The Legend Of Zelda Majoraís Mask Item List/F.A.Q GameCube

The Legend
Of Zelda
Majoraís Mask

[ I. Contents ]

I. Contents
II. Intro.
III. Item list/Description/Location
IV. Happy Mask List/Location
V. F.A.Q.    
VI. Best Use

[II Intro. ]

This guide is made for people who want to get all of the items and masks in the 
game.  If you want to find them by yourself, then donít continue.  This guide is 
easy to read and use, but very simple.  If you want me to add something, e-mail me 
at [email protected]  You must also email me if you wish to put this on a new 
web site and I must confirm.

[ III. Item list/Description/Location ]

The items shall be listed as follows: Item Name, Use,  Location, User(s)

1)Ocarina Of Time, Play songs on this, On top of clock tower, All

2)Deku Nut, Attack and stun enemies for a short time, Dropped by deku enemies/found 
in ice boulders/grass, Link/Deku

3)Deku Stick, Gain faries from butterflies, move fires, Droped by deku 
enemies/found in grass, Link

4)Bomb, Blow things up, Anything you can break or defeat/bomb shop, Link

5)Bombchu, Moving Bomb, Same as bomb, Link

6)Pictograph Box, Takes pictures, exchange pics. for money, Swamp information 
hut/boathouse, All

7)Heroís Bow, Shoot a long-range arrow, Woodfall temple, Link

8)Magic Beans, Plant a growable plant in soft soil with water/reach normally 
unreachable places, Magic Bean Sales-man, Link

9)Fire Arrow, Throw a fire-tipped arrow with  your bow, Snowhead Temple, Link

10)Ice Arrow, Throw an ice-tipped arrow, Great Bay Temple , Link

11)Light arrow, Throw a brightly-lit arrow/attack enemies with a powerful force, 
Stone Tower Temple, Link

12)Hookshot, Soot yourself to unreachable places, Pirateís Fortress, Link

13)Lens of Truth, See the unseen, Lone Peak Shrine, All

14)Powder Keg, Makes Giant explosion, Goron Shops/Summer, Goron

Now for the bottles.  There are 6 of them.  They are used to hold certain items.  
Here are the locations:
1) Swamp Potion Shop after youíve met Kotakeís sister
2) Win the Goron Race.(Summer)
3) Defeat the ghosts at 2:30 A.M. at the ranch Day 1
4) Win the Beaver race in Great Bay
5) In the Day 3 hole in Ikana Graveyard
6) On the road for the Couples Mask.

[IV. Happy Mask List/Location]

Name		                   From who	                               Where

Great fairyís                      Great Fairy                      North Clock Town

Bremanís                           Guru-Guru                            Laundry pool

Bunny Hood                         Grog                                  Cucco shack

Kamaroís                           Kamaro                       North Field (Night) 

Blast                              Bomb shop lady          North Clock town (Night) 

Truth                              Skullitula Man                 Swamp Spider House

Scents                             Deku Butler                             Deku Cave

Don Gero                           Hungry Goron                     Mountain Village

Romaniaís                          Cremia                            Termainia Field

Circus Leaderís                    Gorman                                   Milk Bar

Garoís                             Gorman Brothers                      Gorman Track

Stone           		   Shiro	                       Road to Ikana

All-Night 		           Curiosity shop	              Curiosity shop

Kafeiís				   Madam Aroma                     Mayorís Residence

Coupleís, Keatonís, Postmanís Hat = Coupleís Quest

Captains Hat			  Captain Keeta                      Ikana Graveyard

Gibdoís                           Pamelaís Father                    Music Box House

Giantís  		          Eyegore	                 Stone Tower Temple 

Fierce Dietyís Mask, Make children disappear on moon, then talk to Majora kid.

[V. F.A.Q.]

Q. Are there other items?
A. Yes, but they are items like keys and map deeds.

Q. What is the easiest way to get a fairy?
A. Find a Butterfly and hit it with the tip of a Deku stick.

Iím always in need so e-mail me some.

[ VI. Best Use]

This is where I tell you when/where items are most useful.

Ocarina of time, When you need to play a song.

Deku Nut, when you want to hit and/or paralyze something.

Deku Stick, when you want to move a fire or get fairies.

Bomb, when you need to blow things up.

Bombchu, when you need to blow someting out of reach up.

Magic Beans, When you find soft soil.

Heroís Bow, when you need to attack long range.

Fire Arrow, when you need to put something on fire from a distance.

Ice Arrow, when you need to freeze something.

Light Arrow, when you need to freeze something.

Powder Keg, when you need to make a big explosion.

Hookshot, when you need to reach far.

Great Fairyís Mask, When a stray fairy is visible

Breman Mask, When getting the Bunny Hood.

Bunny Hood, when you need to go fast.

Kamaroís Mask, when youíre in front of the dancing girls.

Blast Mask, when in need of bombs, does damage to Link when used.

Mask Of Truth, in front of gossip stones and dogs.

Mask of Scents, when looking for fungi.

Don Geroís Mask, when in front of frogs.

Romaniaís Mask, when trying to get into the milk bar.

Circus Leaderís Mask, when fighting the Gorman brothers.

Garoís Mask, in Ikana.

Stone Mask, when you donít want to be seen.

All-Night Mask, when listening to grandmothers stories.

Kafeiís Mask, when going to get the coupleís mask.

Keaton Mask, when you see a Keaton

Postmanís Hat, when looking in postboxes.

Coupleís Mask, when talking to the mayor.

Captainís Mask, when talking to a stalchild (skeleton).

Gibdoís Mask, when in front of a Gibdo (Mummy).

Giantís Mask, When fighting the Stone Tower boss.

Fierce Deityís Mask, When fighting Majora