Barcelona Gaps GBA

Air Gaps
Lizard Spine One-To the lower left of the lizard statue
Lizard Spine Two-To the upper right of the lizard statue
Lizard Spine Three-To the lower right of the lizard statue
Lizard Spine Four-To the upper right of the lizard statue
Albercas Transfer-Spine Transfer from one of the two pools in the
area to the left of the road to the other
Risa Carissa-Spine Transfer the red QPs in front of the lizard statue
Lip Gaps
Train Delayed-Bust a liptrick on the high ledge of the building to the right
of the road at the end of the road
Grind Gaps
Bancas Grind Hop-Grind hop the two green benches on to the left of the road
Lizard Hop-Grind hop from the orange forked low rail on the upper ledge
down to the lizard's tail
Pool Party-Grind hop from the U-shaped pool to the circular one
(Where you can find the Albercas Transfer)
Buoy Line-Grind the rope that leads out over the water to the other end of the 
(The rope starts out by the blue handrailed waterfront.Grind hop to it from the
Blue handrail)
Fountain Grind-Grind the long ledge on the light blue tiled fountain to the right
of where you start
Lizard Pool-Grind one of the two ledges that supports the lizard(Near his feet)
Que Pasa Aaron J-Grind the red handrail in the area with blue handrails
Trashcan One-Between the two green benches near the Albercas pools
Trashcan Two-In front of the red and white ledges
Trashcan Three-To the right of where you start(Below the fountain)
Trashcan Four-To the upper right of the "Train Delayed" Gap
Waterfront Rail-Grind the long red handrail at the waterfront
No Diving-Grind the long blue handrail at the waterfront
Dos Bancas-Grind hop the benches near the "Trashcan One" Gap
Pared Verde-Wallie up the green wall and grind it(By the Abercas pools)
Chiquito Grind-Grind the long pipe to the immediate left of where you start
Viva Barcelona-Grind one of the three ledges below the 4th trashcan
Muy Facil-Grind the lowest ledge opposite of the "Viva Barcelona" Gap
Muy Bueno-Grind hop the two yellow barriers near the "Train Delayed" Gap
Techo Grande-Grind the pool above the 4th trashcan
Adelita the Cat-Grind hop from the slanted rail to the handrail by the lowered
QP (to the right of where you start)
Grind Hoppin'-Grind hop the three QPs behind the lizard
Manual Gaps
Lizard Ramp-Manual down the slope with the lizard on it
Norte Manual-Manual the "stairs" to the left of the fountain
Sur Manual-Manual the other "stairs" to the right of the fountain
Sooooooo...Barcelona gave me Arthritis!