Harry Potter And The Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone FAQ PSX

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone FAQ
By Ashley Chan 
Email: pokefreak2k@hotmail.com
Version 1.1v
Last updated 19/12/00
Versions so far: 2

New things in this version:
 Just added some more questions

What are the controls?
As well as the normal directional buttons for movement, to jump off a ledge as 
by pressing forwards as this game has an auto-jump instead of a manual jump. 
is your use button where you can skip talking, go through secret passages, talk 
people and use some objects. X is your basic attack, the Flipendo Jinx. Objects 
different coloured 'twinkles' above them can be destroyed, moved and used to your 
advantage. Also is your lock button in the Gringotts Bank, used to grab the 
and accelerate in Quidditch. Triangle is your look mode where you can view most 
your surroundings in one spot, also you can fire your Flipendo in that mode. 

Where are the secret passages and how do I get to them?
I can't exactly tell you where all the passages are but here are a few hints. 
- You will notice a change in the graphics when there is a passage. 
- Some bookshelves, the thinner ones are passages (in the castle)
- The Forbidden Forest has quite a few places
- Near the end, when walking through the passages before battling Voldemort.
- Press your use key to open them.
- You can find save potions, famous Witches and Wizards cards and other items.

There are some portraits that say I need the password, how do I get them?
You will find Fred and George around Hogwarts during your adventure, 4 times. 
you talk to them, they will want Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans, that you 
After finding their price, they'll give you a password to open the portraits, 
reveal the following:
Yellow Beans:: Nimbus 2000
Blue Beans: Famous Witches and Wizards Card
Green Beans: Armour for Quidditch Against Bludges
Red Beans: Advanced Flipendo Jinx 
(Note: Yeah, I know other sites say green beans are for the card but most of them 
copied from other sites who copied from a single site that got it wrong. I 
play the game!) 

I collected all the cards I could find in Hogwarts but I only have 14! Where are 
other 3?
Uh Oh! You got into the same thing I got into. Well the last 3 cards are in the 
Gringotts Bank. In each Vault, you have to collect all the gems and then you 
1 card. Complete all three and there you have the 3 ďmissingĒ cards. So it is 
that you retry the vault as many times as you can, its worth it as I have only 
that you get a different ending if you collect all the cards. 

How do I get past the Giant Knight in the part near Voldemort?
This requires skill. Stay close to the knight and when heís about to slam down, 
start running around him. Then you fire a full-blast flipendo (hold down X) and 
heíll do it again. Watch out though! He soon starts 2 hits and then 3 so be on 

Where are the portraits?
This is another question that has been asked quite often. Locations are as 

Yellow Beans: Go to the entrance hall, then the doer next to the Great Hall has 
portrait inside the room 

Blue Beans: When you reach Hagridís house, and turn left to the next path, it 
splits into 2, go to the left hand side path and continue, soon youíll meet the 
portrait. (Hint: There's also 3 secret walls, one when walking to the portrait 
another near the Gargoyle Gate.)

Green Beans: In the dungeons, once you enter there is a tunnel in front, and 2 
classes, Potions and Defence Against Dark Arts on the right and left. Go through 
tunnel. Youíll need to have gone to the Defence Against Dark Arts class. Use the 
spell then go to the door straight in front. Youíll soon find the portrait on the 

Red Beans: The easiest to find. You know that place where you race Peeves (the 
Attic) in the upper castle, in the room you go to before entering the race area 
using the table) there is a door on the lower area, go through and Bobís your 

How do I defeat Voldemort?
Iím basically giving the game away to you! Iím not going to really answer that 
you must get him somehow near to one of the 4 pillars and fire a meduim or full 
Flipendo at it. Itíll hit him and soon weaken him, you can do it while heís 
or when heís charging up a shot at you. Next the mirror starts getting some 
stuff in it, you have to get Voldemort to the other side of the mirror and fire a 
full-blast Flipendo straight through. Itíll either double or if the mirror has a 
bigger swirl triples! Lastly, heíll come onto you and you have to tap [ ] 
repeatedly. For all you really quick tappers out there, donít waste your energy, 
think, if an old granny can tap every second or half a second, sheíll win. Also 
out for when the X appears, its there for a short amount of time though, so keep 
your eye on the left side of the screen.

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