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Intro by me
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Hi!  I know that it may seem kinda pointless to write about a 7-year-old game that 
isn't very well known, but that's what I'm doing, just in case there is someone who 
still owns Alliance.  Although it has been forgotten years ago, X-Wing Alliance is 
probably the most realistic Star Wars flying experience you'll ever get, which is 
why I am writing about it.  You may not care, but I hope You enjoy this FAQ 
nonetheless.  May the force-feedback joystick be with 


I'll update this later

Lasers-found on all playable ships.  Basically your guns

Ion Cannons-Sometimes you are required to disable a target without destroying it.  
That's what these are for.


Concussion Missiles*-Although not incredibly strong, they are fast, so missiles are 
the warhead of choice for dogfighters.

Proton Torpedoes*-Slower but more powerful than missiles.  More suitable for 
attacking slow ships or stations

Heavy Rockets-More domaging but slower than torpedoes.

Space Bombs-The most powerful warhead.  Only good at destroying large targets.  
They are Harder to shoot down than rockets

Magnetic Pulse Warheads-Knocks out a craft's weapons for 30 seconds

Ion Pulse Warheads-Disables a craft like ion cannons. 

*advanced versions available that are faster and swifter.

Beam Weapons:

I need to update this later, sorry.



Authority IRD (IRD)

Used by: Various
Notes: Used by the Corporate Sector Authority.  Also liked by mercenaries to make 
sure nobody escapes.

RAZ-A1 A-Wing (A-W)

Used by: Rebel Alliance
Notes:  This is one of (if not) the fastest ships in the game.  Shields are nothing 
to brag about, but it makes a good interceptor.  

B-Wing (B-W)

Used by: Rebel Alliance
Notes: A great bomber! Capable of holding twice the proton torpedoes of an X-Wing, 
which holds 6.  Very sturdy too.  Better than the Y-Wing in almost every way.

Cloakshape fighter (CLK/f)

Used by: Various
Notes: Although old, the cloakshape is used for many things.  It is used by 
pirates, security forces, and mercenaries.  A good "all-around" fighter.

Firespray Attack Ship (FRS)

Used by: Various
Notes: A rare ship.  It is good for security purposes.  A good "heavy-hitter".

Gunboat (GUN)

Used by: Empire
Notes:  While TIEs are the mainstay fighter of the Empire, they could only take on 
Rebel fighters in large groups and needed a larger ship like a Star Destroyer to 
transport them.  The Empire  built the gunboat as the answer to the X-Wing.  While 
still not up to sth standards of an X-Wing, it is more of a threat to it.

Missile boat (MIS)

Used by: Empire
Notes:  Man, does this thing pack a punch!  It comes with an exclusive payload of 
20 concussion missiles, and has room for a lot more warheads.  It is fortunate for 
the Rebels that these ships are rarely deployed!

I'll try to add more ASAP!