1. Tough People and where to find them
2. Secret Killing Machines
3. Mega Capsules
4. Notes from me
5. Copyright

1. Tough People and where to find them [ I only include Characters that you 
don't have when you start the game ]

The Good:
Teen Gohan: Beat Kid Gohan's Dragon Universe.

Gohan: Beat Teen Gohan's Dragon Universe.

Goten: Beat Goku's, Picallo's, or Gohan's Dragon Universe.

Hercule: Find Videl in Picallo's Dragon Universe.

Videl: Beat Gohans Dragon Universe.
The Bad:
Friza: Beat him in Goku's Dragon Universe.

Captain Ginyu and Recoome: Beat then in Goku's Dragon Universe.

Android 17: Go to the Southern Continent in the Imperfect Cell Saga
in Goku's Dragon Universe.

Cell: Beat him in Goku's Dragon Universe.

Buu [ Majin, Super, Kid ]: Beat in Goku's Dragon Universe.

2.Secret Killing Machines:

Broley: Talk to Suprime Kai by Baba's Palace after you beat Fat Buu then beat 
Super Buu Inside Buu [ Beat Super Buu in Vegito form ] then Vegeta will op
to Hold Buu Back and then go to the red marker and you will fight Broley
and unlock him.

Cooler: After you beat Friza the first time on your second time through
Goku's Dragon Universe there will be 3 red markers will appear. Go to the one
JUST DOWN FROM YOU! You will fight Vegeta in Super Saiyan form. Then a red 
marker will appear, go to it and you will fight Cooler and Unlock him.

Uub: Beat Goku's Dragon Universe without losing and you will Fight Uub in the
World Tournament, unlocking him.

3.Mega Capsules:

Sparkling!!!!!!!!!: Increase money gained in World Tournament. Beat someone 
that broke into the Dragon Arena.

WE GOTTA POWER!!!!!!!!!: Increase Experience gained. Same as Spakling!!!!!!!.

4.Notes from me:

 I only included People that I know how to get or I have.


This FAQ is A Copyright of Robby Hart.