FAQ/Full Walkthrough PC

Martian Gothic: Unification
Developer - Creative Reality
FAQ ~ Full Walkthrough

Platform: Playstation 1
Author: Shock
Contact Info: [email protected]
Current Version ~ 1.0
Released: (12-02-01)
Copyright 2001, All Rights Reserved

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Enjoy the FAQ.

Table of Contents:

  I. Intro
 II. Controls
III. PC vs. Playstation
 IV. Prolog
  V. Walkthrough

     1.01 Ė Welcome to Vita Base       1.21 Ė Mai Linís Quarters (Kenzo)
     1.02 Ė Base Directorís Quarters   1.22 Ė Necropolis Elevator
     1.03 Ė The Gymnasium              1.23 Ė Bio Lab (Back)
     1.04 Ė The Washroom               1.24 Ė Mai Linís Quarters (Matlock)
     1.05 Ė Rec Room                   1.25 Ė Project Directorís Room
     1.06 Ė The Study                  1.26 Ė The Kremlin
     1.07 Ė The Arboretum              1.27 Ė Airlock #2
     1.08 Ė Chem Lab                   1.28 Ė Dormitory Ė The Psionarra
     1.09 Ė MED Lab                    1.29 Ė Enter the Necropolis
     1.10 Ė Air Recycling Center       1.30 Ė Necropolis Elevator (Revisit)
     1.11 Ė MOOD                       1.31 Ė The Pit Chamber
     1.12 Ė Power Core                 1.32 Ė Arena Site
     1.13 Ė Dorm #1                    1.33 Ė The Obelisk
     1.14 Ė Shuttle Bay                1.34 Ė Obelisk Puzzle
     1.15 Ė The Kitchen                1.35 Ė The North Chamber
     1.16 Ė Dorm #2                    1.36 Ė Altar Puzzle
     1.17 Ė The Dormitory Area         1.37 Ė Arkham Dorm
     1.18 Ė Dorm #3                    1.38 Ė Whittaker's Grave
     1.19 Ė Geo Lab                    1.39 - Search for a Cure
     1.20 Ė Bio Lab (Front)            1.40 - Final Mission

 VI. Extras
VII. Special Thanks (Credits)


I. Intro:

"Stay Alone, Stay Alive". This was the final transmition sent from Vita Base
almost 10 months ago. Thereís been continuous radio silence ever since.
Earth Control has sent a 3 man team to investigate and determine the fate of
their lost Vita colony. What dark secrets lie beneath the frozen Martian
surface? And what has become of Vita Baseís 58 man crew: Mutiny? A bacterial
outbreak? Or perhaps something far, far worse...

A deadly game is about to begin. Something very old and very deadly has

Martian Gothic Unification is a sci-fi thriller that gets its roots from
classic titles like Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, and Day of the
Tentacle. However MG focuses a bit more on the puzzle aspect of these games.
Thereís still plenty of action in Martian Gothic but weapons will only get
you so far. Strategy will get you a lot further than firepower but in the
end youíll need plenty of both to survive. As you explore Vita Base youíll
be controlling up to 3 characters simultaneously. Teamwork will be


II. Controls:

The controls are pretty much your standard Resident Evil configuration so
Iím not going to go into too much detail here. There are a few minor
differences though.

Select button:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Switch characters.
Start button:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Inventory.
X button:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Interact/Action, Shoot.
O button:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Run.
Square button:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kick.
Triangle button:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Exit/Go Back a Screen.
O + X (repeatedly):~~~~~~~~~~~Break zombies hold (Press buttons rapidly).
R1 button:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Draw Weapon/Enter combat mode.
R1 + X:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Draw, Fire weapon.
R1 + Triangle:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Aim down, Fire weapon.


III. PC vs. Playstation:

The two versions play out pretty much the same. There are no major story
changes and all the codes/puzzles are the same. Iíve got to admit that this
is probably one of the better ported games Iíve played on the PS1. Itís good
to see that Creative Reality took their time and got it right. There are a
few minor differences between the 2 versions though.

1) PS1 version gives you 12 saves per computer. PC you only got 2-5 before
the patch. You'll also find health and ammo in larger amounts on the PS1.

2) The Trimorph AI seems better on the PC.

3) Some puzzles/rooms have been improved on PS1 (Kremlin, Altar, zombie in
orange room). Others have been slightly altered for the PS1 (Obelisk).

4) The 3rd breed of Extrude appears to have been removed from the PS1
version (no paralysis). The 4th radio for Ben Gunn also seems to be missing.

5) Nothing else really worth mentioning.


IV. Prolog:

In Martian Gothic thereís really no set way of doing things. Youíll be able
to perform many tasks in several different orders. I've decided to exclude
numeric codes from this document but I will tell you where you can find
them. I'll try to keep the backtracking to a minimum but with the
substantial amount of items youíll be finding itís almost inevitable.
Thereís obviously going to be some spoilers in this next section so consider
yourself warned.


V. Walkthrough:


1.01 - Welcome to Vita Base

Your ship crash-lands and the party makes their way to Vita base. Upon
arrival the group splits up and each member enters through a different
airlock. The team has been given very little in terms of information and
supplies. Your only briefing was a mysterious warning, "Stay alone and stay
alive". If only it were that simple.

Each team member has a unique talent. Martin Karne is the leader of the
group. As the story unfolds youíll learn that Karne has actually taken this
mission for more "personal" reasons. Kenzo Uji is the infamous infomesher;
the computer expert of the team. And finally thereís Diane Matlock, the
medical/science expert who accompanies the team in the event of a biohazard.
Take a few moments to get a feel for the controls and then itís time to head

Youíll start off with Karne in Airlock #1. If you examine the spacesuit
youíll see that the tanks are empty. Youíre basically trapped on Vita Base
for the time being. Search the helmet and youíll find a radio inside.
Thereís also an empty locker in this room so you can use this opportunity to
dump off your luxury items (Silver bullet and candy wrapper). Once youíve
finished checking out the helmet and the locker, switch to Kenzo and Matlock
and do the same thing. All 3 airlocks have suits with radios and Matlockís
room even has a locker with a Piccolo gun and some ammo (Sweet!). Feel free
to dump off their luxury items as well (Lipstick, contact, nicotine patch,
pictures, game book, -just eat the Satsuma). When all 3 characters have
their radios use one and theyíll carry out a little conversation. After
Karne gives them a little pep talk, walk through the main door and into the
decontamination room. If youíre using Karne or Matlock you wonít get very
far. Airlocks #1 and #3 are sealed and youíll have to bypass them by
computer. That just leaves Kenzo so go through the little decontamination
sequence and exit Airlock #4.

Youíll start off on Madison Avenue. To the south (refer to map) is the
dormitory area but you canít go there yet because the bulkheads are down. So
head north instead and go through the door. In the next room youíll meet
your very first member of Vita Base; unfortunately it appears that heís been
dead for quite some time now. Youíll find another corpse further down the
hall. Search the body and youíll find an orange tag and a micro-recorder.
Listen to the recorder and youíll discover that this is the body of Antonio
Felicci; base director of Vita Base. Felicci sounds demoralized in his
message as he talks about "floating men", gunfire, and other craziness. Not
a lot of questions answered here so head east on Boulevard St. Michel and
go through the next door.

Youíre path will be obstructed by the floating man that Felicci was
referring to. Donít worry he canít harm you. Thereís also an empty hatch to
your left (great for storage). That leaves the one door to your right so
open it with the orange tag and enter Felicciís bedroom.

1.02 - Base Directorís Quarters:

*LOCATION: Orange Door, Boulevard St. Michel
*ITEMS: Piccolo ammo, Computer, Vac-tube, Silver bell (later).

You can search the body on the bed for some ammo. Thereís a locked drawer in
this room but you wonít be able to open it yet so go over to the computer
and login. When you try to use the computer it asks for voice authorization.
Use Felicciís micro recorder with the computer (to simulate his voice) and
youíll be greeted by an emergency transmition from Judith Harroway; Project
Director of Vita Base.

The message is distorted but you can tell sheís pretty livid; talking about
"opening Pandoraís box", "people clumping together", and more of this "Stay
alone, stay alive" stuff. The message ends and youíll receive your first
password: PANDORA. Feel free to browse through the files if you want.
Nothing vital but it adds to the story. When youíre tired of reading go to
the Martian Mayhem option and save your game; youíll see why in just a
second. Go to the Doors menu and release the locks. Karneís door will open
but Matlockís door remains locked and needs a pass code. Before you can do
anything else the girl on the bed sits up and starts coming after you. You
donít have any weapons yet so you canít fight her. Your only option is to
get out of the room fast.

**(SIDE NOTE)** This part used to be extremely frustrating on the PC version
but theyíve made some improvements. If she grabs you rapidly start pressing
the O and X buttons and try to shake her off. You can also reload from your
previous save if you get into trouble. She wonít sit up until after you
release the doors so try to take a few back steps toward the door before
she sits up. Youíll have trouble opening the door if youíre moving so calmly
walk toward the door, stop, open it, and get out.

Once youíre outside stash the micro-recorder in the hatch, you wonít need it
anymore, and go back the way you came. Head through the door on the west
side this time and youíll find a hatch with a health boost inside. Take your
time and explore these corridors thoroughly. Youíll be running through this
area quite frequently so start getting acquainted with all the doors, bends,
and curves. There are dead bodies everywhere so search them all (one of them
has the MED key). Follow the corridors until you come to an area (Sunset
Blvd) with a vac-tube and a locked green door. Check the vac-tube and youíll
find a note from Ben Gunn. Youíre done with Kenzo for now so press Select
and switch to Karne.

Karne starts off in an area where most of his doors are locked or sealed. As
Karne starts walking down the hall heíll notice that his watch stops. If you
go to the inventory screen youíll notice that everybodyís watch has stopped.
Continue exploring the corridors and make youíre way down to Park Lane.
Youíll see another hatch on the wall near the purple room but this one
requires a pass code. Try using the 4-digit number on your watch and the
hatch should pop open revealing your first green tag.

There are 3 green doors on Vita Base (not the numbered doors). These 3 rooms
can be opened in any order but I prefer opening them like this because it
requires the least amount of backtracking. Follow Park Lane a little bit
further and Karne will come across another vac-tube. Place the Green tag in
the vac-tube and send it over to Kenzo; weíre going to open his 2 doors
first so check the map. Kenzo is already standing right next to one of the
green doors but ignore this one for now and head over to the far door. Use
the green tag and enter the Gymnasium.

1.03 - Gymnasium:

*LOCATION: Green Door, State Street
*ITEMS: Mars hopper, Belt, Notes, Bible, Green tag, Micro-recorder (Mentz).

Wow, somebody sure knows how to throw a party. Search the hanging body for a
bunch of items. The recorder describes the final moments of Dieta Mentz. It
should be pretty obvious by now that thereís something really wrong with
this place. You can examine her notes but you wonít find much -- except for
a trusty paperclip. Take a look at the Bible and youíll find a highlighted
passage and another keyword: WORMWOOD. Before you leave be sure to grab the
deflated Mars hopper on the floor and donít forget to take the belt off the
exercise bike (itís near the basketball hoop). Head back to the vac-tube
where the other green door was. Open the door with the Green tag you found
in the Gym and enter the Washroom.

1.04 - Bathroom/Washroom:

*LOCATION: Green Door, Sunset Blvd (near vac-tube)
*ITEMS: Vibro-scour, Green tag, anti-toxin, #2 Dorm tag, Notes, Pass code to
Arboretum, Tanning beds, Jamesonís Body (later).

Enter the bathroom and search the body thatís sitting on the toilet; what a
way to die. The bathroom has a couple of bad camera angles so make sure you
search this area carefully. Thereís another body on the floor that you can
use with something later on. Ignore the body for now but remember where you
found it. Just beyond the body thereís a blind corner with a set of lockers.
Open the locker and youíll see that itís loaded with items. Thereís a ton of
storage space here so I recommend freeing up some space (Bible, Micro-
recorder, and any notes you have -- write down the Arboretum #). There are
also some tanning beds in the Washroom which you can use to recharge the
Biosensors youíll be finding soon. When youíre ready head back outside and
use the vac-tube to send the Vibro-scour, paperclip, and the purple/green
tags over to Karne.

Switch to Karne and make your way toward the 3rd and final green room. Use
the Green tag on the door and enter the Recreation Room.

1.05 - Rec Room:

*LOCATION: Green Door, Inocashira Doori
*ITEMS: Pop-gun, Biosensor, Magnetic checker, Dillinger ammo, Desk key,
Green tag, Vac-tube.

Donít search the bodies just yet! Start by picking up the pop-gun and the
biosensor on the table. The pop-gun is not a weapon so you wonít be able to
hurt anything with it. There are 2 boxes in this room that you need to open.
Oneís on the table near the dartboard and the other one is on the table by
the vac-tube. Open the music box and it will start playing the song 3 Blind
Mice (How ironic). Take the key you find inside. Now go examine the other
box and youíll see that itís locked. Use the paperclip to pick the lock and
youíll receive the checker and some ammo.

Now if youíve opened all the Green rooms in the order I specified you wonít
need to search any of the bodies. You can leave the Rec Room now. The body
sitting by the movie screen has an extra Green tag but heís going to attack
you if you try to take it from him. The extra tag was put in the game to
keep you from getting stuck; doesnít matter how you opened the rooms youíll
always end up with an extra Green tag. If you still need this tag try to
stand as far away from him as possible before searching. This should give
you a couple extra seconds to get out of the room.

When youíre finished with all the Green rooms, itís time for Karne to use
his Purple tag and enter the Study.

1.06 - The Study:

*LOCATION: Purple Room, Park Lane
*ITEMS: Blue tag, Book of Egypt (Khepri), Vac-tube, Computer.

Thereís not a whole lot to do in this room. Use the drawer key that you
found in the Rec Room to open the desk. Youíll receive a Blue tag. Thereís a
dead body sitting in a chair with a book in his hand. Use the computer and
save your progress. You can now access some of the restricted files on the
computer (use your watch codes) but thereís still one file you wonít be able
to get into. Donít worry about it. Youíve got the tag and youíve saved so
itís time to head to the Arboretum. As you leave the Study youíll hear
something drop (the book) and the corpse will get up from his chair. Youíll
need to go back for the book eventually but it can wait. Just ignore him and
leave the room.

Head back toward the vac-tube but this time keep going until you reach the
door at the very end of the hallway. Enter the Arboretum code that you found
in the Wash room and go inside.

1.07 - Arboretum:

*LOCATION: End of Park Lane
*ITEMS: Altar note, #4 Dorm tag, Remote control, Suicide note, Piccolo ammo,
Lichens (2), Brown herbs (7), Piccolo guns (2), Blue tag, Micro-recorder
(Tierney), Weed Killer gun, Rubber gloves, Bicycle pump, Respirator mask.

Welcome to the ArborEATum. This is a large outdoor area that the colonist
used for plant experimentation and air filtration. There will likely be more
items than you can carry here so take what you can and come back for the
rest later. Thereís a lot of area to cover here so let's get started.

On the east side of the fountain youíll see a dead man sitting on a bench
way off in the distance. Run over to him and examine his body and youíll see
that he has a gun which heís clutching to like a vice. You canít get the gun
yet so search him, grab what you can, and leave. As youíre leaving heíll
decide to get up and come after you (leaving the gun behind). Zombies really
arenít much of a threat in large open areas like this so just keep moving
around until you get a decent camera view and let the zombie come closer.
When you think youíve lured the zombie far enough away simply run around him
and head back to the bench to pick up the gun. You can shoot him if youíd
like but thereís really no point. Save some ammo and just avoid him.

On the south side of the fountain youíll see a green doorway which leads to
the Air Recycling Center. Karne looks inside but the way is blocked by a
Trimorph thatís hanging from the ceiling. If you get too close the Trimorph
will grab you and eat you alive so keep your distance. ItĎs best just to
leave him alone for now.

On the west side of the fountain youíll see a zombie thatís walking near a
garden shed. Equip your gun and shoot him down. Search his body and youíll
find some really nice stuff. Make sure you grab the micro-recorder and the
gun (and the Blue tag if you have room). This micro-recorder is extremely
important because it contains the 4-digit code needed to free Matlock from
the airlock. If you examine the shed youíll see that itís padlocked and the
chains are kind of rusty (need an item). Thereís nothing more you can do
here so leave the Arboretum the same way you entered.

Once youíre back inside youíll see that Vita Base is becoming pretty lively
again. The Nondead are coming back to life and these suckers wonít stay down
for long. It takes several shots just to knock one down and theyíll get
right back up after a couple of minutes. Go back to the Study and retrieve
the book you left behind (search the area where he was sitting) and then
head back to the vac-tube and send Kenzo the extra Piccolo gun you just
found. You can also send the remote control, the checker, and both Blue tags
over to him. When youíre finished take Karne back toward the Arboretum door
but donít go through it. Weíre going to park him next to the door for now
(safe spot).

Switch to Kenzo and take the items Karne sent. Now place the MED key, the 2
Blue tags, and the belt into the vac-tube. Send the stuff out and leave it
be (These items are going to Matlock). Your next goal will be to get Matlock
out of the airlock, so make your way back to the Directorís room (orange
room). Donít shoot the floating zombie yet. Enter Felicciís room and shoot
the zombie that jumped you earlier. Now go to the computer and enter the
numeric code that you found on Tierneyís recorder. Matlock will finally be
free and all of your characters should have weapons now. Nice work. Take
Kenzo outside and leave him in the area with the floating guy (safe spot).

Matlock starts off at the Times Square intersection. To youíre west is a
body with a scarab; donít worry about the blue door for now. To the north is
a door with a cable hanging from it. The door is jammed so youíll need to
find a way to blow it open. Head to the east and check the Baker Street
storage hatch for a hacksaw. Youíll come to an intersection called
Piccadilly Circus where there are several doors. Search the body and youíll
find some items and another micro-recorder (Andreivich). Youíll learn a
little bit more about Operation Akarak and Earth Controlís role in it. Yuri
had hoped to sabotage the project before itís completion but was
unsuccessful. Use the Brown tag you just found and enter the Chem Lab.

1.08 - Chem Lab:

*LOCATION: Brown door, Piccadilly Circus
*ITEMS: Desk key, Lichen, Receptor panel, Health, Martian Rock, Flask,
Biosensor, Computer, Vac-tube, Chemical combiner.

With 3 characters youíll be using the vac-tubes a lot more frequently now.
Youíll have to start juggling items a little bit more on your own. I
recommend freeing up as much space as possible on Karne. Youíll be entering
the Recycling center soon and Karneís going to need about 6-7 open slots.
All the herbs and lichens youíve found so far can go to Matlock; she will
soon be able to convert them to health and anti-toxins. Make sure you keep
the vibro-scour in Karneís inventory. Youíll need it for Recyc.

Check the tube for the items Kenzo sent (MED key, tags, and belt) and send
the hacksaw to Karne so he can open the shed in the Arboretum. Youíll find a
Martian rock inside the vac-tube. Store the rock and the belt in the locker
for later use. Thereís a Chemical combiner in this room that can be used to
make a variety of mixtures. You can use the flask on the countertop to build
a nitroglycerine bomb for the door but you canít finish it yet because you
need a wick. As long as you're carrying the nitro in your inventory you
wonít be able to run so just leave the flask in Chem Lab for now (or store
it in the hatch outside). Thereís also a biosensor by the sink you wonít
want to miss.

**(SIDE NOTE)** When you leave Chem Lab the corpse will get up and start
following you. Walk past the storage hatch and lure the zombie down the
hallway (towards Time Square). When he canít follow you any further shoot
him down and head back to Piccadilly Circus. Nondead only stand up when you
get too close to them. If youíve lured him far enough away he wonít bother
you anymore. Youíll be able to roam Piccadilly Circus freely and youíll save
a bunch of ammo.

Use the Blue tags on the two blue doors in Piccadilly Circus. Go through the
east door and search the body for a micro-recorder (Muir), locker key, and a
Yellow tag. Now head back to the south blue door and make your way down
toward MED Lab.

1.09 - MED Lab:

*LOCATION: Carnaby Street (near Air Lock #2)
*ITEMS: Syringes (4), Blue tag, Health, Vac-tube, Computer, Chemical

The hallway is coated in blood and thereís howling noises coming from the
end of the corridor. It seems the colonists have trapped something very
large inside Airlock #2. Fortunately the control panel has been smashed so
youíre safe for the time being.

The most valuable thing in this room is the chemical extractor. You can use
it to transform herbs/lichens into health/antitoxins. Itís a handy device so
youíll definitely want to take advantage of it. Thereís also another message
from Harroway on this computer; nothing earth shattering here but it
enhances the story. Thereís an extra Blue tag inside the locker if you need
it. Ignore the syringes for now but remember where theyíre at. Thatís pretty
much it for now. Once youíre finished extracting herbs switch to Karne.

Send all your herbs to Matlock (if you havenít already) and free up some
space. Take the hacksaw and head back to the Arboretum where you saw the
storage shed with the padlock. Cut the chain with the hacksaw and go inside.
Carefully search the shelf for a small metal box. Inside this box is a pair
of gloves and a weed killer gun. Examine the spray gun and remove the empty
cartridge. Now leave the Arboretum and head back to the vac-tube.

Send the cartridge to Matlock and head back to Chem Lab. Place the cartridge
inside the Chemical combiner and fill it with Hydrochloric acid. Send the
cartridge back to Karne and load it into the spray gun. Itís time to kill a
Trimorph. Head back to the room in the Arboretum with the Trimorph and use
the spray gun on it. The Trimorph will scream out in pain and disappear up
into the ceiling. Search the shelf and take the bicycle pump and the
respirator mask before going through the door to ARC.

1.10 - Air Recycling Center:

*LOCATION: Arboretum
*ITEMS: Anti-toxin, Oily rag, Nail gun, Nail ammo, Brown herb, Computer.

Watch out for that annoying little spider creature on the floor (Extrude).
You can kick or shoot these guys but I usually try to avoid them. Search the
body for some items and then run over to the computer and login. Youíll hear
a couple of messages from Harroway (more background info). If youíre near
full health go ahead and burn a save here. Thereís no reason to come back to
Recyc again unless you run out of saves. Press the Recyc Button and the fan
will turn off. An audible message warns that you have 5 minutes left until
environmental systems failure. This will be plenty of time if you already
have the vibro-scour in your inventory.

Run to the large fan located behind the computer and Karne will climb up to
examine the filter. Use the vibro-scour to clean the dirty filter. When
youíre finished climb down and go back and use the computer again. Press the
Recyc button AGAIN to turn the fan back on: a lot of people get this far and
forget to turn the fan back on. Once the fan starts spinning again you'll
know that it's working. Leave ARC and exit the Arboretum for the LAST time
(youíre finished here).

Head back to the vac-tube. Give the oily rag to Matlock and send the yellow
tag, bike pump, respirator, and desk key to Kenzo. Use the key to open the
drawer in the Directorís quarters and take the silver bell. You should now
have everything you need to open the MOOD chamber. You can go ahead and
shoot the floating zombie now. Search his body and you will find an electric
screwdriver. Try using the screwdriver on the air duct behind him and take
the remote control car that you'll find inside. If you want you can use the
magnetic checker with the buggy and free up an inventory slot. Head to the
yellow door and enter the MOOD chamber.

**(SIDE NOTE)** The buggy is a fun little toy that has many uses. You can
use it to scout ahead and explore new hallways. You can also use it to
transfer items between characters when youíre low on ammo or just feeling
lazy. Monsters will completely ignore the buggy as it drives by. It will
also be used to solve a puzzle later on in the game so donít forget where
you parked it.

The first time you open the yellow door youíll find a crack in the wall. The
air is escaping so equip the respirator mask and place the Martian Hopper in
the hole. Now inflate the balloon with the bike pump and it will seal the
breech. Once youíve fixed this little problem you can enter the chamber and
talk to MOOD.

1.11 - MOOD Chamber:

When you first encounter MOOD she doesnít feel much like talking. She wonít
help you unless you replace the receptor panel in Power Core and give her a
power boost. You couldnít get into the Power Core earlier because the door
was jammed but now you have the necessary ingredients to make your nitro
bomb. Switch to Matlock and make a nitro solution with the flask (you may
have already done this). Take the nitro, receptor panel, oily rag, and the
lighter and head to the jammed door. Tie the oily rag to the hanging cable
and then wrap the rag around the neck of the flask. Use the lighter and RUN!
The explosion will blast the door to bits and youíll be able to enter Power

1.12 - Power Core:

*LOCATION: Times Square (North door)
*ITEMS: Health, Downing Street code, Vac-tube, Computer.

Watch out for the Extrudes that appear after the explosion. Youíll need to
use the computer to lower the large mechanical arm but first you need a
fingerprint ID. This seems impossible at first because all the colonists are
dead but Matlock gives you a little hint. Remember the body you found back
in the Washroom earlier? Switch to Kenzo and take him back to the Washroom
(Green door, Sunset). Make sure you bring the hacksaw with you. Find
Jamisonís body and cut off his hand with the hacksaw.

Place the severed hand and the screwdriver inside the vac-tube and send it
over to Matlock. Take Kenzo back to the MOOD chamber and have him wait
there. Use the hand to activate the computer and lower the generator hood.
Replace the receptor panel and go back to the computer to activate it. Once
power has been restored you can head back to Chem Lab.

After power has been restored MOOD will become much more sociable. Ask MOOD
about the bulkheads and MOOD says that she might raise the bulkheads IF you
can guess her password. Choose to talk to MOOD about the bulkheads a second
time and this time Kenzo will give her the password: PARK LANE (note from
Ben Gunn).

The bulkheads still arenít up yet. You'll need to sit in the chair and
activate the VR chamber. Youíll appear inside a house that looks just like
Kenzoís home back in Japan. You start in a closed room with a musical
instrument in the corner. Pick up and play the shamisen with the silver bell
and it will open a door outside. In the yard youíll find a large rock slab.
Examine the slab and you will see a very crude map of Vita base. Rocks
represent bulkheads and you can lift the rocks to open and close them. Raise
the rocks and the bulkheads will go up; this will completely open up Vita
Base to you. There are two other maps on this stone slab that weíre going to
use a little later.

There are many subjects that you can talk to MOOD about. MOOD is usually
pretty cryptic with her answers but she knows everything. Check back with
her periodically because new topics appear from time to time -- she also
gives out passwords for the computers. MOODís answers will vary depending on
which team member is talking to her. MOOD will be receptive to Kenzo but she
HATES Karne and wonít even give him the time of day.

Once youíve raised the bulkheads things can get pretty confusing. The game
becomes nonlinear from here on, but thereís still a standard set of goals
you must accomplish. With so many items backtracking is almost inevitable
now. Youíll also have to make sure your characters never cross paths. This
shouldnít be too much of a problem but itís worth mentioning.

Alright, the bulkheads are up so take the closest person (Matlock) and head
over to Dorm #1. Donít forget to bring the screwdriver and the locker key
with you.

1.13 - Dorm #1:

*LOCATION: Green #1, Wall Street
*ITEMS: Note (Mr. Oda), #1 Dorm tag, Dillinger ammo, Martian rock, Note
(Pickman), Health, Nails, Vac-tube.

This room is pretty straight forward. Shoot the 2 zombies and collect the
items. Use the locker key to open the locker. The 2 notes you just found
hold valuable clues to future puzzles. Iíll explain what they mean later so
just read and store them away for future reference.

Exit the hall and continue towards the end of Penny Lane. The bulkheads have
been unlocked so you can use the vac-tube on Sunset if you need to transfer
(safe spot). When youíre nearing the end youíll come across another air duct
which can be opened with your screwdriver. If you examine the duct Matlock
says she can fit inside. Whatever you do, DO NOT climb inside the vent just
yet! This vent leads to the Shuttle Bay but there is a Trimorph guarding the
spacecraft. This isnít like the one you saw earlier in the Arboretum. Itís
bigger, faster, and extremely deadly. If you try using the vent now you will
be killed instantly.

Youíre going to need some help here (might not be a bad idea to save before
you try this). Go through the door at the end of Penny Lane and you will
enter a wide hallway which ends with a large hanger door. Go ahead and
switch to Kenzo, use the MOOD chair, and go back to the rock slab. There are
2 more maps here so take a look at the one that represents Penny Lane.
Youíll see 2 rocks and a bug at the end (Bug=Trimorph). Kenzo says he canít
open either of the doors but he might be able to close one of them. Your
goal is to trap the Trimorph between the 2 rocks. The only problem is youíre
going to have to use Matlock as bait.

Switch to Matlock and hit the switch to open the first hanger door. The door
will open and reveal a second hanger door. You need to press the switch to
open the second hanger door, run as fast as you can back to the first hanger
door, and then close the first door behind you. It helps if youíre facing
the direction you want to run when you open the second door. The Trimorph
will be right behind you so be quick. If you survive the chase switch back
to Kenzo and have him lower the second door. The Trimorph will be trapped
between the 2 doors and you can now use the ventilation shaft to safely
enter the Shuttle Bay.

1.14 - Shuttle Bay:

*LOCATION: End of Penny Lane (vent)
*ITEMS: Dillinger gun, Dillinger ammo, Piccolo ammo, Welding torch,
Micro-recorders (Barton and Kerenski), Gray tag, Brown herb, Vac-tube.

The biohazard alarm sounds off, saying that there are 3 infected humans on
the base. MOOD turns off the alarm and Kenzo says heíll ask her about the
contagion. Thereís a ton of ammo here so search all the bodies. Thereís also
a welding torch (kind of hard to see) sitting on top of a red crate that you
donít want to miss. If you use the recorders you will learn that the
colonists were trying to escape but they needed at least two people to
launch the rocket. This could be a problem for your group later on but
thereís nothing you can do about it now. The colonists couldnít get enough
people together in time and that Trimorph came into the Shuttle Bay and
killed everyone. When youíre finished in the Shuttle Bay send the welding
torch over to Karne and head back to Chem Lab.

**(SIDE NOTE)** Donít open the Gray door at Piccadilly Circus until after
youíve found the 2 Martian rocks and the resonator. When you enter Geo Lab
it triggers a nasty series of events where paranormal activity starts
damaging your team members every couple minutes. Itís not life threatening
damage but it does get annoying so just wait a little longer.

Karne can now cut through the bolted door with his torch. The room is back
where you started near Airlock #1. The Extrudes have invaded the hallways so
move quickly. Cut the lock and enter the Kitchen.

1.15 - The Kitchen:

*LOCATION: Bolted door across from Airlock #1.
*ITEMS: Vac-tube, Red tag.

The cafeteria is a mess and thereís graffiti scribbled all over the walls.
There are subliminal messages hidden in the graffiti and there might even be
a couple computer passwords (hard to read on PSX). Go up to the counter and
youíll meet a strange little man named Ben Gunn. Ben is pretty nutty but
heíll answer some of your questions. Heís wearing a Red tag around his neck
but he wonít give it to you unless you bring him a Pumice stone.

Send Kenzo a Dillinger gun and take him over to Dorm #2. Bring the buggy and
the remote control if you've got the room (not mandatory, this can be done
later). After this weíre going to keep heading south, past Airlock #4, and
go after the resonator.

1.16 - Dorm #2:

*LOCATION: Green #2 Door, Madison Avenue
*ITEMS: Pumice Rock, Dillinger ammo, Piccolo ammo, Vac-tube.

Another pretty straight forward room. There are 2 zombies here but theyíre
not carrying any items so kill or avoid them. The Pumice stone is on the
shower floor at the back of the room. Thereís also a locker here that has
some ammo in it. Thatís all there is to do here. Leave and keep heading
south down Madison and into the Dormitory area.

1.17 - The Dormitory Area:

This is a dangerous area because there are a lot of zombies in a tight
space. The Dillinger gun makes things easier because it has the potential to
knock down enemies with one shot. There are some bad blind spots in this
area so be extra cautious when you search the bodies and try not to get
surrounded. When you get to Downing Street you will see a hatch on the wall.
Open it with the note you found earlier and youíll receive a Dorm #3 tag,
some ammo, and another screwdriver. Continue down Dead Manís Walk which will
lead you to Dorm #3.

1.18 - Dorm #3: (Warning: Trimorph inside!)

*LOCATION: Green #3, Dead Man's Walk
*ITEMS: Health, Anti-toxin, Nails, Nail gun, Resonator, Spectrometer,

Youíve actually got a couple of options here. Your main goal is to acquire
the resonator but youíll have to be extremely careful moving around in this
room. Thereís a Trimorph in the far corner of the room and if you get too
close he will pounce on you. Walk slowly toward KENZOís left and the camera
angle will change. You should see a vac-tube and a body on the ground.
Search the body and carefully send the resonator, screwdriver, and the
Pumice stonethrough the vac-tube (stay as far away from the tube as
possible). Make your way back toward the entrance of Dorm #3. Youíve
accomplished your primary objective.

Now if you brought the buggy, place it on the floor and get your remote
control ready. Be sure to use the magnetic checker with the car so that itís
magnetized (if you havenít already). Drive the buggy toward the Trimorph and
go right underneath it. Heís protecting a hole in the wall which has the
spectrometer inside. The magnetic checker will latch onto the spectrometer
and you can drive it back to Kenzo. If the magnet doesnít latch on after a
few tries check the buggy and make sure thereís nothing inside of it. The
spectrometer wonít be used until later so donít worry if you missed it. You
can head back to the MOOD chamber when youíre finished. Or you can...

**(SIDE NOTE)** Now if youíre feeling brave it's possible to get past this
room without killing the Trimorph. To get past the Trimorph youíll need to
make a dash for the other door. You can acquire the best weapon in the game
for Kenzo on the other side; the Psionarra. I recommend waiting until after
you get the flare gun but it IS possible to get the Psionarra at this point
in the game. I'll cover this area in more detail later on.

Give Karne the Pumice stone and send the rest of the items over to Matlock.
Karne will trade the Pumice stone for a Red tag (Ben will keep asking for
another Pumice stone but heíll set the tag on the counter so just pick it
up). Send the Red tag over to Matlock.

If you have the 2 Martian rocks and the resonator you can now go ahead and
enter Geo Lab; or you can use the Red tag and enter the Bio Lab. Doesnít
matter which room you decide to do first because weíll be doing them back to

1.19 - Geo Lab:

*LOCATION: Grey door, Piccadilly Circus
*ITEMS: Shaped rock, Martian rock, Dillinger gun, Dillinger ammo, Spiritus
remote, Brown herb, Computer, Vac-tube, Rock cutter machine.

Youíll receive a nasty surprise when you enter Geo Lab. Thereís a creepy
looking statue standing at the center of the room. Some weird psychic
activity starts emanating from the statue which causes your team to lose
health every couple of minutes. Search the body for some items and then go
past the body and check the drawer in the very back (itís easy to miss
because itís almost behind the statue). Youíll find a shaped rock in this
drawer. Go to the statue and drop the shaped rock inside; there are 4 holes
and 1 should disappear. If you try hitting it with the resonator now it will
sound off key -- so youíll need to find 3 more stones. Place the 2 Martian
rocks you found inside the Rock cutter and go to the computer. Activate the
rock cutter and it will shape the rocks. Now you can use them to fill 2 more
holes. You should only have 1 hole left now.

Now if you remember Pickmanís note from earlier there was a picture of this
statue on it. If you look at the picture closely youíll see the abbreviation
C6 over one of the holes. Go back to the computer, use the Rover, and a
grid will appear on the screen. The grid is actually a map of the planet
surface and you can send the rover to explore any given coordinate. C6 is
the location you want to send the rover to so send it out and it will come
back with the final Martian rock. Put the rock inside the cutting machine,
shape it, and drop it in the final hole. Now use the resonator on the statue
and the psionic spell will be broken. Youíre finished with Geo Lab now so
head over to the Bio Lab.

1.20 - Bio Lab: (Front Area)

*LOCATION: Red door, Piccadilly Circus
*ITEMS: White tag, Micro-recorders (Lin and Trask), Piccolo ammo, Health,

You can only access the front part of Bio Lab right now. The lab animals
have been infected by the bacteria and have formed a Trimorphic web which
blocks your progress. Search the body and the vac-tube for a White tag and a
few other items. Youíll eventually need to find a way of cutting through
this web but thereís nothing you can do about it yet.

When youíve finished the labs send the White tag and the Sparticus remote
over to Kenzo. Your destination will be the White door at the very end of
Boulevard St. Michel.

1.21 - Mai Linís Quarters (Kenzo):

*LOCATION: White door, End of Boulevard St. Michel (past floating zombie)
*ITEMS: Anti-toxin, Diabolus gun, Diabolus ammo, Needle & thread, Black tag,

Search the drawer for some items and check the jar toward the back for the
needle and thread. Thereís also a Diabolus machine gun lying next to that
odd piece of furniture (left of the vent, hard to see in PSX version). Use
the Sparticus remote that you found in Geo Lab to turn off the fireplace and
pick up the Black tag. Thereís a ventilation shaft inside this room that
connects to the Rainbow colored room (see map). The Rainbow room is locked
from the inside so youíll need Matlockís help. Send the Black tag over to
Matlock so she can access the door to the far west. Then take Kenzo back to
the MOOD chamber.

1.22 - Necropolis Elevator: Warning Trimorph!

Location: Black door, Times Square (West Passage)
Items: Laser Scalpel, Dillinger gun, Dillinger ammo, Health.

Thereís an elevator in this room that will take you down to the underground
Necropolis. Unfortunately thereís a Trimorph guarding the elevator right
now. You canít use the elevator yet so search the body for the laser scalpel
and head back to Bio Lab. Weíll come back here later when you have the flare

1.23 - Bio Lab: (Back Area)

*LOCATION: Red Door, Piccadilly Circus
*ITEMS: Decapitated body, Computer, Centrifuge, Thermalizer, Microscope,
Gunn blood sample.

Cut through the Trimorphic web with the laser scalpel. Careful not to get
too close or you'll be knocked back. When youíre finished send the scalpel
over to Karne and explore the back room. Youíll find a decapitated body on
the table. Thereís also a computer and a bunch of laboratory equipment. Use
the computer (Matlockís got the number on her watch) and youíll receive a
message from Harroway. She talks about a guy named Whittaker who must have
died before the accident. The colonists buried the body outside but
Whittaker seems to have resurfaced from his grave and now haunts the
Dormitory. If you dig through the computer a little more youíll see that Dr.
Farr was working on an antidote for the contagion; before he lost his mind.
Youíll eventually need to finish his work so take the syringes you found
over in MED lab and collect a blood sample from everyone. Youíll still need
a Trimorph tissue sample and an alien fluid sample but weíll worry about
those later.

Now take Karne and start heading toward the east Rainbow door. On your way
there make a quick stop at the sealed door you saw near the Broadway hatch.
Cut the lock with the scalpel and you will connect the two hallways (Karneís
the only one who can do this). Now you have a nice long hallway that
connects the east and west sides of the base. Youíll be able to avoid all of
those nasty corridors and save tons of ammo and health. Proceed on to the
Rainbow door. When you arrive the door will be locked so just take Karne
into the adjacent airlock and leave him there for now. Change over to
Matlock and head for Mai Linís room so you can crawl through the vent. Donít
forget to bring the electric screwdriver.

1.24 - Mai Linís Quarters Revisited (Matlock):

*LOCATION: White door, End of Boulevard St. Michel (past floating zombie)
*ITEMS: (already collected).

When you get to Mai Linís room go ahead and save the game on the computer.
Unscrew the vent but donít climb inside yet. Thereís a Trimorph inside the
vent and youíre going to need Kenzoís help again. This will be very similar
to the Shuttle Bay puzzle you solved earlier. Have Kenzo use the chair again
and go to the last map on the slab. You will see a diagram of the
ventilation system. Matlock will need to crawl through the vent while Kenzo
closes the door behind her. When youíre ready take Matlock into the air
duct. Youíll be controlling Matlock so donít stop moving -- just hold up on
the controller and she should be fine. If everything goes as planned, Kenzo
drops the door just in time and Matlock will be safely inside the Rainbow

**(SIDE NOTE)** There used to be a MAJOR bug here in the PC version that
(potentially) could prevent you from finishing the game. A glitch would
sometimes prevent the door from shutting properly (other times the Trimorph
would walk right through it). It looks like this has been fixed on the PS1.
However if youíre playing the PC version and this happens it probably means
your save file is corrupt. Youíll either have to load from a previous save a
couple hours back or ask someone to email you a save file that will take you
past this point (I donít have any save files so please donít ask). You can
also try downloading the latest patches from Talonsoft's website.

1.25 - Project Directors Room:

*LOCATION: Rainbow room, Madison Ave.
*ITEMS: Alarm clock, Drawer Key, Note (Kremlin Hatch Code), Rainbow Tag,
Health, Computer, Vac-tube.

Once inside youíll find Judith Harroway resting peacefully on her bed.
Search her body for the Rainbow tag. Look under the rug in front of the bed
and youíll find the desk key. Unlock the desk and then use the computer. In
the first message youíll learn about Judith and Karneís past relationship.
Judith also left a second message specifically for Karne. Only he can access
it. Exit the room by using the Rainbow tag and take Matlock back to the

Now switch to Karne and escort him to Judithís room. If you havenít been
able to piece the story together this message should fill in most of the
gaps. Harrowayís message explains everything thatís been happening on Vita
Base but it also raises a few new questions. When the message ends youíll be
able to open the doors and gain access to the Kremlin (use the computer).

1.26 - The Kremlin:

*LOCATION: Rainbow door, Broadway (extremely hard to see)
*ITEMS: Flare bolts, Lenses (4), Brown herb, Micro-recorder (Fellner),
Painting, Printout (Erebus), Vac-tube, Computer.

The hardest part will be FINDING the stupid door to this place. The Kremlin
is the other Rainbow colored door on your map but the camera view is
terrible. Hug the far wall and eventually the camera view will change and
youíll see a set of double doors.

The Kremlin is a large room with a vaulted ceiling. The door on your left is
a weapons room but you donít have the pass code yet. To your right will be 2
storage hatches (both pass coded). Youíve already found one of the codes in
Harrowayís desk. The other code can be found on a micro-recorder in this
room. Open these hatches and youíll find contact lenses and some flare
bolts. Thereís a desk in this room which has one of those abstract paintings
that Pickman made. You can use the spectrometer with the painting and take
some readings. Write these numbers down for future reference. You wonít use
this data until later on (after the Necropolis) so donít worry if you missed
the spectrometer earlier. You still have plenty of time to go back for it.

Youíll also find a computer and a pair of simultaneous switches in this
room. The computer is offline right now and can only be activated by hitting
the 2 switches. Somehow youíll have to press both buttons at the same time.
These buttons are several meters apart so youíre going to need 2 people.
Take Karne behind the desk so the zombies wonít mess with him (safe spot)
and bring one of the other team members to the Kremlin; I prefer Matlock but
you could also use Kenzo.

This can get pretty tricky. Youíll have to keep your characters as far apart
as possible. If they get to close they will "clump together" and itís game
over. The switches are too close together to have one person on each switch.
Youíll have to find a way to hit one of the buttons from a distance; this is
where the pop-gun comes in handy. Have the person with the pop-gun stand
next to the Kremlin door. Change to your second character and carefully
position him in front of one of the switches. The zombies in this room will
make things difficult. Now change back to your first character and walk
toward the switches (stop as soon as the view changes). Aim your gun and the
POV should change; youíll get more of an over the shoulder POV. Aim and fire
and the second person will automatically hit the other switch. If you 
succeed youíll see the computer turn on. Good work. Now stash the pop-gun 
inside one of the hatches and take Matlock over to Med Lab (donít forget to 
move your other character to safety). Thereís another message for Karne on 
this computer so let him read it. At this point Karne will finally show his 
true colors. Youíll uncover the truth about whatís really been going on and 
learn about the Underground and the Thule program. Youíll receive a computer
printout with a password on it. You will need this password for the elevator
that takes you down to the Necropolis.

Leave Karne in a safe place and switch over to Matlock in Med Lab. Itís time
to go after the flare gun.

1.27 - Air Lock #2: (Warning: Trimorph inside!)

*LOCATION: Bloody Door, end of Carnaby Street
*ITEMS: Flare gun, Piccolo gun, and Piccolo ammo.

If you thought the last puzzle was tricky you havenít seen anything yet.
This is going to sound pretty crazy but hear me out. Thereís a flare gun
inside Airlock #2 which youíll need to get before heading down to the
Necropolis. If you havenít figured it out already thereís also a Trimorph
behind this door. This can be one of toughest puzzles in the game so Iíll
break it down into parts

Your first goal will be to lure the Trimorph out of the Airlock. Make sure
you have the scarab, the book of Egypt (Khepri), and the regular screwdriver
(not electric) before attempting this. Repair the control panel with the
screwdriver and the bloody door will open automatically. Youíll be standing
face to face with the Trimorph. It will take the Trimorph a few seconds to
react so run back to MED Lab.

This Trimorph is actually pretty stupid so you should be able to take
advantage of it. Heíll just sit in the decontamination chamber until you
make the first move. Exit the lab, take a few steps towards the hallway, and
then quickly run up against the MED Lab door (donít go inside). If done
properly the Trimorph will run right past you and keep on going all the way
to the Blue door before returning. Use this opportunity to quickly sneak
inside the airlock.

Youíve managed to get inside Airlock #2. Great! But whereís my flare gun?
Sorry, but youíll have to do a couple more things first. Check out the door
at the back of the room. This is the door that Muir was referring to on his
micro-recorder. He said it was special because you need a voice command to
open it. Put the scarab in the door and then use the book with the door.
Your character will say, "Khepri" and youíll have about 10 seconds to get
out of the Airlock.

The Trimorph knows youíre inside the Airlock and is trying to get in. Run up
next to the exit and position yourself just to the left of the door. As long
as you donít stand directly in front of the door you should be fine. When
youíre ready, open the door (the Trimorph will run right past you again) and
quickly run back into the decontamination chamber. The door will close and
the Trimorph will be trapped inside Airlock #2. The door with the scarab
opens and the Trimorph is sucked outside.

Congratulations! Now go back to Airlock #2 and you'll see the flare gun
lying on the floor. Now you have a way of dealing with the Trimorphs.

You can do one of several things now. There are 3 more Trimorphs on
Vita Base that you can kill right now. Thereís the one you trapped by the
Shuttle Bay which gives you a tissue sample (used later), thereís the one in
Dorm #3 thatís guarding the spectrometer and blocking your route to the
Psionarra, and finally thereís the one guarding the elevator that leads down 
to the Necropolis. It doesnít matter what order you chose.

1.28 - Dormitory: The Psionarra:

Now that youíve got the flare gun this shouldnít be too hard. Take Kenzo and
head back to Dorm #3. Unfortunately the flare gun doesnít work on zombies so
youíll just have to use your other weapons. When you get to Dorm #3, dispose
of the Trimorph and use the buggy with the checker to grab the spectrometer
(if you havenít already). Move on to 42nd Street and you will find a locked
storage room. This is the room with the Psionarra so remember the location.
You canít access Dorm #4 yet and thereís a ghost zombie blocking your way to
Airlock #5 so all thatís left is Lonely Street. When you reach Lonely Street
somebody will start shooting at you. Thereís a zombie with a gun so youíll
have to keep a real close eye on your health. These shots can do some heavy
damage and he doesn't miss very often.

**(SIDE NOTE)** This is the best way Iíve found to disarm the zombie. As
soon as he fires start running at him. As you get closer to him the camera
view will change. As soon as the POV changes, draw your weapon and fire in
the general direction of the zombie (you won't be able to see him on your
screen). Your shot will knock the gun out of his hand and then you can just
drop him normally. Donít try to dodge the bullets because itís a waste of
time. You're going to take some damage here so just run at him and fire

Search all of the bodies and check the hatch for the storage key. Lonely
Street ends at a locked door which canít be opened yet. Thatís OK though
because youíve got the Storage key now. Head back to the locked door you
saw earlier and open it with the key. Once inside youíll find a crank and a
shiny silver case. The silver case is locked with a 4-digit pass code but
youíre in luck -- you already have the number on your watch. Enter the code
and youíve got the Psionarra.

The Psionarra is a new form of psychic weaponry that only Kenzo can use. The
Psionarra has incredible one-shot knockdown power and can even pierce
through multiple enemies. The downside to this weapon is that it drains your
health with every shot (a very small amount though). It takes a little while
to get used to, but once you get the hang of it this will be your weapon of

Thatís all you can do in the Dormitory area for now. Head back to the locked
door at the end of Lonely Street and use the crank to open it. Go through
the door and return to the MOOD chamber. Itís time to head down to the

1.29 - Enter the Necropolis:

Now hereís where things get interesting. The Necropolis is an ancient city
once inhabited by the Karakarak several millions years ago. Itís almost as
large as Vita Base so youíll have a lot of area to cover. There are no
street signs but there are 4 reference points on your map that you will need
to explore. The Necropolis is a perilous maze of winding tunnels and
bottomless crevices. Itís really easy to get lost down here and there are a
couple of areas where you can fall so try to stay away from the edges.
Youíll encounter a lot of resistance down here (even a couple Trimorphs) so
stay alert and try not to get surrounded.

1.30 - Necropolis Elevator Revisited: (Warning Trimorph!)

*LOCATION: Black door, Times Square (West Passage)
*ITEMS: Explosives, Detonator, Piccolo ammo, Diabolus ammo.

Take Matlock back to the elevator room. Be sure you bring the flare gun, a
pair of lenses, the belt (Gym), and the Erebus printout that Karne received
earlier. Enter the room and kill the Trimorph with the flare gun. For some
reason he doesnít move in the PS1 version so heís kind of an easy target.
When youíve disposed of him search the crate by the elevator for some items.
Just leave the explosives and the detonator in the box for now; you wonít
need them until the very end. Stand in front of the elevator (not inside)
and search the area. Youíll see that the elevator is missing a drive belt so
use your belt to fix it. Now step inside and use the printout to go down to
the Necropolis.

When the elevator reaches the bottom it will be pitch black. Your character
wonít be able to see anything at first so youíll need to use a pair of those
night vision lenses that you found in the Kremlin. Take a look at the map
and make your way over to Point #1.

1.31 - The Pit Chamber:

*LOCATION: Point #1 (south of it actually)
*ITEMS: Store room code, Nails, Piccolo ammo, Dillinger ammo, Monkey wrench,

When you reach Point #1 youíll find a vac-tube and a storage chest. The
store room code is for the locked door in the Kremlin. Continue south and 
head for the large circle region on your map. The colonists called this area 
The Pit. When you arrive at the Pit youíll hear some heavy footsteps so 
equip your flare gun and wait in the hallway; a Trimorph will come running 
from around the circle. Shoot the Trimorph for an easy kill and head 
counterclockwise around the Pit. Make sure you stay away from the inside 
edge because you can fall here. At the end youíll see a giant fissure which 
youíll need to use the explosives on later. Thereís nothing else to see here 
so make your way through the narrow passageway that leads to Point #2.

1.32 - Arena Site:

*LOCATION: Point #2
*ITEMS: Dillinger ammo, Diabolus ammo, Health, Artifact (Chorus), Red card,
Micro-recorder (Darnly), Palmtop Computer, Chorus note, Vac-tube.

Make your way through the Nondead and Extrudes and try not to get
surrounded. Itís hard to tell where youíre going down here but youíll know
your close when the narrow corridor ends and you see an archway to your
north. Head through the little tunnel and youíll come to Point #2. The Arena
Site is a fairly large area but there are only 2 places you need to check
out (itís reasonably safe). First, thereís a generator to your west but itís
not working right now. Donít worry about it yet. Check out the storage box
for some ammo and the artifact. The Chorus is a unique item that will play
an important role later on -- once you figure out what it does. Enter the
building and take the Palmtop and the Chorus note. The laptop doesnít work
yet, it needs a battery, but once you get it running youíll be able to save
anywhere in the game. When youíre ready to go itís time to move on to Point

1.33 - The Obelisk:

*LOCATION: Point #3
*ITEMS: Dead battery, Health, Piccolo ammo, Diabolus ammo, Dillinger ammo,

The path to Point #3 can be kind of confusing but Iíve found that if you
take the straightest route youíll always end up at Point #3. Search the
storage box here for the battery. Youíll need to recharge it back at Point
#2 but there are a couple other things to see here first.

1.34 - Obelisk Puzzle:

The Obelisk puzzle is probably the toughest puzzle in the game now. Itís not
really difficult itís just really hard to figure out whatís going on here.
If you continue to the west youíll see a Trimorph guarding a large stone
pillar. There are 2 things that youíll need to be aware of here. First of
all, that large pillar heís standing in front of is called the Obelisk.
There is no way to get to the Obelisk when the Trimorph is blocking it.

So why not just shoot it with the flare gun you say? Well hereís the second
thing youíll need to know. This Trimorph is invincible. Itís hard to tell on
the PS1 but when you play the game on the PC youíll see that this Trimorph
is noticeably different from the others Ė He has a golden sheen around him.
Plus, in the PC version heís not just standing in front of the Obelisk; heís
pounding on it with his fists and shaking the entire cavern. To really
understand this puzzle you need to assume that the Trimorph is hitting the

If you run past the Trimorph and continue to the west youíll come across an
excavation site. This area is called the Regal Tomb. Itís where the
colonists discovered that giant Sarcophagus youíve been hearing so much
about. Inside the Sarcophagus lies the sleeping Sovereign (Queen Mab). You
canít use the crane yet because there isnít enough power so youíll have to
backtrack all the way to Point #2 and repair the generator. Return to the
Arena Site and fix the generator cable with the monkey wrench. Once the
generator is running again open the generator hatch and place the battery 
inside to recharge it. You can now use the battery to activate your palmtop. 
The palmtop is loaded with valuable information about the Necropolis so make
sure you read everything (MOOD has the pass word). Thereís also some 
valuable information about the Chorus here.

Youíll learn that the Chorus is a musical artifact that makes a faint noise
when struck by a human. However when you strike it against an inanimate
object it makes no sound at all. It is believed that the ancient Karakarak
were much larger than humans so they could use the Chorus to produce a full
musical note. There also seems to be a mysterious relationship between the
Chorus and the Obelisk that nobody can comprehend.

So now you know that the only way to charge the Chorus is to have something
large and organic strike it Ė and that is why itís important to realize that
the Trimorph is hitting the Obelisk. You wonít be able to place the artifact
in the Obelisk by yourself. Youíre going to need some help luring this
monster away from the Obelisk.

Bring Karne down to the Necropolis, (youíll need Kenzo for something else 
later), and have the person with the Chorus wait at Point #3 while the 
second person waits at the excavation site. Switch to the second person and 
walk back to the Obelisk area (the screen will load). When itís finished 
loading DONíT MOVE and you will see the Trimorph running in place. Heís 
running at you but heís not moving (a bug maybe?). You wonít be in any 
danger unless you move around so change back to your first character. The 
Trimorph will completely ignore your first character so just take the Chorus 
and place it in the Obelisk. Now move both of your characters to safety and 
the Trimorph will return to the Obelisk. When he strikes the Obelisk (you 
wonít see it on PS1 youíll just have to assume he does) heíll charge the 
Chorus and lose his invincibility. Now you can kill him with your flare gun 
and take the charged Chorus.

Youíre going to need 2 people in the Regal Tomb later so you might as well
just leave Karne inside the crane for now. Once youíve obtained the charged
Chorus take Matlock over to Point #4.

1.35 - The North Chamber:

*LOCATION: Point #4
*ITEMS: Piccolo ammo, Health.

For this next part youíll need the charged Chorus and the #4 Dorm tag. Go to
Point #4 and search the chest for some items. Now head to the northern
circle on your map and you will enter the Altar room. Here youíll find
another one of those weird statues like the one you saw in Geo Lab. Youíll
also see a spiral platform with a hole in the center. Refer to the Altar and
Chorus notes for clues to this puzzle.

1.36 - Altar Puzzle:

This is another one that stumps a lot of people. Youíll need to start by
placing the charged Chorus at the center of the Altar and twisting it. The
Altar will start radiating light and youíll need to get off of it as quick
as possible. If you stay on too long youíll end up dead just like the other
guy. Now that youíve activated the Altar youíll need to refer to the Altar
note. The note says that for any object that denies its color, the Altar
will come to life. During your explorations Iím sure you came across a room
that had a strange light emanating from it. This room is called Arkham Dorm
(#4) and for some reason the door wouldnít respond with the tag earlier.
Thatís because you need to modify the tag first.

Notice that the light from the Altar fluctuates every couple seconds. 
Thereís a pattern so youíll have to time this just right. When the light 
goes down run to the center, insert the tag, and get off the Altar. When the
light returns it will decolorize the card. Wait for the light to go down 
again and retrieve the tag. The tag should appear grey now. Send the tag 
over to Kenzo so he can access Dorm #4.

1.37 - Arkham Dorm:

*LOCATION: Dorm #4, Whitehall
*ITEMS: Airlock #5 code, Heart of Stone (later), Vac-tube.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Youíll need Odaís note to solve the first part
to this puzzle. The note has the color sequence you need to open this 
locker. If youíre having trouble figuring out which buttons to press think
of it this way. Blue is the darkest shade of grey and Yellow is the
lightest. The other two colors are in between (Red being the darker of the
remaining 2). Now apply this to the button panel and you shouldnít have any

Once youíve gotten the first locker open youíll find another locked hatch.
Refer to the note again and it will tell you that the combination you need
is equal to the numeric wavelength of the color yellow. If you didnít write
it down earlier youíll need to take your spectrometer back to the Kremlin
and use it on the painting. You MUST take the reading or the door wonít open 
(even if you already know the code). Enter the number and youíll receive the 
pass code to Air Lock #5.

When you arrive at Airlock #5 there will be a ghost zombie guarding it. Let
him have it with the Psionarra and enter the code for the door. Examine the
EVA suits and youíll see that they have air in the tanks. If you open the
EVA suit nothing seems to happen. Exit Vita Base through the back door and
you can explore the area outside.

1.38 - Whittaker's Grave:

*LOCATION: Outside Airlock #5
*ITEMS: Psionarra cell, Diabolus ammo, Health, Hourglass, Red Sand.

When you walk outside Kenzo will automatically equip the spacesuit. This is
a small area but make sure you explore every inch of it. The first thing
youíll see is a dead man in a spacesuit. Search his body and walk closer to
the grave. Youíll see the hourglass just sitting out in the open so pick it
up. Thereís one more area you need to explore here before you leave. Thereís
a hole to the left of the tombstone (left of the hour glass) so keep walking
around until you find it.

You will be greeted by Whittaker who rises up from the grave. Heíll
graciously invite you to join him in his transformation, but respectfully
decline and blast him with the Psionarra. Search his body for the red sand
and combine it with the hourglass. Examine the completed hourglass and Kenzo
will give you a hint on where to go next. Take the hourglass and head back
to Arkham dorm. You can use it anywhere inside. Everything will be restored
to normal and youíll find the Heart of Stone lying on the ground. Now take
the Heart over to the Kitchen and show it to Ben Gunn.

When you arrive at the cafeteria youíll notice that somethingís not right.
The door to the back of the Kitchen is wide open and Ben Gunn is missing.
Take Benís parting gift and read the invitation right next to it. The
invitation says it all.

Take all of the items back to the laboratory area and switch to Matlock.
Youíll need to bring Matlock back to Bio Lab so she can start work on a
serum. Youíve reached the final stretch, weíre almost there.

1.39 - Search for a Cure:

First youíre going to need blood samples from all 3 characters so take the
syringes you found in MED lab and collect some samples. Put them in the
Centrifuge where youíll find a fourth sample from Ben Gunn. Now you only
need the Trimorph tissue sample and the Alien fluid sample. You can get the
Trimorph sample from the Trimorph you trapped near the Shuttle Bay. Just
shoot it with the flare gun and collect the sample with the rubber glove.
Examine the tissue under the microscope and youíll be 2/3rds of the way
there. That just leaves the Alien Fluid sample.

The fluid is going to be a little bit trickier to get. Matlock will need to
finish the science project thatís going on in Bio Lab first. Go over to the
decapitated body and use Benís head with the corpse. Now youíll need to sew
the head back on with the needle and thread you found in Mai Linís room. Now
hereís where most people get stuck. Take the Heart of Stone from Kenzo and
place it inside the chest cavity: when you examine the corpse youíll have to
scroll down through the menu options. The body will sit up and Ben will
speak to you with his dying breath. Search the corpse and youíll receive the
Flesh heart.

Now that you have the Flesh heart youíll have to go all the way back down to
the Regal Tomb and place it in the Niche. Send the laser scalpel, the Flesh
heart, and the final syringe over to Kenzo and take him down to the
Necropolis. The Psionarra will make this trip a whole lot easier. When you
reach the Regal Tomb, place the heart inside the niche and you will see the
protective membrane slowly dissolve. The Sovereign will be left unprotected
so you can collect your fluid sample. Youíll need 2 people to operate the
crane and Karne should already be in position.

Lower the crane and have Kenzo climb up on the platform. The crane will lift
you up and over the Sarcophagus. Use the winch to lower yourself down and
youíll find yourself face to face with the Sovereign. Now youíll need to use
the laser scalpel to cut through the Sovereignís breast plate. After youíve
made your incision, use the syringe to extract some milk and send the sample
back up to Bio Lab so Matlock can finish her viral antidote.

Place the milk in the Thermalizer. You should now have everything you need
to complete your antidote. Youíll get 3 vaccines so make sure everybody gets
one. The team is cured and itís time to go home. Thereís only one thing left
to do now.

1.40 - Final Mission:

Karne is the demolitions expert so this will be his job. Youíll need to take
the explosives down to the Pit Chamber and set the charge by the Fissure.
Donít be stingy with the health and ammo because this is the last mission.
Take the explosives you found in the crate and combine them with the
detonator. Now head down to the Pit and place them near the Fissure.

Karne will set the timer and tell his people that itís time to leave. You
will have a little bit over 5 minutes to make it from the Pit Chamber all
the way to the Shuttle Bay. Donít worry about Kenzo and Matlock (theyíll
find their own way there). Youíre only responsible for Karneís safety so get
moving. MOOD will start talking to you and you will see the Sovereign come
to life. Donít bother going after the Sovereign because sheíll be gone by
the time you reach the Sarcophagus. Get to the Shuttle Bay ASAP!

When you arrive at the Shuttle Bay Kenzo and Matlock will be waiting for
you. The antidote seems to have worked because everyoneís still alive. The
team boards the rocket ship and prepares for takeoff but MOOD chimes in with
one last message. It seems that the dome hatch is locked and someone will
have to pull the manual override lever to open it. The switch is located on
the wall on the other side of the rocket. Youíll only have a minute so run
outside and hit the switch. Sit back and watch the lackluster ending.

Congratulations! Youíve just completed Martian Gothic Unification.



Iíve added this section just to share some interesting tidbits about the

Alternate Ending?

There are only two possible endings. You either make it to the ship or you
donít. However the PS1 ending is a little bit shorter than the PC version.
The PS1 ending felt kind of rushed to me. You get the nice FMV but after
that the game abruptly ends. The PC version has an extra little segment at
the end which expands on the story a bit more.

After the explosion we hear MOODís voice. MOOD (or whatever MOOD was)
survives the blast and has been freed from her bondage. She can now explore
infinite space but chooses to remain here for now. She concludes by saying
that the bad dreams werenít so bad after all but doesnít rule out the
possibility of bad dreams in the future. Thatís about it. Not a whole lot
better but at least it gives you a little more to think about.

Extra Items

You will find that many items in MG donít really have a purpose. So why did
Creative Reality decide to leave them in the game? There are likely several
reasons for the extra items.

Luxury Items: When you start the game each character will have a set of
items that they brought with them. Most of these items served no real
purpose: Pictures, Lipstick, Nicotine Patch. They just add a tiny bit of
depth to the game.

Tags: By the time youíve completed the game youíll have quite a few leftover
tags. Some of these tags were added to make sure you didnít come up one tag
short in certain areas (green rooms). Others were probably added to keep you
from getting frustrated (Blue). And of course some are just there for
realism (Dorm tags).

Alarm Clock: The alarm clock was not supposed to be an extra item. CR had
planned on using it in a puzzle but they were pressed for time. The true
purpose of the clock never made it into the final game; thus it became
another extra item.

Weapons and Lens: These could have been added for realism but I have my
doubts. The extra pair of contact lenses leads me to believe that CR may
have wanted to use a 4th person in the Necropolis (Ben Gunn?). There was
also an extra radio in the PC version that you could give to Ben. If you
were paralyzed by an Extrude you could call Ben for help. They may have
just ran out of time and scrapped the idea.


VII. Special Thanks:

To Steven Marley and all the guys at Creative Reality. Nice work. Itís
amazing that such a small team could produce such a solid game. Weíre all
still holding out hope for a sequel. I also need to give thanks to all the
good people on the Talonsoft board. SS, Teague, EB, and everyone else who
helped unravel the many mysteries of Vita Base. Sorry this FAQ took so long
to be developed. Recent events have been keeping me pretty busy these days.
I still receive questions every now and then about the game so I figured
that maybe writing a FAQ would put some of these questions to rest. Itís
nice being able to give something back and hopefully this document will
accomplish just that.