Biggoron's Sword N64

1.) Talk to the Cukko lady in Kakariko village as an adult. She will give you an 
egg. Let the egg hatch overnight and give it back to her. She will give you a blue 
cukko in place of it. 

2.) Take the blue cukko to the Lost Woods. Take the first left and find the weird 
guy sitting next to the tree.

3.) Take the weird mushroom to the potion shop.

4.) Go back to the lost woods and give the potion to the lady where the weird guy 
was. She will give you the poacher saw in place of the potion.

5.) Give the poacherís saw to the carpenter at Gerudo Valley. He will give you a 
broken sword in place of it.

6.) Go to the top of Death Mountain and give the broken sword to the Goron. He canít 
see too well because of the recent volcano eruptions. Heíll give you his 
prescription to fill his eye drops.

7.) Take the Big Goronís prescription to King Zora. He will give you the frog 

8.) Run to Lake Hylia and give the eyeballs to the scientist at the Lake laboratory.

9.) Take the eye drops to the Big Goron as fast as you can. Wait three days and get 
the Biggoron Sword.