Hidden Secrets N64

There are 4 hidden characters in Super Smash Brothers. They are Luigi, Ness,
Captain Falcon, and Jigglypuff. Here is how to unlock them.


finish bonus 1 practice with all of the initially available characters, then
defeat him to unlock him.


Finish 1-player mode with any character.

Captain Falcon:

Finish 1-player mode in under 5 minutes.


This one's a toughie.  You have to finish 1-player mode on normal difficulty
with 3 lives and no continues. then defeat him.

Mushroom Kingdom stage:

Finish 1-player mode with all 8 initially available characters.

Careful the pirahna plants bite!  But the really cool thing is that you can go
down the warp pipes!!

Item Switch:
I' actually not sure, but I think you have to play a certain number of VS.
matches. How many, i don't know. Just keep playing VS. matches until you see a
message telling you that you can access the Item Switch.

There are probably more secrets to be found, I just havent found them yet.