Mystery Dungeon Walkthrough ( Part 1 ) GBA

Hello, And Welcome To My Walkthrough! I'm A Beginner At This, So Just To Let 
You Know...


Let's Get To The Actual Game.

Now, Whoever You Are In The Beginning_PICK IT! Like, Out Of All The Times I 
Tried, I NEVER Got Eevee. Just Admit Who You Are. Give Yourself A Good Name 
Because You Can't Change It. Make Sure To Choose A Good Partner. Like... A Fire-
Type And A Water-Type. Can Anything Defeat Both Of Them? Maybe, Maybe Not...  
ONE MORE THING. You Can't Evolve Until You Beat The Game. I Know. It Stinks_BIG 

Tiny Woods:
After You Hear The Introduction From Your Partner, You Hear A Butterfree Crying 
For Help. She Says Her Caterpie's Trapped In A Hole And Evil Pokemon Attacked 
Her. Man, Butterfrees Must Be WIMPS. This Is Easy If You Use Your Head. Use 
Items Wisely & DON'T Waste Your Moves. If You Get Hungy, You BETTER Eat An 
Apple Or Something. If You Don't, You Could Die ( Faint )! At B3F Caterpie Is 
Found. Butterfree Pays You Well, Your Partner Gives You Some Surprises, And 
Caterpie Is One Of Your Many Friends-For-Life. Being A Pokemon May Not Be So 
Bad After All...

Pokemon Square:
You Are Just Introduced To This Cool Place And Its Shops. 2 Things Are Not Done 
Yet, Though, The Makuhita Dojo, And The Wigglytuff Shop. There Are Explained 
Later In The Game.

Thunderwave Cave:
BZZ BZZ BZZZ. It's Not A Beedrill, It's 2 Magnemites.  This Dungeon Is A Little 
Harder With B6F As It's Ending. By The Way, If You Ever Wonder Why The Story 
Isn't Going On, Just Do Some Rescue Jobs.

Mt. Steel:
The Music For This Place ROCKS. But, Helping A Dugtrio Save A Diglett On A 9F 
Dungeon Does Not Rock. Especially When You Must Face A Skarmory. Remember: 
Always Bring Food & Other Items With You In Any Dungeon.

Your First Boss! Somebody Get A Camera! This Is Just Like Any Other Battle 
Except The Boss Is Tougher ( Duh ) And There's Only One ( Usually ). Water And 
Fire-Types Have A Good Advantage. Also, For A Boss Battle, ALWAYS Use Your 
Moves ( This Is Why You Save Up ). Then, Skarmory Calms Down. The Magnemite 
From Before Help You Get Diglett.

Team Base:
Gengar Reveals His Ugly Face To Try And Add Caterpie To His Team. But, To Win 
The " Bet ", You Must Go Through The Sinister Woods. If I Were You, ( Or A 
Water-Type ), I'd Train At The Newest Place In The Square!

Pokemon Square:
OK. The Makuhita Dojo Is South. All The Mazes Are B3F Mazes And Are Just Like 
Dungeons With 3-Pokemon Bosses. Try & Do Every Maze_ Yet. Ready To Smack 

Sinister Woods:
This Dungeon Is A Whopping B13F Untill You Find Metapod. Then, You Battle 
Gengar, Medacham, And Ekans.

Team Meanies:
You Better Show Off NOW. This Is The Only Time You Can Battle These Three. Now, 

I'll Be Writing Agaiin Soon!! Maybe Tomorrow We Can Meet Jumplpuff? Who Knows?!