How to raise your Pokemon's friendship DS

How do you raise your Pokemon's friendship??????????? Here's how :             
#1- Put it in your party and walk around    The SIMPLEST way to raise their 
frindship.  the longer they're with you, the more it's friendship will grow.   
#2- Use stst-raising items     The stat-raising items are : Protein, Iron, 
Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, and HP Up.  They cost 9,800 EACH at both Dept. Stores 
which are in Goldenrond City in Johto and Celdon City in Kanto.                
#3- Have your Pokemon groomed     You can get your Pokemon groomed at 2 
different places 1 in Kanto and 1 in Johto.  The one in Kanto is in Pallet 
Town. Blue's Sister can groom your Pokemon for FREE BETWEEN 3P.M. and 4P.M.    
The one in Johto is in Goldenrod City in the Underground Tunnel      There are 
TWO stylists the stylists are there on Tues., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., and Sun.  
#4- Catch it in a special Poke Ball     You can catch Pokemon in a Friend Ball 
and a Luxury Ball which will both raise it's friendship a little faster than 
#5- Take it for a stroll on the Pokewalker     Every step you take with the 
Pokemon on the Pokewalker, it's friendship will rise a little bit