Moves and Stats for characters, plus tips DS

Welcome to my Character guide.  These controls are assuming you using Standard
Mode for controlling your character. I will tell you the moves and stats for
each character. In addition, I'll give a tip for one move per character.
When you see the following icon: [!] 
That means i'll give you a hint on how to use this move effectively.
Good luck!

Yoshi's moves and stats:

Eat: Press A to stick out your tongue
[!]tip: Yoshi can't punch, so you'll need to find a cap for that.
Press R to lay an egg or A to spit your meal out.
Breathe fire: Press A while the Power Flower is in effect.
Throw eggs: Press A while you have an egg.
[!] Tip: the egg can bounce off up to 3 enemies before it breaks

Mario's moves and stats:

Wall jump:Jump at a wall and press B while sliding down.
Balloon:Float by pressing A and press R to land.
Flying:Get the feather and either triple jump or shoot yourself
out of a cannon to take off. Press R to land.

[!]Tip: While flying, the controls are like those of an airplane.

[!]Tip: while flying, up on the d-pad puts you in a dive and down can pull you
out of a dive. Use this to gain height.

Luigi's moves and stats:

Heli Backflip:Press R to crouch and B to backflip

[!]Tip:Use the heli backflip to make platforming so much easier.

Wario's moves and stats:

Wario Whack:Press A
[!]Tip: Only the Wario Whack can break the giant black brick blocks.
Swing and Fling:(note:you can only use this move in VS mode)
Press A to grab, swivel the + Control pad and press A to throw.

Good luck, save the princess!