How to Duplicate Pokemon GBA

How to Duplicate Pokemon
By: Pokemon #1 Fan


To all of my fans out there, I'm sorry, it's been a long while (about 5 months 
actually), but I'm back!!! I recently found out how to duplicate Pokemon. I 
might have already made something like this the other day, so please still put 
yes if you like it. Thank you.

Okay back to business. In this FAQ, I will tell you step by step on how to 
duplicate any of your pokemon at up to 6 at a time without screwing up your 
game. It will stay exactly the same, except for the same pokemon with the same 
stats and same moves and same held item and same nature and YADA YADA YADA!! 

Follow the following instructions:

1) Head to the Battle Frontier. Once you get there, go to the Battle Tower.
2) Once you're in there head straight towards the PC
3) Put all of your Pokemon you want to duplicate inside the PC and turn it off
4) Save your progress and nothing else
5) Now add all of your Pokemon you want to duplicate into your inventory (yes, 
   yes, it can be up to 6, I've told you already)
6) Talk to the receptionist (or lady) closest to the PC and you and pick 2 
   Pokemon to enter
7) When it says, "Would you like to save?" turn off your Gameboy or DS. You 
   don't need to be fast
8) Turn on your Gameboy or DS and look in your inventory. Notice how your 
   Pokemon is inside there. Now head to the PC and look in the box. You'll also
   find the same Pokemon

Well done, old chap! You've just completed the instructions and duplicated 
some of your Pokemon! You can pat yourself on the back now.

I don't know when I'll make my next FAQ, fans of mine, but keep checking the 
FAQs and be sure to look for my next one! It won't be long!!