Pokemon Contests: Pokeblocks and Conditions GBA

I Rock                  Last Updated: 9/6/06           version 1.0
                  Pokemon Contests: Poke Blocks and Conditions.
  1.Pokemon contests.  Located in Lilycove Pokemon contests are where you use the 
beauty, coolness, cuteness, smartness, and toughness of your Pokemonís attacks to 
win.  There are 5 categories.  4 ranks.  In Pokemon contests there are is two 
rounds: primary and secondary.  To participate in Pokemon contest talk to the lady 
behind the counter on the left and choose your Pokemon category and then rank.  If 
you win you get a ribbon and are aloud to use that Pokemon in the next rank up.  
The ranks are (in this order) normal, super, hyper, master. If you get first in 
master you get the winning Pokemonís picture put up in the museum by the museum 
curator once heís shown you the basement.
  2.First lets talk about conditions.  The higher your Pokemonís condition is, the 
more votes you will get, the more votes you get the easier it will be to come in 
first in the contest.  To raise your Pokemonís condition first get a poke block 
case, which you get by talking to the lady behind the counter on the left. Then go 
to a berry mixing machine or connect with friends to mix berries. To mix berries 
first select which berry you want to use ( beauty-sour, smart-bitter, cool-spicy, 
cute-sweet, tough-???).  When the arrow touches yours press the a button ( exact: 
circle inside circle,  close: circle  miss;  X).  The lower the smoothness and 
level the better. Watch out which poke block you use cause you can only use a 
limited amount on each Pokemon.  To check your Pokemonís condition press the  start 
button, pokenav, condition, party or pc ( depending on where the Pokemon is ) then 
select the Pokemonís name.  To higher a Pokemonís condition feed it an 
appropriately colored poke block.  The larger the shape the higher the condition 
for the category.  If your Pokemonís condition is high go to the Pokemon fan club 
in Slateport and talk to the head.  He will give you (a) scarf(s) for the Pokemonís 
high condition(s).  The scarf will help the Pokemon holding it if that Pokemon is 
participating in that contest. 
   3.Now that your Pokemonís conditions are heightened go out and win that 
contest!!!  Good luck!!!  Thank you for reading my guide!  Up next: something by 
Copyright KVD.