5 Easy Ways To be Fast/Slow N64

5 Easy Ways To Gain Speed

1.	Collect Bananas.
2.	Put in OFFROAD in magic codes
3.	Put in ROCKETFUEL in magic codes
4.	Let go of  A  as you get to a zipper and dont press  A  until the 
smoke goes away
5.	Avoid bumpy Road

5 Easy Ways To Lose Speed

1.	Press  B
2.	Dont press  A
3.	Dont use speed boost balloons
4.	Get shot by miscles
5.	Get hurt by a green balloon


Well I made this FAQ so I guess me myself and I
And I said My next FAQ would be for Lego Racers (PC) but this is a small FAQ in 
between just for fun but I swear I will have Lego racers done by Christmas 2004

 king kid 2004

------king kid------