Walkthrough for attacks for Kirby GBA

Hi this is David and I am going to tell u the different attacks for Kirby and the 
Amazing Mirror.

Cupid- shoots arrows if you press B.

sword-if you press up B at the same time Kirby does cutter. If you repeately press B 
he cuts furiosly. If you press B He will just swing the sword.

Cutter- Press B and move the control pad up or down.

Ice- press abd hold B and kirby will blow ice out to freeze enemies.

Bomb press B and he will take out a bomb press B again to throw it.

Wheel- Press B and he will turn into a wheel and destroy all in it's path.

Throw-Press B and he will suck up an enemy press B and move the control pad and he 
will throw it in that direction.

Stone-press B to turn into a rock do it on a slope and he will desroy all in his way.

fire-Press B and move the control pad to make the fire go up and down and left to 

Laser-press B to fire a laser beam.

Burning-press B to turn into an meteor.

Fighter-press b and move the control pad and he will punch and kick.

Smash- has all the B attacks from Super Smash Bros. Melee.

hammer-Press B and move the control pad.

Beam- press B and he uses a beam to desroy enemies.

Missle- Press B to turn into a missle and you will turn back to Kirby if you hit an 
enemy or wall.

Parosol- You can float down and if you press B you will spray water.

Spark-Press B to spark and hurt people.

Tornado- Press and hold B you will turn into a Tornado and fly up

Magic- Press B and a spinner comes up and whatever it stops on it will happen but 
you can only use it once.

Cook- Press B and all monsters will turn into food Can only be used once.