Al Behd Language PS2

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                    This is my first FAQ submission so you better  
                       like it or I'll whine baby style. OH-YA! 
                                   Al Behd Language                                  
                             Volumes X-XXVI(1 through 26)
                      Left letter(Al Behd) Right letter(English) 
     1)A=E            6)F=W           11)K=G           16)P=B           21)U=O       
     2)B=P            7)G=K           12)L=C           17)Q=X           22)V=F
     3)C=S            8)H=N           13)M=L           18)R=H           23)W=Z
     4)D=T            9)I=U           14)N=R           19)S=M           24)X=Q
     5)E=I           10)J=V           15)O=Y           20)T=D           25)Y=A 
  Finally, the comeplete Al Behd Language translated so you don't have to worry if  
         what they're saying is important or stupid.(there all mainly stupid) 

                       Discovered by Reg-gar and Shavenater