Toan's Weapons and Build-ups PS2

This is a FAQ for the weapons of Toan(the main character). This guide will show all 
the weapons and what they build up into.
Starting weapon:Dagger
Utltimate weapons:Sword of Zeus, 7th Heaven Chronicle and Chronicle2(note:Chronicle 
sword DOES NOT build up into a Chronicle2)
Baselard:Sax:Dusack:Brave Ark:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven
Baselard:Sax:Dusack:7 Branch Sword:Atlamillia Sword:Chronicle
Gladius:Small Sword:Tsuikage:Heaven's Cloud:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven
Gladius:Chopper:Choora:Man Eater:Atlamilla Sword:Chronicle
Gladius:Chopper:Dusack:Brave Ark:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven
Gladius:Chopper:Dusack:7 Branch Sword:Atlamilla Sword:Chronicle
Cyrsknife:Small Sword:Tsuikage:Heaven's Cloud:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven
Cyrsknife:Sandbreaker:Antique Sword:Brave Ark:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven
                               Buster Sword
Buster Sword:Claymore:Cross Hinder:Big Bang:Sword of Zeus
                              Wise Owl Sword
Wise Owl Sword:Lamb's Sword:Atlamillia Sword:Chronicle
                               Bone Rapier
Bone Rapier:Evilcise:Drainseeker:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven
                               Kitchen Knife
Kitchen Knife:Chopper:Choora:Heaven's Cloud:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven
Kitchen Knife:Chopper:Choora:Maneater:Atlamillia Sword:Chronicle
Kitchen Knife:Sax:Dusack:Brave Ark:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven
Kitchen Kinfe:Sax:Dusack:7 Branch Sword:Atlamilla Sword:Chronicle
                               Sun Sword
Sun Sword:Big Bang:Sword of Zeus
                               Macho Sword
Macho Sword:Aga's Sword:Atlamilia Sword:Chronicle
Macho Sword:Cross Hinder:Big Bang:Sword of Zeus
                             Serpent Sword
Serpent Sword:Evilcise:Drain Seeker:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven
Serpent Sword:Tsuikage:Heaven's Cloud:Dark Cloud:7th Heaven
To get Toan's most powerful ultimate weapon, the Chronicle2, you must beat the 
Demon Shaft's boss, Black Knight and PenDragon.
FAQ was written by Alexander James Wiffen.