Guns and their power! N64

This FAQ is all about guns and their power, lets review!!!

kick: the weakest weapon, takes alot of hits to kill the monsters.

pistol: a normal pistol sometimes takes alot of bullets to kill monsters, it becomes 
deadly with dum dums!

shotgun: a good boomstick, kills fast, its gets worse for the monsters when you have 
explosive shells.

Submachine guns: two guns that will waste any monster, exept bosses!

Grenade launcher: Well, what can i say! its a gut blowing grenade launcher!

pipe bombs: throw'em, push a button, watch guts fly!

shrinker: mak'em tiny, then SQUISH them!

expander: mak'em so big they explode!!

Rocket Launcher: blow just about every thing to pieces.

Laser tripbomb: set it, monster comes, crosses tripbomb, explosion, no more monster!

plasma cannon: Few shots and monster plasma chemicaly. dissapears.