Weapon Info,Character Types and Droid Types PS2

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Weaponry Info-
Red Saber-Dark Force/force/double jump/slash/jedi airial attacks
(Green,Blue or Purple) Saber-Double Jump/Force/slash/jedi airial attacks
(Red/Blue blaster),crossbow,bazooka or pistol-bullets/grapple

Character Types
Bounty Hunter-Bounty Hunter Door Acsess/Thermal Detonators/ (Boba Fett or Jango 
Fett (if you have LEGO Star Wars the video game and old save))/Jetpack
Jedi/Sith-Slash 1/Slash 2/Slash 3 Jedi Super Saber Slash/Jedi Floor Pulse

Droid Types
Bounty Droids(Ig-88 and 4-Lom)- C-3PO and R2-D2 door acsess/Thermal Detonators
Astromech Droids-Hover/shock/R2-D2 door acsess
Protocol Droids- C-3PO door acsess

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