerful. With Ganandorf
you can set a trap on ANYONE. What you do is walk far away from the enemy. If you 
are far enough away you can time it right,(but remember it dose not always work.)
If the enemy comes after you hold B down and don't let go.  It will automaticly 
punch.  If you succeed the enemy will almost always fly off the stage.