My Breeder's Book PSX

My Breeder’s Book

Authored by T-dogg52 (Traci Stamper)
[email protected]
August 31, 2002
For Monster Rancher on PSone
Version: 1.3
Last updated: October 26, 2002

This is my list of monsters that I have raised so far in my game. My book may be 
totally different from yours. You may have monsters that I don’t and I may have 
monsters that you don’t. This list is in the order that the book in the game numbers 
them. I also list the note that describes the monster. 

What ones do you have, or are you a Master and completed your book?

1. DINO-Average in all abilities, he needs a good breeder’s hand.
2. ANKI-Covered with rocks, he has good power, but is slow.
5. SHEL-His shell keeps people off his back. His belly is vulnerable.
6. SLASH-This lizard has soft skin and razor-like claws.
8. SPOT- A keen sense of hearing enables him to dodge attacks.
11. GRAPE-A dino-naga mix with high power and low intelligence.

16. VERDE-Covered in a thin, emerald shell that is not durable.
20. MAGNA-Immortalized on ancient wall paintings as a great warrior.
21. POSEIDON-Like the mythical greek god, he rules the water.
23. MAIGON-Defined by his soul and longing blue eyes, he eyes the past.
25. SHADOW-His stealth colored body makes him hard to see.
26. MARBLE-With his fatal power, he has killed many. Highly feared.

29. DENTO-A hound with a true “bite” for battle. Be careful!
31. TIGER-He is very popular with all types of people.
32. DETON-He will hit an opponent from out of no where. Breed him well.
33. YAKUTO-This unique guy has 4 eyes that help him see far and near.
34. FROST-His “cool” look makes him a hit when things get hot.
35. MONO EYE-This one-eyed wonder is very friendly. Kids love him.
36. ROVER-His big, dark eyes mesmerize one into a relaxing state.
37. BALLON-His long and fluffy fur makes him look much larger.
38. VELVET-With a lovely coat of velvety fur, this one is beautiful.
40. LEAFY-He is covered in leaves to help him grow. Unpopular.

45. PIXIE-A popular one who’s selfish and hard to breed.
50. ANGEL-You’re lucky to be able to raise such a great monster.

57. GECKO-He keeps his body heat by being covered in scales.
59. DRILL-The sharp horn on his head is his weak-point in battle.
61. WORM-His elastic tusk is useful in hitting foes at long range.
62. TUBBY-His flabby appearance makes him so lovable.
66. PULL WORM-His sleek black shell makes him good at pulling things.
67. WING WORM-All the kids seem to be afraid with this guy.
68. RAINBOW-This TV star has been in plenty of commercials.

71. FENCER-A brat who is able to change his appearance into a fence.
72. ICY-On a cold and frozen winter day, this guy will freeze.
75. JELL-His dense body can absorb the damage of an opponent.
78. GIL-He trains all the time to be considered legendary.
79. LAVA-Though native to volcanic lands, he does not like the heat.
80. PAPAD-He has a very short memory. Can’t remember a thing.

89. TOOTHY-He likes to eat and is always sure to brush his teeth.
90. SUEZO-His specialty is stealing an opponent’s will.
91. WOODY-This tree lover has pointy ears and good quickness.
93. BLOODSHOT-This guy likes to stay out late instead of sleeping.
94. NORO-Although he may fail your expectations, he’s strong.
95. RAY-More of a sun bather than a fighter. He’s easy to breed.

100. STONER-A close friend to #99 that has good defense and poor speed.
101. PULSAR-Known to have dark, trusting eyes which show good loyalty.
104. BLUE FUR-His transparent body shows the odd tail that he has.
105. CROSS EYE-If you look real closely at him, you will see his 4 eyes.
106. HARE-Despite a small stature, he has good, strong power.

115. SAPPHIRE-Wears an item which was made special by the shrine master.
120. GALION-May be better off being a monster reborn instead.
123. SHON MASK-He has a mouth with a tusk on his mask that never opens.
124. COLOR-This weary monster can’t last very long in battle.

128. JARA WALL-This hot-head can be a little short with his temper.
130. SPONGE-His firm body and soft, rich fur would make for a good bed.
131. ROPA-This monster has high intelligence and is a kind soul to breed.
132. SOBO-His bulging eyes can search well, but they are weak.
135. GROOMY-Make sure to take good care of his fur and keep fleas off.
136. MESSIAH-His mask has the markings of an almighty God.
137. MONOL-He has a very special way at reducing foe’s damage.
139. NEW LEAF-This guy has a striking resemblance to a local tree.
142. SCRIBBLE-The markings all over his body were in fact a punishment.

143. STINGER-He can jump well and has an exceptional taste palette.
144. TRIDENT-This monster pulls out all the punches to KO opponents.
145. STRIKER-His sharp white claws make him dangerous. Easy to breed.
147. GAIA-A monster who loves the great outdoors and enjoys nature.
148. CUTTER-Very similar to Jell monsters. He has a very soft body.
151. BAZULA-Very precise vision with his small eyes make him feared.
153. NAGA-Most violent of the monsters. He lives for battles.
154. JUNGLER-He enjoys a camouflage disguise to confuse foes.

159. IRIS-Besides having a nice smile, he is very easy to breed.
160. ALLERGAN-Pollen and dust are constantly getting into his eyes.
164. SPINNER-He’s so fast sometimes that he can make himself dizzy.
166. ASH-Although his true color is green, he appears black.
167. BAD SEED-A poisonous plant that’s made from some rancid water.
168. PLANT-A very quiet fellow who’s quite popular among all.
169. NEON-This monster is absolutely bursting with energy.

174. DRAGON-A very rare and popular one. Be careful he could die young.

189. HENGER-A hybrid who’s made from the souls of the other monsters.
195. NYA-Bears a strong resemblance to a cat-like doll figure.

201. GREAT APE-Although lazy, this one is a top-notch monster.
203. APE-You’ll need a lot of patience to raise this monster.
205. CUTEY-A human-mix that has an attractiveness about him.

209. DOODLE-Only known to a few people. He’s absolutely a mystery.
212. DISRUPT-This monster has a unique black and white coloration.