Boss Beating Tactics GBA

Megaman Boss Beating Tactics:
All you need to know about the bosses. (Some of these moves are not going to kill 
the boss noted in two turns, but I assure you they are the weak points.)

Table of contents:
I. Megaman
II. Megaman II
III. Megaman III
IV. Megaman IV
V. Megaman V
VI. Megaman VI
VII. Megaman VII
VIII. Megaman 8
IX. Megaman the power battle
X. Megaman 2 the power fighters
XI. Contact Info

I. Megaman:
Cutman: use Gutsman's Super Arm.
Gutsman: use Bombman's bomb.
Iceman: use Elecman's Tri-Thunder.
Bombman: use Fireman's flame.
Fireman: use Iceman's Ice Blitz.
Elecman: use Cutman's Rolling Cutter.

II. Megaman II:
Metalman: use Quickman's Quick Boomerang
Airman: use Woodman's Leaf Shield
Bubbleman: use Metalman's Metal Blade
Quickman: use Flashman's Flash Freeze
Crashman: use Airman's Air Shooter
Flashman: use Crashman's Crash Bomb
Heatman: use Bubbleman's Bubble Lead
Woodman: use Heatman's Atomic Fire

III. Megaman III:
Needleman: use the Gemini Laser
Magnetman: use the Spark Shock
Geminiman: use the Search Snake
Hardman: use the Magnet Missle
Topman: use the Hard Knuckle
Snakeman: use the Needle Cannon
Sparkman: use the Shadow Blade
Shadowman: use the Top Spin (jump, then use the A button to attack)

IV. Megaman IV:
Brightman: use Toadman's Rain Flush
Pharoahman: use Brightman's Flash Stopper (When stopped, hold down Y when you are 
attacking Pharoahman. If you do so continuously, his energy will drain.
Drillman: use Diveman's Dive Missile
Ringman: use Pharoahman's Pharoah Shot
Toadman: use Drillman's Drill Bomb
Dustman: use Ringman's Ring Boomerang
Diveman: use Skullman's Skull Barrier
Skullman: use Dustman's Dust Crusher

V. Megaman V:
Gravityman: use the Star Crush
Waveman: use the Charge Kick
Stoneman: use the Napalm Bomb
Gyroman: use the Gravity Hold
Starman: use the Water Wave
Chargeman: use the Power Store
Napalmman: use the Crystal Eye
Crystalman: use the Gyro Attack

VI. Megaman VI:
Blizzardman: use the Flame Pillar
Centaurman: use the Knight Clash
Flameman: use the Wind Tornado
Knightman: use the Yamato Spear
Plantman: use the Blizzard Attack
Tomahawkman: use the Plant Barrier
Windman: use the Centaur Flash
Yamatoman: use the Silver Tomahawk

VII. Megaman VII:
Freezeman: use Junkman's Junk Shield
Junkman: use Cloudman's Thunder Bolt
Burstman: use Turboman's Flame Wheel
Cloudman: use Burstman's Danger Wrap
Springman: use Slashman's Slash Claw
Slashman: use Freezeman's Freeze Cracker
Shademan: use Springman's Wild Coil
Turboman: use Shademan's Noise Crush
Bass doesn't like the Thunder Bolt

VIII. Megaman 8:
Sorry, the bosses have no weaknesses. Just learn their attack patterns and hit them 
with as many charge shots as you can.

IX. Megaman the Power Fighters:
Once again, I'm sorry but these guys have no weaknesses either. Hit them with 
charge shots and know the attack patterns of the bosses.

X. Megaman 2 the Power Fighters

Search for Wily:
Shadowman: use the Centaur Arrow
Bubbleman: use the Shadow Blade
Heatman: use the Bubble Lead
Plantman: use the Atomic Fire
Gyroman: use the Plant Barrier
Centaurman: use the Gyro Attack

Rescue Roll:
Cutman: use the Slash Claw
Stoneman: use the Crush Noise
Shademan: use the Rolling Cutter
Elecman: use the Power Stone
Diveman: use the Tri-Thunder
Slashman: use the Dive Missle

Find the missing parts:
Gutsman: use the Napalm Bomb
Pharoahman: use the Quick Boomerang
Airman: use the Super Arm
Quickman: use the Air Shooter
Geminiman: use the Pharoah Wave (use only when he is one Geminiman)
Napalmman: use the Gemini Laser

XI. Contact Info:
If you have any questions or comments, please email me at
(Note: the O's after bowser are both zeros.)