Sell All Masks/Get The Biggoron Sword N64

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Sell All The Masks
Get The Biggoron Sword

-Sell All The Happy Mask Shop Masks(Child Link)
Keaton Mask:
The guard in Kakariko Village (the one near the entrance to Death Mountain) will 
want the Keaton Mask for his son. Sell it to him for 15 rupees. Go back to the 
Happy Mask Shop and pay up the rupees. The owner will now rent you the Skull Mask.
Skull Mask:
The Skull Kid in the Lost Woods will want this mask. He will pay you less money 
than the mask is worth. Go back to the Happy Mask Shop and pay up the rupees. The 
owner will now rent you the Spooky Mask.
Spooky Mask:
Go to the graveyard in Kakariko Village during the day. A boy will be walking 
around pretending he is Dampe' the gravekeeper. He will buy the mask from you for 
30 rupees. Go back to the Happy Mask Shop and pay up the rupees. The owner will now 
rent you the Bunny Hood.
Bunny Hood:
Make sure you have the Giant's Wallet and go behind Lon Lon Ranch. Sit there and 
eventually a man running around Hyrule Field will apear. Follow him until he stops 
for a break. He will pay as many rupees as you can hold for the Bunny Hood. Sell it 
to him and head back to the Happy Mask Shop.
The owner will rent you the Mask Of Truth and will also allow you to rent any other 
mask in stock.
Other Masks:
After selling all your masks, you will be able to rent the Goron Mask, the Zora 
Mask, and the Gerudo Mask.
-Get The Biggoron Sword(Adult Link)
Go to the Cucco lady in Kakariko Village. She will give you a pocket Cucco to take 
care of. Wait until morning for it to hatch. Then take it to the house near the 
stairs that lead to the potion shop. Inside will be Malon. Of course, he is asleep! 
Go near him, take out the pocket Cucco, and viola! Malon awakens! Now, take the 
happy Cucco back to the lady. She will give you Cojiro, her brother's old chicken. 
Take it to her brother in the Lost Woods. He will be slumping by a tree stump. Give 
him Cojiro and he will give you a mushroom. Go back to Kakariko Village and go 
through the potion shop and go to the old hag. But remember, you only have 3 
minutes to get to her. Talk to the old hag and she will give you some medicine to 
give to the same guy in the forest. Go back to the stump and in the boy's place is 
a Kokiri girl. Give her the medicine and she will give you a saw. Take this saw to 
the carpenter in Gerudo Valley. All he can give you is a broken Goron Sword. Take 
the sword to the giant Biggoron on top of Death Mountain. He will give you a 
prescription to take to King Zora. He will give you a frog. Take the frog to the 
Professor at Lake Hylia. He will give you the Eye Drops. Run back to the Biggoron 
and he will give you a claim check for a sword. Come back in three days and pick up 
the Biggoron Sword.
The Biggoron Sword requires two hands so you cannot use your shield with it, but it 
is way more powerful.