5 Tips PC

Dan P.
[email protected]
Gizmos & Gadgets

1.) If you're playing with chimps and you get a good part then quickly go to the 
green tube. The chimps might take away your vehicle part, but if you go up the 
green tube and put it on your vehicle then the chimps can't take it from you.

2.) One important thing to know is to not do all level 1s and then all the 2s. It's 
easier if you do it one building at a time.

3.) If you're playing with chimps remember to get lots of bannanas.

4.) Do all types of puzzles. If you do only the puzzles you like then when it gets 
to the end you'll be stuck doing all the puzzles you hate and that really sucks.

5.) One thing that makes this game so much easier is reading the blueprints. 
Then you know which vehicle parts to get.