Some (Helpful?) Stuff PC

                       STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II 
   This is a (helpful?) guide for all infantry and vehicles,all that good Star 
Wars junk,etc.Hope this helps:)(All ratings out of 10)

I.Galatic Republic
II.Confederate Independant Systems
III.Galatic Empire
IV.Rebel Alliance

I.Galatic Republic-The primary power in the universe w/ army from Kamino
              Clone Trooper
            The basic unit of the Republic,they work best in groups.
          Weapons:DC-15 rifle and pistol,gernades
          Rating:8 1/2-Good weapons,but dosen't cover ground especially fast

              Heavy Trooper 
            Intended for the purpose of destroying CIS establishments.
          Weapons:Large rocket launcher,DC-15 pistol,gernades,mines
          Rating:8-Rocket launcher specially made,so it's good, but loses 
energy fast while running

             Clone Sharpshooter
           These snipers are very stealthy and accurate.
          Weapons:Sniper rifle,DC-15 pistol,gernades,Auto-Turret
          Rating:8-Very accurate,but is easily sniped because of large,white 

             Clone Engineer
           The engineers of the Republic are quick and efficient in their 
repairs (and at times, destruction). 
           Weapons:Shotgun,fusion cutter,detpack, ammo/health packs
           Rating:9-Very quick w/ repairs,and detpacks are very useful

             Clone Commander
           These specially templated clones have above average leadership 
ability, and support their troops.
           Weapons:Chaingun,DC-15 pistol,Rally Power,recon droid
           Rating:8 1/2-Chaingun and rally are good,DC-15 is efficient backup, 
but, doesn't cover ground fast

            Jet Trooper
           This type of trooper is not quite as common,but covers much ground.
           Weapons:EMT discharger,DC-15 pistol,gernades
           Rating:7 1/2-Covers ground fast, but weapons are weak

            Clone Pilot(Space Only)
                This trooper is trained to fly.
            Weapons:DC-15 pistol,fusion cutter,time bombs
            Rating:8 1/2-Can automatically repair ships,and time bombs are good

            Clone Marine(Space Only)
                This clone protects the star crusiers of the Republic.
            Weapons:DC-15 rifle,rocket laucher,gernades
            Rating:9-A mix of trooper and heavy trooper,powerful

             BARC Speeder
                These speeders are light and fast.
            Weapons:Blaster cannon
            Crew:1 driver
            Rating:6-Is fast,but is only lightly armored and armed.

            TX-130S fighter tank
              This tank offers more armor and weapons, while still maintaining 
a reasonable speed.
            Weapons:Laser cannons,concussion missles,beam cannon
            Crew:1 driver,1 gunner
            Rating:9-This tank is FREAKIN' AWESOME!It is your consumate 
vehicle.Only thing keepin it from 10 is open gunner seat.
            AT-RT walker
               This recconisiance walker is the predeseccor of the AT-ST.
             Weapons:Laser cannon,motar gernades
             Crew:1 driver
             Rating:8-OK vehicle,weapons are average, but driver is in open.

            AT-TE walker
                This is a heavy duty walker,meant to be destuctive.
              Weapons:Heavy laser cannons,2 seperate particle cannons,machine 
              Crew:1 driver,1 turret operator,1 rear gunner.
              Rating:9 1/2-GOOD VEHICLE, just that the turret gunner can be 
killed by a beam cannon blast, and slow
             Republic starfighter
                 This quick & nimble fighter is the choice of most Jedi.
               Weapons:Laser cannons,missiles
               Crew:1 pilot
               Rating:8-Quick,good in dogfights, but can't do heavy attacks
             ARC-170 starfighter
                  This is a not-sure-what-it-is-so-its-both fighter.
               Weapons:Laser cannons,proton torpeodoes
               Crew:1 pilot
               Rating:8 1/2-Average in dogfights, but can heavily attack.

             V-Wing bomber
                   This is a fast, manuverable bomber for the Republic.
               Weapons:Shock cannons,proton bombs
               Crew:1 pilot
               Rating:9-The fastest bomber, it can also quickly dispatch 

             LAAT-i gunship
                  This is a gunship used to transport infantry.
               Weapons:Particle cannon,proton torpedoes,beam cannons
               Crew:1 pilot,1 copilot,2 gunners
               Rating:6 1/2-Its very slow,has limited supplies,can't hold many 

II.Confederate Independant Systems-A group of systems led by Count Dooku 
trying to overthrow the Republic.
               Super Battle Droid
                      The CIS went from cheapo to caring how the war came 
out,therefore producing this.
               Weapons:Wrist blaster,tri-shot,wrist rocket
               Rating:8-Tri-shot is not accurate,but other than that is good

               Assualt Droid
                     The CIS just upgraded thier regular droids with a rocket 
               Weapons:Rocket launcher,assualt pistol,mines,gernades
               Rating:7-Rocket launcher is OK,but pistol is weak.And,its slow.

               Assasin Droid
                     This droid is sneaky,and is usually camoflagued
               Weapons:Sniper rifle,assault pistol,gernades,Auto-Turret
               Rating:9-Hard to snipe,cause its hard to see and its heads tiny

               Engineer Droid
                      This droid works hard to destroy Republic forces
               Weapons:Shotgun,fusion cutter,detpack,ammo/health packs
               Rating:9-Can help others

                     These droids are perhaps the most adaptive of all
               Weapons:Bulldog rocket launcher,radiation gernade launcher, 
neuro poison,recon droid
               Rating:9-Very efficient,neuro poison kills only living things, 
can quickly clear a room

               Droideka(Destroyer Droid) 
                     These formidable droids are feared even by the Jedi
               Weapons:Twin repeating blasters,shield generator
               Rating:7 1/2-Aren't very accurate,Heavy Trooper can easily take 
it out

               Pilot Droid(Space Only)
                    The droids that drive starships,and,if needed,defend them.
               Weapons:Assault pistol,fusion cutter,time bombs
               Rating:8-Weak pistol,but,other than that,its good
               Droid Marine(Space Only)
                   The droids that defend and invade capital ships
               Weapons:Assault rifle,rocket launcher,gernades
               Rating:9-Good weapons

              STAP speeder
                   This small,light speeder was introduced on Naboo.
              Weapons:Blaster cannons
              Crew:1 driver
              Rating:4-THIS IS A PIECE OF CRAP!Open driver and weak weapons.
                  These formidable tanks are icons of the CIS's firepower.
              Weapons:Laser cannons,concussion missiles,particle cannon 
              Crew:1 driver,1 gunner 
              Rating:8 1/2-Good but slow.
              Armored Tank Droid
                   These relativley new tanks were used extensivly on Kashyyk.
              Weapons:Shock rifles,mortar gernades
              Crew:1 driver
              Rating:7 1/2-Slow,and has weak weapons,only good against 
              Hailfire Droid
                  This destructive droid is lethal,and a threat to the Republic
              Weapons:Machine gun,homing missiles
              Crew:1 driver 
              Rating:6 1/2-Fast,but weak weapons(inaccurate missiles)poor armor

              Spider Droid
                    This is a tall walker,and desructive.
              Weapons:Laser blaster,beam cannon
              Crew:1 driver
              Rating:8 1/2-Somewhat slow,but efficient weapons 

                    These fighters are quick,nimble,and desructive.
              Weapons:Chaingun,homing missiles
              Crew:1 pilot
              Rating:6 1/2-Fast(maybe too fast),but chaingun is inefficient.

              Vulture Droid
                  This spider-like fighter is the symbol of CIS space dominance
              Weapons:Blaster cannon,proton torepedoes
              Crew:1 pilot
              CIS bomber
                  This is a copy of Grievious's starfighter
              Weapons:Proton cannons,proton bombs
              Crew:1 pilot
              Rating:7 1/2-Slow,weak cannons
              CIS gunship
                   These are large,heavy transports
              Weapons:Beam cannon,homing missiles,proton cannons
              Crew:1 pilot,1 copilot,2 gunners,3 passengers
              Rating:8-Best transport,well-armed,efficient weapons,carries 
lots of people