Moves The Legendary Cresselia Can Learn DS

Hello The Only Real Cresselia here and this is my VERY first FAQ. Please enjoy!

Notes: S-Special

LV.    ATTACK            CAT      TYPE       CONTEST
01    Confusion           S        Psy        Smart
01    Double Team         O        Nrm        Cool
11    Safeguard           O        Nrm        Beauty
20    Mist                O        Ice        Beauty
29    Aurora Beam         S        Psy        Beauty
38    Future Sight        S        Psy        Smart
47    Slash               P        Nrm        Cool
57    Moonlight           O        Nrm        Beauty
66    Psycho Cut          P        Psy        Cool
75    Psycho Shift        O        Psy        Cool
84    Lunar Dance         O        Psy        Beauty
93    Psychic             S        Psy        Smart