How To Beat Mashtooth DS

                           Beat Mashtooth
 Regular Mashtooth:
  When Mashtooth  is in regular form wait till he has ran into the wall when he 
bounces back hit him with a regular star spin and when he get back on his feet 
use the comet move. Repeat This over and over.

  Mega Mashtooth:
    When Mashtooth is close to the screen hit his back with star spin so you 
don’t get hit by lighting. When he is far away use star spin to hit the comets 
back at him. Keep reusing these methods.

   Planet Hurling: 
      The first Planet is easy  ,just hit Y as fast as you can.  The Second and 
Last Is The hardest.  Tap Y button as fast as you can and to take breaks press 
start so you can rest and not get tired.

                          THE END