Charachter Bios PS2

Kingdom Heart's Charachter Bios By: 
   Sora:Main Charachter Age 14 as a teenager he has his share of concerns,but he 
manages to keep an upbeat attitude he may seem simple minded but he has a strong 
sense of justice. First weapon: kingdom key Ultimate weapon:Ultimate 
    Goofy: Captain of the royal knights a soldier who despises weapons under the 
kings orders he accompanies Donald on a quest to find the key an easy going clumsy 
knight Starting Weapon: Knights sheild Ultimate weapon:Save the 
  Donald Duck: Court Wizard and loyal servant to the king he embarks on a journey to 
carry out the missing kings orders  to find a mysterious "Key" and its owner A 
feisty impatient wizard starting weapon: staff ultimate weapon: save the 
  Riku: Age 15 he may seem cool and collected for his age but he is far from the 
quiet type always curious about the unknown he begins to question the small closed 
world in which he 
   Kairi: Age 14 she moved to sora and rikus island a few years ago though she she 
may appear delicate she posseses a strong unyiealding