MC Captures DS

Pokemon ranger
Capture Secrets
      1. Leader pokemon
      2. Records and how to beat them.
3. Secrets
Well this is a short and sweet guide. And some things may not be complete.

1.	The leader pokemon can only be captured by breaking the records at the 
capture arena. They are:
Skarmory: This pokemon is Elitas pokemon and can only be captured in the 
capture plains.
Fearow: This Can only be captured at the Capture arena and you have to beat 
Spencerís record of 50,000 points.
Peliper: You have to beat Camorens record of 3,500 Points. It can be captured 
in the safari sea
Dodrio: You have to beat Joelís record of 5,000 points. It can be captured at 
the Capture plains.

2.Records and how to beat them
Capture plains: Capture Skarmory, a Torchic, and the Tauros heard.
Capture Arena: I have not beat this yet.
Safari Sea: You must capture weaker pokemon and stronger pokemon will appear.

3. Secret
If you Capture 2 Seadras a Kingdra will appear. If you capture 2 Goldeens a 
seaking will appear. If you capture 2 Seakings a wailmer will appear. If You 
capture 2 reimods a octillory will appear. If you capture 2 occtillory a 
mantine will appear.

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