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				  *        By Yefri S.      *
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				    *        Ver 1.0      *
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And I never play in HARD difficulty, its too hard for me. I'm not very good
in Twisted Metal. So pls forgive me if I make something wrong or I'm not
write a complete walkthrough. This is still the 1st version.
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Thanks to :
1. Gamefaqs.com and Gamewinner.com
2. Gamefaqs Message Boards (fell free to join)
3. Everyone who read it

This tournament opened by Calypso, and he forced every kids in his neighbourhood 
participate in his game. And for the winner, he will make their wish come true 
mostly of them has a selfish wish or a silly wish). Each player has their own 
Press O button when selecting a car (in case if you didn't know).
BTW this is just like the other Twisted Metal storyline.

List Of Contents :
1. Cars
2. Weapons
3. Difficulty
4. Buttons
5. Walkthrough (for Tournament Mode)
6. Secrets
7. Endings
8. GameSharks Codes


Car List
Crimson Fury
Mr. Grimm
Slam (the best SP attack IMHO)
Outlaw (worst SP attack IMHO)
Sweet Tooth
Twister (the only female player and die in the end...hiks) 

* = means this is a secret car. Need something to unlocked it.
? = I still don't know how to unlocked them. They might be the bosses.
      Piecemeal and Trapper.

What's good from this car ?

Except a different stat. for each cars, they also has a different SP attack. 
Here they are :

Crimson Fury : can aim opponent with a very good accuracy when in long 
               distance. And has three hits. But really unusefull in 
               short distance.
Darkside     : it crash any opponent in front of you, you can crushing your 
               car to opponents. It caused a little push too, and can hit 
               many opponent.
Hammerhead   : only hit one opponent and you must walk your car into the 
               target opponent. Not so good.
Mime		 : Be careful with her (or his ?) low armor. Her SP can vary. She
   		   mimics SP attack from opponent cars.
Mr. Grimm    : can push opponent, but has a very bad aim. It just walk 
               straight line and not chasing opponent (just like PO).
Slam         : very strong and can pick up opponent into everywhere you want. 
               Very valuable for certain area like "Tree Top Rumble" area 
or "Easy Death 
               Oven" area, can kill in single blow. However it is very hard to 
               Using Freeze Shoot first might help.
Outlaw 	 : despites its weak attack, opponent also can escape from this 
               attack even he already get hit. And worse, it only works for 
               one opponent. Really bad ass SP attack.
		   But it has a really good statistic, armor-speed-accl, it all 
Shadow 	 : has 3 hits and can push opponent. It also can ... when hitting 
               a wall. But it also not chasing the opponent, just like PM.
Spectre 	 : she can hit many opponents (nearby) and send them everywhere, 
               but not in the pit or a very dangerous area.
Warthog 	 : Just a normal shoot like Mr.Grimm, but it has 3 bullets.
Axel		 : His SP attack can be very strong, IF it hits ALL !


Weapon List :

* Explanation: PO means Power Missile and it contain 2 bullets in one pick up.

PO : Power Missille  / 2  / 
   - Very strong, can push the opponent, and can be executed fast.
   - But can't chase opponent, it only shoot in straight line. 
     Opponent in Difficult mode very hard to get hit with it.
HO : Homing Missille / 3  /  
   - Can chase opponent in wide area, and can executed fast.
   - Weak, and can't push the opponent. Also seems useless when fight 
     with Boss (it actuallty hurt him but very few).
FI : Fire Missille   / 4  / 
   - Strong, can push low armored opponent (like Mr. Grimm), and can be 
     executed fast.
   - Chase opponent in a only in limited range.
NA : Napalm          / 3  / 
   - Normal, can cause poison effect (like in RPG games). 
   - But rarely hit, since its too hard to aim. It has a better use on 
RO : Roman Cradle    / 10 /  
   - Can has it 10 in one pick up and executed very fast. Also it    
     can...when hit a wall or something like it (it can hit yourself 
   - Very weak and hard to aim (not for boss).
RI : Richohet Bomb   / 2  /
   - Very strong, can push the opponent, and...when hitting a wall.
   - Very hard to aim (not like in Twisted Metal 2), and executed very slow.
     It also can hit yourself. 
RE : Remote / 2  / 
   - Very Strong, you can push the L1 to blow it (but it will blow 
     itself if you're too long), and can hit multiple opponents.
   - But it can hit yourself too.
EN : Enviromental    / 1  /
   - The strength and weakness depend on the map area. 
TURBO  : Turbo		   / Refill turbo for half bar.
HEALTH : Health            / Refill HP, the amount depend on what difficulty   
                           you are play right now. 
?  : Random weapon -> PO, HO, FI, NA, RI, RO, TB / same amount with above.
SP : Special attack (vary for each car) and refilled in a certain time, 
     depend on dificulty.

MAXIMUM WEAPON IS 40 !! (SP not included)


Difficulty Option
In Easy difficulty:   - a Health will refilled your HP by half.
			    - Comp. (almost) never pick a weapons or Health.
			    - Comp. easily beaten.
			    - Comp. (almost) never use Machine Gun.
			    - Your SP attack will refilled quickly. And comp. 
                        rarely used its SP attack.
			    - Comp. attack was weaker than yours.
In Medium difficulty: - a Health refilled your HP by 1/3
			    - Comp. can pick up weapons. And sometimes they 
                        take the Health if necessary.
			    - Comp. not easily beaten like in Easy 
			    - Your SP attack will refilled slower (1 in 1 minute).
			    - Comp. attack power was normal (same with yours).	
In Hard difficulty:   - a Health refilled your HP by 1/4
 			    - Comp. pick up weapons and Health.
			    - Comp. really dangerous. It can chasing you like 
 			      crazy and keep attacking using any weapons 
			      including Machine Gun.
			    - Your SP attack will refilled very slow.	
	    		    - Comp. attack power very strong.


Button Attacks

This button will reduce the blue bar in the bottom right. It refill by itself 
certain times period (depend on what difficulty you're play).

L1 + R1          		= Jump (important)
Up, Down, Up     		= Freeze Shoot (my favourite)
                 		= Shoot opponent in behind (I never use it)
Right,right,down,down   = Shield, zero damage for certain second.
Right, left, down       = Mines
Right, left, down, R2	= shoots enemy behind you (pretty useless IMO, but very
				  useful for computer. #$&%$@?#!!)



1. Playground Peril
* Area : A playground for kids.
* Size : Small
* Boss : None
* Environment : None
* Secrets :
a. Unlocked AXEL : To do this you MUST in MEDIUM or HARD difficulty. Now go up 
   and aim your shoot to the middle swing near a boy who play "merry go 
   round". And Axel sign come to you directly.
b. You also can get various weapons from the swing. 
c. You can shoot the Duck toy to get Health. Use any weapons except  
   machine gun to it. You can get more Health after wait a little 
d. You can burn the tire using NP. Usefulness : Unknown, seems it just 
   for fun.
e. You can shoot the "merry go round" (from down : use RO or NA, from 
   top : use PO, FI or HO) many times until the boys spin very fast and   
   he thrown away.... Usefulness : Unknown, it just fun to see it :-)

2. Carn O-Maul
* Area : Looks like a kids toys room.
* Size : Normal
* Boss : None
* Environment : None
* Secrets, tips :
a. Sometimes a Headskull car appear and he opened a door. Follow him, 
   since inside the door you can get HEALTH and TURBO.
b. And if you shoot the Headskull Car (with any weapons, except using
   Machine Gun), it will drop another HEALTH.

3. Easy Death Oven
* Area : A kitchen
* Size : Small
* Size : Normal
* Boss : None
Environment : Plate Throwing.
Seems not very usefull, and it rarely hit. And it only hit enemies that are on 
middle table. 
Better save EN weapon for the next stage.
* Secrets : 
a. Unlocked DARKSIDE : You must in MEDIUM or HARD difficulty and has NP. Go to 
   the sink and drive down the plumber's leg (left leg or right leg 
   just the same). Than napalm his butt. He will blow a hole in the 
   table behind his butt. Enter the hole to find a sign that unlocks 
   Darkside. It also has HEALTH and PO inside.
b. Be careful with the microwave. It sometimes closed by itself. It caused a 
   damage, and burning.

4. Minigolf Mayhem
* Area : A minigolf games area.
* Size : Large
* Boss : Trapper
This big truck can moves very fast and has a high armor. To defeat him use Freeze 
and PM. Since you can get much EN, you also can trap him with EN weapon. BTW I'll 
say save 
the EN for the next stage. EN weapon in stage 5 can gives you a fast win.
* Environment : Fire Mountain.
The fire mountain can make enough damage for a low armored car and caused NP 
effect. But 
the bad news is it need about 3 second to hit the enemies and it only hit enemies 
(including you) that in those area. And the good news, it will always 100% hit.
* Secrets, tips :
a. If you use Slam you can throw your opponent (including Boss) into the 
   center of the fire mountain. It can caused NP effect. Combo : Freeze Shoot, 
   SP Attack and throw him into lava (eat that boss !!!).
b. Push the golf ball into a hole, it will gives you a various weapons. You can
   just push it or shoot it (use machine gun also fine). BTW its very hard to do.

5. Meat Your Maker
* Area : A meat frezzer area.
* Size : Normal
* Boss : None
* Environment : Meat Crusher
See the meat crusher above with annoying noise ? Yes...it can kill opponent in a 
flash. Just 
wait until opponents in those area and then use EN ! Rrrrrrttttt.....BOOMM !!! 
The bad news 
is some fast opponent can escape from this environment. The good news, of course 
its a 
nightmare for a slow cars. Also it rarely works in Hard difficulty.
* Secrets, tips :
a. You definetly need a jump in this area. Push L1+R1 to jump ok ?
b. There is a button to turn on the meat crusher machine, it located at the 1st
   floor. Shoot the button to turn it on or off. BTW it will turn very slow and
   there's no way chance to kill an enemy. You must use EN to make it more

6. Gridiron Gore
* Area : An American Football stadium. Not big enough for a football  
         stadium. Or perhaps it's for kids ?, yeah that might be for 
         kids. Reminds me "Holland" area in Twisted Metal 2. Its hard  
         to find a hiding place in this area.
* Size : Large
* Boss : None.
* Environment : Grass Cutter Car (well, it looks like a giant car)
It will make damage if you (or enemies) touch it. It speed are very fast.
And can cause enough damage for a cars. If you use EN, it will chase the
closest car around it. It will chase for about 2 second, and leave wether
it hit or not. So use it carefully.

* Secrets, tips :
a. Shoot the helmets (red or blue just the same) to get health. Other 
   than this, I don't know, since it's a very wide open area.
7. Tree Top Rumble
* Area : A tree house (perhaps Slam's tree house).
* Size : Small
* Boss : None
* Environment : A trap area to instant death.
  This area located near the bridge. Actually you also can activate the 
  trap by shooting the peddle. It caused opponent's (including your 
  car) car falling into ground. And goes for an instant death. However 
  opponents (almost) never step their car into the area, even in Easy 
* Secret, tips :
a. Try to aim and shoot the Dart Board. It will gives you a various items.
   Like RI, RO, RE, PO, FI, HO even a HEALTH. And this always gives you items,
   as long you hit it and take the previous weapon that has been dropped.
b. Slam and Twister can use EN weapon very good, since their SP 
   attack can send opponent into certain area that we wanted.
c. You can turn on the Grass Cutter Machine by pressing the On button. Drive
   fast on the bridge and hit the On button. It can cause damage to opponent
   that crashed by this machine (including you). 

8. Now Slaying
* Area : A movie theatre.
* Size : Normal
* Boss : Piecemeal
This boss is quite annoying, it will appear when you destroyed 1 enemy. Each
time his HP decrease by 1/4, the other enemies will appear again and you must
kill 1 car (again), than he'll appear with 3/4 HP. It will continue until all
enemies fall.
* Environment : None
* Secrets, tips :
a. Shoot the carriage wheel with Missilles, it will destroy the mid 
   part of the stage in front, and inside it, it has a PO, HEALTH, and TURBO.
b. Try to always take HEALTH in this wrecked stage, since the Boss 
   always appear from its top. Which means he can directly get a HEALTH 
   when appear. What a perfect place to appear....

*) Shock Therapy (Challenge & Endurance Mode only)
* Area : Looks like a Dr. Franskenstein lab.
* Size :
* Boss : None
* Environment : Electric Arc.
  This environment can activated by itself, so be very careful when you
  pass through this area. It can caused a good damage for any cars.
  If using environment, it will struck every cars in its area.
* Secret, tips :

*) Buster's Lane (Challenge & Endurance Mode only)
* Area : A Bowling Area
* Size : Large
* Boss : None
* Environment : None
* Secret, tips :
a. There is a hidden (well, not so hidden) underground in this area. Inside
   it you can found a HEALTH and some weapons. It located close with the sofa.
b. Don't worry about the bowling ball, it didn't hurt you (I think).

*) Holiday Havoc (Challenge & Endurance Mode only)
* Area : Just a common room with a christmas design and a christmas tree.
* Boss : None
* Environment : 
* Secrets, tips :
a. Unlocked MIME : Obtained in Endurance mode (Medium or Difficult). Choose 
   "Holiday Havoc" area. Now follow this step :
   - Destroy the Christmas tree in the area. Use Missiles (PO, HO, FI) to destroy
     it. 3 or 4 hits will make it fall.
   - Climb the fallen tree and jump, while in air, try to shoot (using Missiles) 
     the socks (there are 4 of them), need some patient and skills.
   - After those 4 red socks burned, it will drop a Mime sign. Take it, I don't
     know what happend if the comp. took it. Maybe you should replay again...
b. Shoot the train electric toy using any weapon (except Machine Gun), it will
   drop a HEALTH. In a certain period it will drop more HEALTH when you shoot it.


So you want a fast 30 kills ? Here's my tips :
a. Use Slam in MEDIUM difficulty.
b. Choose "Tree Top Rumble" area or "Meat Your Maker" area.
c. Now you just throw away the opponent with Slam's SP attack.
   To make it easier, use Freeze Shoot first (Up, Down, Up), to freeze enemy.
d. For "Tree Top Rumble" area, throw your opponent into a pit.
   For "Meat Your Maker" area, throw your opponent into the meat crusher machine.
   -> "Tree Top Rumble" is easier.
In this way you can get even a 50 kills very fast or more if you really a 
maniacs !


Secret Areas
First CHANGE the difficulty to Medium or Hard. Than play Endurance mode.
Defeat 10 opponents : Unlocked Secret Area-C "Shock Therapy"
Defeat 20 opponents : Unlocked Secret Area-B "Buster's Lane"
Defeat 30 opponents : Unlocked Secret Area-A "Holiday Havoc"
So, if you kill 30 opponents in one game, you'll unlocked all tracks.

*) This secret area can be used in Endurance or Challenge Mode Only.

Secret Cars

Three secrets car are : Darkside, Axel and Mime, and you can read how to get them
in "walkthrough" section.
The other two might be : Trapper and Piecemeal. But how to get this two, I'm still
not sure. Here is from some information in gamefaqs messageboard :
Trapper : Win Tournament Mode in HARD difficulty and use Mime.
Piecemeal : Win Tournament Mode using Trapper, perhaps also in Hard difficulty.

*) What makes me not sure is because I myself never play in Hard difficulty. I
   always lose and game over. I'll try to play better next time, okay ?
   I'm NOT good in this game, though I made this walkthrough. :-)


Secret cars does't have ending movie.

Crimson Fury
Stone aim his water pistol to Calypso. Of course Calypso not afraid at all (water 
remember ?). But he wasn't aim Calypso, but his cat. This movie ends with Calypso 
with his angry cat.

Calypso ask this teen if he really want to be a rockstar, and he answered "Of 
course dude". 
Than...tada...he became a rockstar (with sissy looks) and a group named "Silky 
Boys". Than 
he screams (looks like this is not what he "really" wanted).

Mr. Grimm : 
Calypso show him the gate to Halloween Land. But what's inside is a REAL 
ghosts...and the 
REAL Halloween. This movie ends with Grimm's scream (scared to death perhaps ?)

Slam really gives Calypso a lesson. He burried Calypso (using a REAL Slam car) in 
the ground 
with only his head left. And lock Calypso in a very small house.

Outlaw :
"Officer" Roberts prepare his missilles for Calypso, but it accidentally missed 
and hit a 
REAL policeman car. This movie end with Roberts end on a (real) cops hand.

Shadow :
Mortimer ask his frog back. And Calypso said that he even can't sleep because the 
frog was 
so noisy. Mortimer looks surprised, and said that the frog has been contaminated 
radiation. And Shadow said "On second thought, you can have those frog", and he 
run in 
a flash. Calypso than carefully open his house...and CRACK !!! His house sudenlly 
by a GIANT FROG from inside. "Aaaa...!!!", Calypso sream. And the frog eat him.

Spectre :
Calypso gives him a necklace with his father picture inside it. And under the 
picture, there 
is a key to the REAL Spectre. This movie end with he ride a REAL Spectre comes 
out from a 
secret cave. 

Sweet Tooth :
Calypso shows him a REAL Sweet Tooth car (like an ice cream car), and wondering 
why he only 
want an ice cream (Calypso thinks the boy only want a slice ice cream in his 
hand). But, no, 
he ride the car with Calypso as the Ice Cream logo in front. "Aaaa..!!!", Calypso 

Thumper :
Calypso gives them a very very big stereo set. And turn on the voice (in maximum 
right in front of them. They both jumped very very far from town....BUM !!

Twister :
Calypso gives her a duck toy (like in "Peril Ground" stage), but she wants more 
thrills. And 
suddenlly the floor under her opened, it actually a space ship's ... and 
just fly into sky.

Warthog :
This boy challenge Calypso into a war. But in front of him actually only 
Calypsos's toy with 
very much amunitions hidden behind it. When he shoot the missiles and BOOOMMMM, 
he hurt 
himself (what a super boy, he still alive...even in a very bad shape).

Since I must make a complete guide, so I must type some GS codes. And they're
all from gamesharks.com. So never aask me this is right or wrong. Pls check the
update in gamesharks.com if I made a mistake when type it (actually I just copy 

Infinite Battery Attack Power   
Infinite Environment Weapon   
Infinite Health   
Infinite Homing Missile   
Infinite Lives   
Infinite Napalm   
Infinite Power Missile   
Infinite Remote Drop Mine   
Infinite Ricochet Bomb  
Infinite Roman Candle   
Infinite Special Attack   
Infinite Turbo   
Inifinite Fire Missile   
Unlock Axel   
Unlock Darkside   
Unlock Mime   
Unlock Piecemeal   
Unlock Trapper   

Note (from me) : Use this if you really in a big trouble. This game wasn't that 
                 Except if you're play in hard mode (it really difficult IMO).

My favourite car is SLAM !!!

More in the next update !
The other two secret cars...
And more explanation about two secret arenas and other arenas.