Malibu Club mission help PS2

Malibu Club Mission Help


1.	Malibu Club Mission #1
2.	Malibu Club Mission #2
3.	Malibu Club Mission #3

 In this mission you have to get Cam Jones out of Jail. If you donít have a lot 
health you probably wonít get far. This is what I suggest you do, First of all you 
got to have full health, then you get a hooker to get 125 health, finally you go to 
an amunation that has body armor, like the one in Downtown. After you get all of 
that stuff you start the mission. Once you have started the mission run in side the 
Police station, go strait and turn up the stairs at your right.(You will get shot a 
lot )Now youíre in the room that has the key-card you need, once youíve got it go 
back down the stairs into the jail cells. After you have got Cam out of his cell 
run outside without him get a car and go to a local paint in spray, now all you 
have to do is go back to the Police station which isnít hard to find and get Cam, 
so you can take him back to his place.

 In this mission you have to go the Downtown amunation and talk to Phil Cassidy. 
Then you will have to do a shooting range test, aim for the far target if possible 
(It gives you the most points) the next two ranges are only worth one point a 
target. All you have to do in this mission is get a score of 60 or higher in the 
shooting range test. Itís not that hard.

 In this mission you have to race a guy named Hillary King. This mission pretty 
much explains itís self. All I have to say is make Hillary wreck.