Easy way to beat Sephiroth PS2

K   K    H   H    222
K  K     H   H       2
K K      H   H        2
KK       HHHHH        2
KK       H   H       2
K K      H   H     2
K  K     H   H   2
K   K    H   H    22222

Most importantly have the Ultima Weopon and Trinity Limit equiped. If wanted add 
the combination boost for a longer limit, Glide, High Jump, and Air Dodge. Have 
your automatic set thing ready with Thunder, Magnet, Mega Elixer, and anything 
The fight: Sephroth Begins the fight with his Flash attack(Dash with 13!!!!!(!@#$%
^&*())slashes. The only way to dodge it is the the reaction command. Two ways to 
tell he will do it is the arena will turn darker and he will crouch a bit, or the 
reaction command appears(duh!). After that lock on and complete a combo of either 
air or ground slashes. Then activate the trinity limit(tl). His life should be 14 
bars already.Run around the arena smacking Sephiroth at Random times. When your Mp 
bar is full again use trinity limit or magic. After a while of repeating that 
Sephiroth's life should be 5 bars gone. Then he will start using Heartless Angel
(drops your hp to 1 and mp to 0 (this is his best attack which leaves him wide pen 
before it, so you can stop it from happening))and Firaga wall( which I'd say is a 
mix between fire, reflect, and magnet magic because Fire surrounds him and draws 
you in. If you haven't used the mega elixer yet use it soon. For this set just 
attack him any way you want. Ihaven't got passed this part yet but I know that 
after 10 of his total lives are gone, he will stop using Firaga wall and start 
using Meteo which basicly says wat it is. After the tough battle is complete( it 
may take a few tries) get really excided because you will aquire the best keyblade 
and you just defeated the hardest boss in the game!!!